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Mayavi Maling 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Trishanku gets killed

Mayavi Maling 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Eshwarya’s mum scolding her and asking if she wants to end her values. Eshwarya worries. Her mum sees Eshwarya seeing Chegu. Chegu leaves with the tribe. Trishanku follows Madhumali at night. He gets puzzled after entering some place. He reaches the cold ice cave. He hides and sees Madhumali worshipping. The cave begins to shake. An ice layer is about to fall on her. Trishanku gets shocked and shouts. She opens her wings and flies away. He gets shocked.

Eshwarya’s mum tells Maharaj that Chegu has protected Eshwarya and Garima. He says Eshwarya has hidden so much from us, its not right, but its our mistake. Vaidehi says I don’t think this is true. He says we have seen Eshwarya making Pranali fine, Daanav vanshis are doing this. Trishanku runs out of the cave. Angad

sees him and asks what happened. Trishanku says your mum….They see Madhumali flying and coming to them. Angad laughs and flies with blue wings. Trishanku gets shocked and shouts for help. Vaidehi asks will we break ties with Mahapuram. Maharaj says I didn’t say this. Dharani tells about Chegu’s warning. Dharani and Vaidehi argue. Trishanku calls his guards. He runs in the jungle. Angad and Madhumali fly to him. Trishanku says you are my blood, my son. Angad laughs and says I m not your blood. Trishanku says its a lie. Madhumali says I had Angad in my womb before I hypnotized you, Angad is son of a powerful father. He asks who are you. She laughs and says you are not so foolish, didn’t your ancestors not tell about us, we are from Daanav vansh, you protected us in Mahapuram. He asks what do you want now. She says Mahapuram and then pure Maling, we will rule here. Angad laughs.

Maharaj says we will go Mahapuram. Vaidehi asks him not to hurt Pranali’s sentiments, she loves Angad. He says you are right, tell me if there is any pre wedding custom by which we can go there, I will tell the problem to my friend Trishanku, I m sure he will understand. Lightning strikes. Fire catches up. Trishanku runs. Adhivan looks for Arak. Arak stands in the rain. Adhivan comes to him and says come down, don’t get scared, I m with you. Arak asks them to see the two flying birds. Adhivan says there are no birds, come. Arak sees Madhumali and Angad flying far. Adhivan says fine, I will call them. Angad says Trishanku can run far from our sight. Madhumali smiles. Chegu tortures Ghori. He tells everyone that anyone who sits on Maling throne will trouble them too, they have to join Maharaj. Everyone agrees. Ghori shouts. Everyone leaves him and goes. Adhivan and Arak come to call the birds. Trishanku sees them and shouts Adhivan. Adhivan says see, there are no birds in the sky, come with me. Adhivan and Arak turn and leave. Angad waves to Trishanku. Madhumali and Angad kill him. Madhumali says we got the throne.

Maharaj comes to meet Trishanku. Angad worries. Trishanku welcomes him.

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