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Nadaan Dil ragsan episode 11


Hai everyone…not expected so soon na..I will try my best to give regular updates…u think this girl says this everyday but no I am trying as I have many ideas and I will give all of them on my super duper couple ragsan..acha nive Sissy u asked me na what was my surprise it was actually the ragsan edits ka khazana that I got from my bestie Suma…love u Suma for this…thanks a lot guys for Ur comments ..so her goes..

Laksh was hugging Ragini ..Ragini saw Sanskar when the bouquet from his hand had fallen.. Ragini felt uncomfortable in laksh’s arms….his touch was bothering her …she broke the hug..and laksh was surprised..

Laksh :what happened baby?
Ragini did not respond..she was looking at Sanskar…
Laksh followed her gaze..
Laksh: hey Sanskar …bhai..I missed u ….thanks for taking care of my Ragini..

MY RAGINI…this word as piercing Sanskar..how can Ragini be laksh’s when she and him…sanskar’s thoughts trailed as laksh grabbed the box of chocolates that he was holding..
Laksh : are these for my welcome..? But u didn’t know I was coming then ?? Wait let me guess..are these for Ur new gf..well these r Ragini’s favourite chocolates…
Laksh went on blaberring but ragsan were lost in each other …they shared a very painful eyelock…sanskar was searching for a glimpse of love in her eyes while Ragini was trying to avoid his gaze which was impossible and hide her guilt…

Laksh: Sanky flowers chocolates?..is this serious?when did this start ?
Sanskar : from the moment I saw her..I love her so much
He was still looking at Ragini..
Ragini turned other side hiding her tears..how could she do this..her one moment is thoughtless decision spoiled three lives..

Laksh : I really wish u get her..
Ragini looks at Sanskar
Sanskar smiles sarcastically and goes from there

Laksh shrugs ..
Laksh : ragu I am really tired …I will have a shower….
Ragini nods but her mind was focused on Sanskar..
Ragini: u get ready I will make coffee for u..
Laksh frowns.
Laksh : baby u know I hate coffee.. sanskar loves coffee …one month mein u forgot me.
Ragini looks shocked..
Laksh : ok make coffee for Sanskar ..he is really in bad mood..help.him..
Ragini nods and goes out …

@ kitchen…
Ragini goes into kitchen nervously.. Sanskar was standing such that his back was facing her…his one hand was on his hip and other in his hair pulling it…he was extremely agitated..as he closed his eyes he remembered raglak hug.. immediately he took a glass and smashed it on the wall…hus hand was also cut and it was bleeding profusely…ragini got scared and shouted..
Ragini : sanskar…( she grabbed his hand and put it under tap.)..r u mad….have u gone crazy..look now..oh god it is bleeding so much..kuch ho jata toh
Sanskar was touched by her concern…he was looking at her with pain..Ragini was attending to his wound..
Both were startled by laksh’s voice ..he was humming in the shower..
Both look at each other.
Ragini leaves his hand..
Sanskar: what did u think about us Ragini…
Ragini: us?
Sanskar : u and me..last night mean we should tell laksh na..when r u going to tell.him about our love..

Ragini closes her eyes..
Ragini: Sanskar I am not telling laksh anything…and there is no love between us..
Sanskar : what do u mean…last night..
Ragini : it was a mistake Sanskar..for god sake I was drunk..
Sanskar: drunk?…mistake..Ragini u said u love me..
Ragini : I love laksh…
Sanskar : no u love me..anyone with eyes can see it…now when my hand was bleeding the concern I saw in Ur eyes ..I haven’t seen that even when laksh left u ..when he said he wasn’t going to return…..u love me Ragini..
Ragini: no..don’t make this mistake Sanskar…already u took advantage of my unconsciousness.now don’t take advantage of my concern….
Sanskar: advantage…u were the one who was asking me to…( He closes his eyes in frustration)..what do u want to say finally..
Ragini: I was not in senses and I have always loved laksh…forget every thing Sanskar
Sanskar looks hard at her and leaves and closes the door with a band…ragini flinches at the sound…

Sanskar gets drunk…Drinking is not new to him but this time it was different..his friends were worried for him
Sahil: Arjun I am worried…what happened
Arjun: I don’t know Sahil…morning when I called him he was good..but now..
Sahil: Arjun I will stay with him for whole day…I am scared that he will run away again…
Arjun and Rahul get tensed….
Rahul : we can’t afford to lose Sanky…we four should always stay together…
Arjun pats his shoulder
Sahil : Sanskar ..enough u had enough drink..what happened please tell us.
Sanskar: I lost again…
Arjun hugged him as he knows Sanskar will break now..
Sanskar : she used me Arjun….she said she loves me ..but now she says forget everything
..Arjun and Sahil exchange glances.
Sanskar falls unconscious in Arjun’s arms…
Sanskar: I love u Ragini…I really love you.
He was continuously calling Ragini’s name..
Here Ragini was crying…she didn’t know her own feelings..she blamed Sanskar but the truth was she was responsible for everythin her indecisive thoughts led to this…now three lives were suffering…sanskar’s painful stare was still haunting her…she looks at watch..it was 3 but Sanskar hasn’t come yet…and ..it was not new that Sanskar comes home late but since the day laksh went to US..Sanskar used to come home early…she remembers how he used to take care of her…h was always there when she needed him…but she can’t even leave laksh…laksh left his career for her ..he left a good job and came for her and she cheated on him…ragini felt disgusted with herself…
Suddenly she heard knock..she opened hoping for Sanskar and yes it was him in a very bad state ..he was not in a position to stand…he was supported by another girl…
Sanskar: hi Ragini…she is .( He tries remembering that girl’s name).leave it she is not important..like I am not important in Ur life..come baby
he takes the girl to his room…ragini tries to control her tears …she felt a stab of pain when she saw Sanskar with another girl…

In that girl tries to get cosy with Sanskar ..Sanskar hugs her ..but all he could think of was Ragini…he pushed that girl away…
Girl: Sanky baby..
Sanskar: sorry ..( he takes money out of his pocket) ..please sleep on the couch…no need to leave at this time..
Girl: u won’t do anything.
Sanskar: sorry …all rights on me belong to only one person…( he closes his eyes imagining ragini) u can stay here for tonight as it’s already late night. .it’s not safe..
Girl: I am a call girl( she says as it’s first time someone spoke with concern to her)
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar: I love someone so.much that I want to respect every girl for her…feel home..if u want u can sleep on bed I will sleep on couch..
That girl looks emotionally at him..
Girl: if that someone is the girl whom I saw downstairs..then I will pray that u both will be together…

Sanskar thinks of Ragini…

Episode ends..

Precap: Kavya’s entry in ragsan life.. Ragini’s jealousy

Again don’t hate laksh …and about my side story..do u want Ragini to be pregnant or not..please tell as I want to write based on that

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