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Mere Sai 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Villagers Come To Dilawar’s Darbaar

Mere Sai 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sulbha’s bhabhi tells that Sulbha will work in Bombay and we will live our life here. Sulbha asks her brother if she is a burden on him that she decided to send her off to Bombay. Brother is speechless. Bhabhi says our financial position is bad and says don’t you want your daughter to get good future, guy and home. She emotionally blackmails her. Sulbha thinks may be it is good for her future. Dilawar asks Sai, where was he? Sai says I went to call people for your darbaar, everyone said that they will come. Dilawar asks why did you take much time and asks did you eat somewhere? Sai says no and tells that he didn’t have angry. Dilawar asks how can you be so fresh and says it is your punishment that you will not open your mouth today to talk or to eat anything. Sai smiles. Om Sai plays……He serves

food to Dilawar. Dilawar eats the food while he rotates hand fan.

Sulbha couldn’t sleep and tells her daughter that she never thought that they will go to Mumbai. She says she couldn’t study, but will make her study. Her daughter asks if we will not return to Shirdi. Sulbha says we will return after you completes studies. Sai rotates the hand fan while Dilawar sleeps. Om Sai plays. Dilawar closes his eyes. Sai goes back to his place. Dilawar thinks he is really going to sleep and thinks if he is not human. Sai sits on his place and closes his eyes. Dilawar opens his eyes and tells Sai that he couldn’t get sleep, and needs to have full sleep for tomorrow’s Darbaar. He asks Sai to rotate the hand fan. Sai rotates the hand fan. Om Sai plays. Dilawar gets peaceful sleep.

Sulbha’s bhabhi counts the money. Her husband asks her to sleep and says money will not increase if you count. He tells that he asked Nand Lal to give Surbha’s salary to him and told that she is illiterate and couldn’t handle money. He laughs and says you will count money every month.

Sai sees spider about to fall on Dilawar. He takes spider on his hand and says you are free to do anything with me, but don’t harm him. He asks spider to go home. Spider falls on Dilawar and walks on him to reach its destination. Dilawar wakes up and sees spider. He scolds Sai and asks if he didn’t see spider, and asks him to go out and stand all night. He thinks if an animal comes then it will attack him and smiles. Later he opens his eyes and sees Sai standing. He thinks he has same smile on his face, although he is hungry, didn’t have sleep or rest and worked all day. He tells Sai that he is going out for some work and asks Sai to stand there till morning and kill any dangerous insect he see. He comes to meet Ratnakar and says last night Nand Lal informed me to meet you and asks why did you trouble you early morning.

Ratnakar says I came to inform you that my men can make you meet Nizam and says it will be possible if you do my work. Dilawar says you are playing games with me and tells that he is competent to get what he wanted. He asks him not to think that he is dependent on him. Ratnakar asks if he is backing off from his promise. Dilawar tells no and tells that he will do his work as he gave word of mouth.

Sulbha comes to meet Sai and tells that she is going to Bombay for work and thought to take his blessings. Sai praises her and asks her to trust herself first before trusting others. Sulbha says I am worried as I am going away from here. Sai says Shraddha and Saburi. He gives thorny stem to Sulbha and asks her to keep it with her always. Sulbha asks what does it mean and asks if all thorns are moved from my way, or if my way is full of thorn. She thanks Sai and leaves. Sai looks on.

Aayi tells Bayaza that I am worried for both Sai and you. She says if you are hungry then you will not eat food. Villagers gather for Dilawar’s darbaar. Villager says Sai praised you a lot and that’s why we came. Dilawar asks them to sit. Bheeva tells that as Sai called them there, it will be for their benefit. Other villager says there must be something in Dilawar and that’s why Sai praises him. Bayaza comes there and asks Sai why didn’t he ask charity yesterday and asks him to have food. Sai says I can’t have food. Bayaza asks why. Dilawar asks Sai to have food and says I don’t want others to think that I am not letting you to have food.

Bayaza asks Sai if he asked you not to eat. Sai nods. She says why you are supporting him when his shishyas left. Sai says he needs help. He asks did you have food? Bayaza says yes. Sai says he also comes to know when she is hungry. They feed each other. Bayaza tells him that if he don’t eat food then she will not come to dwarka Maai and make him have food. Sai says you shall come here if I stay here or not. Bayaza says what do you mean? She says if you are not there, then this place is khandar for me. Sai thinks nobody can change the destiny. He feels apologetic to her and says he can’t lower his pain. Bheeva and other villager tell that they are thirsty. Dilawar asks them to drink, but there is no water. Dilawar asks Sai to go and bring water. Villager says I will go. Dilawar says Sai shall go. Sai goes to bring water.

Bheeva tells Sai that shirdi is nothing without him and goes on praising Sai. Dilawar gets angry and asks all villagers to leave. They all leave.

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