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Mere Sai 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Helps Sulbha, Dilawar Gets Angry With Sai’s Judgement Power

Mere Sai 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sai comes to the well and fetches water. He thinks where is the pot which I carried here. He hears kids laughing. Sai says it seems I have to bring another pot. Jhipri and other kids give him pot. Jhipri says they play, but couldn’t enjoy. Sai asks them to help him fetch water from well. He asks them to water the drying plants. Sulbha’s brother tells his wife that he is happy that she will leave, but she will not leave without her daughter. His wife tells that she will go alone and smiles.

Sai and kids give water to the plants. Om Sai plays…..Sulbha’s bhabhi tells that she will keep her daughter hidden, and tells that she has to go without her daughter. Sulbha’s brother tells that he is happy to get such clever and intelligent wife. Sulbha’s bhabhi tells that Sulbha thinks us good and

laughs on her. Sulbha tells Rukmini that she thought her bhabhi and bhai bad, but they are good and searched job for her. Rukmini hopes for her better future. Anta and Banta scold Sulbha and other Servant to work else they will complain to Kulkarni. Rukmini asks why they want to trouble Kulkarni for such small matter. Anta and Banta think Rukmini is right and saved them. Rukmini gives her salary and Sarees to Sulbha and asks her to take stuff from Shirdi. Sai tells Jhipri and others that he has to go now else Dilawar will get angry.

Dilawar tells Ayat in his darbaar and explains to him. He says we shall help others and then God will help you. A man comes there and calls Sai. Dilawar asks who are you? Man says I came to ask help from Sai and not you. Dilawar says I am his Guru and asks him to tell his problem. Man tells that his neighbor has stolen his lamb. Other man tells that he has not stolen it, and says he came with the man who sold it to him. Man claiming to be Lamp’s owner tells that he sold it. Dilawar tells the first man that the second man is the real owner. First man cries. Second man thanks him.

Sulbha thinks she is going to take a decision with Sai’s blessings. Nand Lal comes there in cart and asks if your sister is ready. Sulbha calls her daughter Sandhya. Bhabhi tells that she went to meet her friend even though I asked her not to go. She says your brother will bring her in another cart and asks her to go. Sandhya is locked in the room. Sulbha is thankful to her brother and asks him to bring her daughter soon. She turns to leave and sees her doll kept there. She gets tensed and tells how this doll is broken. Bhabhi says she brought new doll for her and that’s why she threw this doll. Sulbha says Sandhya can’t do this as this is given by me. She says I feel Sandhya is here. Bhabhi asks her to keep the doll with her and give to her later when she comes. Sulbha recalls Sai’s words and sticks to her words. Nand Lal asks her to come. Sulbha says I am waiting for your daughter, don’t know where she went. Nand Lal says I already told them that we don’t want anyone with the Servant and asks her to come alone. Sulbha gets shocked and asks where is my daughter.

Bhabhi says she is safe, but if you don’t go then I will do bad with her that you can’t imagine. Sulbha’s brother asks her to leave and then only her daughter will be safe. Sulbha cries and says where is my daughter? Her brother tells she will not come. Dilawar asks them to leave. Man asks Sai to help him to get justice and says nobody is listening to me. Dilawar says he wants you to decide and asks Sai to do justice. He explains that first man don’t have any proof that proves that lamb is of him, but second man have the witness who sold lamb to him. He says I have taken my decision, and now it is your turn.

Sulbha cries and thinks of Sai who gave her thorny stem. It falls down from her pallu. Sulbha thinks how did it fell down. She understands that her daughter is locked inside the room. She opens the door and finds her tied. She frees her hands and removes cloth from her mouth. Om Sai plays. Sulbha hugs Sandhya.

Sai asks who is the real owner of the lamb? Who are we to decide and says it shall be decided by the lamb itself. He asks man to keep lamb on the ground and says the owner will be the man with whom she chooses to go. Nand Lal asks Sulbha to hurry up. Sulbha and Sandhya cry. Sulbha refuses to go without her daughter. Sulbha’s brother asks her to go else she can’t see her daughter again. He drags her out forcibly. Bhabhi again locks Sandhya in room. Sandhya knocks on the door. Brother and his wife try to make her go. Sulbha cries.

Man says if I keep lamb down then the first person will take it. Villager says we are here to stop him. The second man keeps lamb on ground. Lamb goes to the first man. He gets happy and smiles. Sai and villagers also smile. Sulbha prays to Sai and asks him to help her get her daughter. Sulbha’s brother asks her to go silently. Sulbha shows him thorny stem and asks him not to come near her and free her daughter from room. Her brother laughs and says you will stop me with this small stick. Sai appears and he makes stick big. Sulbha thanks Sai. Her brother and Bhabhi are shocked. He says I am not afraid.

Sulbha attacks him with the stick. Nand Lal comes inside. Sulbha tells him that she can’t come with him. Nand Lal says I gave word to my employer and says I have given money already. Sulbha refuses to go and attacks him with stick. Nand Lal says she is a mad woman, it is good that I came to know now itself. He says I will come tomorrow to take my money back. Brother gives keys to Sulbha. Sulbha opens the door. Bheeva tells Sai that nobody can be intelligent than him and says our life is nothing without you, Shirdi prospers because of you. Sai says truth can be hidden for sometime, but not for long. He tells Second man that lamb never belonged to him. The man giving statement apologizes and tells that the lamb is of the first man. Dilawar asks them to leave and asks why they are standing like shameless persons. Sai blesses them. They all leave.

Dilawar asks Sai to hurry up and leave, and says you will be feeling sad to leave your dwarka Maai. He sees all lamps setting off once Sai comes out.

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