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Mere Sai 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dilawar Takes Sai Away From Shirdi

Mere Sai 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Dilawar asks Sai to get ready and says I had stayed her enough. It is time to leave now, you have to come with me. He asks him to pack the stuff. Sai smiles and obeys his order. He says I have a suggestion that we shall go tomorrow morning. Dilawar says I don’t need your suggestion. Sai says it is my duty to protect you and says he is telling this for his safety. Dog comes there and barks. Dilawar asks are you trying to make me scared. He comes near the dog to beat it, but Sai stops him and says it is wrong to harm animal. Dilawar says if it barks on me then will die. Sai says we will not go tonight and asks him not to beat the dog. Dilawar smirks.

Sulbha’s brother and bhabhi throw them out and asks them to go and beg. She says this house is ours. Sulbha and her daughter cries. She tells that

I have bear enough, you have no rights to throw me out, and says this house is of my father, and not of your husband. She says I earn enough by working in Kulkarni Sarkaar’s house. She asks them not to harm her daughter again and breaks all relations with them. They get inside the house shocking them.

Sai packs their stuff. Dilawar asks him to hurry up. Sai picks all stuff and comes out. He looks at Dwarka Maai with smile on his face. Suddenly dog who is standing out barks. Dilawar and Sai looks at the dog. Villagers come out of house hearing dog crying. They think it is strange and inauspicious sign if dogs cry. Bayaza tells Appa that she can feel something bad is going to happen. Sai asks Dilawar to come. They hear thunderstorm and heavy wind. All lamps of Dwarka Maai is set off except one. Dilawar thinks I will set off the last lamp which you have set off. He goes inside and blows on it. He then thinks to set off the vibhuti fire, but there is no water in the pot. He asks Sai to bid adieu to Dwarka Maai and says you are feeling sad. Sai says no and tells that he loves people of the village, but he is bairagi. Dilawar says you will not leave me like my students. He asks Sai to come and starts walking. Sai looks at the lamp, and it lights again. Mere Sai plays…

In the morning, they are walking in the jungle. Bheeva tells Chandu that an old tree dried up and fell down. Chandu says it was an old plant, no storm could even make it fall. Jhipri and others see birds flying off, and thinks if they are leaving Shirdi. Bayaza sees tulsi plant dried up. Mhalsapati ji tries to light lamp in the inhouse temple, but he can’t light. Bayaza calls Aayi. Aayi says how this is possible. Appa asks her not to worry. Mhalsapati ji comes there and tells that strange things are happening in Shirdi. He sees dried tulsi plant and looks shocked.

Sai and Dilawar are in jungle. Dilawar thinks he has no tiredness even though he is walking since night with all the load. I need such guy only. Sai stops and asks Dilawar to come from other way. Dilawar asks him to come where he takes her. Sai says I am telling for your safety. Dilawar insists.

Many villagers gather at Bayaza’s house. Bayaza says we shall go to Sai and find the solution. They tell that they were hesitant to go because of Dilawar. Bayaza says they all shall go there. They all go to Dwarka Maai and see it empty without any stuff. They get shocked. Bayaza get inside and looks shocked.

Sai is walking in the jungle following Dilawar. Bayaza says where is my son and tells that he has promised that he will not leave me and calls aloud Sai. She cries. Sai hears her crying and feels bad. He thinks I feel your pain. Appa says Sai will return and asks her not to worry. Sulbha comes and asks where is Sai? Bheeva says don’t know where he left? Sulbha says yesterday he helped me. Villager says that they will search him. Jhipri says Sai had said that Dilawar will soon leave, and says may be he went to drop him. Villagers think that Sai’s life must be in danger and that’s why inauspicious thing happening. They all go to search Sai. Bayaza is in shock. Appa says nothing will happen to Sai. Bayaza says I know he is fine, but he left Shirdi. She says there is no use to search him. Sai says I hurt you a lot and given you pain and apologizes.

Dilawar asks Sai to walk. Sai walks. Dilawar gets tired and tells Sai that they shall rest under the tree. Sai says you must be hungry and asks him to eat guavas. Dilawar asks him to go and bring water. Sai says it is impossible to get water in this jungle. Dilawar says you used to tell that everything is possible if searched. Sai goes to search for water. A boy comes and steals one guava. Dilawar catches the boy and twists his hand. Boy writhes in pain and shouts. Adivasi men hears him. One of the man tells that it is his son’s voice. Dilwar is about to eat him, but Adivasi fires arrow on him. Dilawar asks them to come infront of him. They all come infront of him. Boy’s father keeps hammer on Dilawar. Dilawar asks how dare you to keep hammer on me. Boy’s father tells your hand will be cut now for raising hand on my son. Sai comes there and asks Boy’s father to stop.

Sai tells that they are passengers and don’t intent to harm anyone. Dilawar takes hammer from boy’s father hand and keeps on his chest. All adivasis are shocked. Sai looks on.

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