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Life took a turn!A long distance love story.second shot

I’m here with the second shot of “Life took a Turn”. The link for last shot is here👎

Life took a turn! A long distance love story. Three shots

As the flight took a take off, Anika looked down. A worry of separation from Shivaay broke her. She was now heights away from Shivaay and soon going to be miles away from him. She feared about the separation , but it were soon attacked by logical thinking. As the flight moved on, her thinking moved from the emotions towards him to who he is and about his whereabouts. A sudden fear approached her.

“Will he be a fraud who will make me fall in love use me and throw me?” Brain questioned her.

“But he looks from a family of good status. Let it be his words or behavior it was all standard one.” She answered.

“Okay you love him but if you say this to your family how will you introduce him by his name and his dad have a business and he is good guy?”brain asked.

“Yeah and with days we will become more close Soo we will know more!” She replied.

“Will he be able to meet your needs after all you are a pampered kid and a small brand freak?” Brain asked.

She couldn’t respond to that. She knew herself that her per month expense is nearly above 20,000. She was born a brought up in a financially top family.

Unability to answer that question made brain hit another question.”It just can be affection too.. are you certain that he loves you and lastly you are now going to be away from him do you think he will remember you or make you his priority?”

“Tats a sensable question!”commented the heart. Also quoting with it “If he ditch you,I can’t bear the pain!”

Anika was in a fit. She was on one side afraid whether it was just an affection and on the other side she was afraid , if it is love , which it really is. She was now in the trap, trap of love in words of heart or trap of a starnger in words of brain.

While Anika was battling with her thoughts,Shivaay was on his bed blushing rather than smiling and liking each of Anika’s pic on FB and stalking her male besties. He had a great picture of Anika. He knew Anika very well as she had already introduced her as the daughter of Mr.verma. He had a clear picture of her so rather than a stranger she was a known girl for him. As he kept on blushing looking at her each pic, His mother called him to have evening snacks. As he stepped towards the dinning hall of his beautiful builded mansion A masculine voice came from back.

“Where were you been in noon?”

“Oh dad I went to airport a friend of mine was leaving so just to wave him off!” Shivaay replied.

“That’s nice! So beta, how many more months to complete your degree?” He questioned as drew the chair back and sat on it .

“Dad by March college will be over. April and may we will have our exams! Em.. in short including this month ,i.e, August to May. Er.. 10 months..” shivaay replied counting the months.

He moved forward and joined his father in the dinning area and un packed the chocolate pastries his favorite ones.

“we want you to join the company as soon as possible. Our company is soon going to strike a deal with wadera groups so we want some one to take over the manging position as soon. So I thought instead of recruiting, I wish you to fill that position.”

“As you say dad! If you want I’ll start coming to our company and take over little work and start doing so that I can be a little comfortable as I take the position!” Shivaay replied.

“Oh! Tats Soo nice puthar!” His dad complimented.

Later that night, Anika reached the home safely and Shivaay was waiting for her message to pop up. As expected she messaged.

Anika:Reached home safely!
Shivaay:tats nce. Hw was the flight?
Shivaay:had dnnr?
Shivaay:Thn have..
Anika: yah.. c u after dnnr bye

His feeling went high when he saw her message that she will text him after her dnnr. He never knew little things of her would give him immense joy! He closed his eyes and phrased it!


Later few minutes he took his phone started tapping on her profiles and waiting for her message.

Anika: Thn watsupp?

But each time she message him a fear who he is captured her mind. But the joy each reply gave her, the skipping of heart beat each time typing.. gave her was something which she had never ever experienced. She wanted to know who he was, she wanted to know more about him but all she could do was reply and nothing more. She phrased it.


Anika couldn’t resist heself from messaging him. So she decided to text him again.

Shivaay:not sleeping?? it’s 10:30
Anika:”Only if I know who you are I could give the mind the peace which now the sleep can’t!” She phrased. But then remembered that she don’t even know him so.. pressed back space and wrote over, have to.. u
Shivaay: I usd to sleep by 11.. bc wth clg wrks.
Anika:hws ur clg?
Anika:who ur bsties are? Though she was afraid to send it.. she gathered fw strength and pressed.
Shivaay: Prateek , Abhishek and Akshay ones u saw in Disco
Anika: didn’t had a look.. u know my bsties na..😏
Shivaay: heehe 4 sure.. hw can I frgt thm..

How could he say to Anika more than her friend’s face he remembered was her jealousy face.

Anika:hwevr thy r jzt frnds.. my bsties r Josh & Amritha.

Anika was enjoying her chatting section not because it was with him but because it was her time to make him jealous.

Anika:He is a good guy. We are frnds from childhood.
Anika:wat hmm
Shivaay:nthng.. jzt ase hi.. phir Tera bhaii keisa hai..
Anika:hw u know that I have a brthr!
Shivaay: Who don’t know Mr. Verma have a idiot daughter and a good hearted son..
Anika:idiot,😈Tats u
Shivaay:nah.. look at that emoji.. u know ur face.. it exactly matches ur face.
Anika: but 🐒 Correctly matches URS!
Shivaay:Ohh.. y u sndng me ur pic!
Here is ur pic.
Shivaay: 😈👨 our pic
Anika: 👧🐒our pic
Shivaay set your nickname to 😈
Anika set your nickname to 🐒

Both were enjoying their late night chatting section. Neither the fear of a stranger haunted Anika’s mind nor the fear of breaking the cold ice between them haunted Shivaay’s. That night they experienced a new side of the other , the crazy side. Like the twinkling stars , the twinkling unknwon facts of the other were unwrapped that night by shivaay and Anika.

As the days passed by, the unsaid emotions piled up. Phrases pilled up.. The word stranger changed to crush and the gap between the two were being reduced. Yet now neither Shivaay asked for her number nor Anika forgot that he was yet a stranger in some sense. But while they chat they forget about all that and dissolve in to their world they created. They had a different way of chatting. They flirted , fought ,blocked, unblocked ,kept changing the nick names the chat colour all they could do they did.. pack of words framing to sentences filled their chats but pack of words framing them in to one was yet to be said; yet to me framed; yet to be filled in their chats; Both grew more closer to each other, they waited each night to chat, “Night” was their favourite time to chat. Though they chatted during the day hours, the night wrapped much more than the day hours. It was one such night. As the clock strucked some what 9:30 Anika had her dinner in a hurry burry.

“We are not going anywhere tonight. You could peace fully eat it!” Her mother commented.

“Any boyfriend set hua Kya?” Questioned her brother while having his dinner over the sofa so as to watch the tv while having dinner.

“Yah,your bestie pranb! Kyun?” Replied Anika in an angry tone.

“He know you are not our kid, you are from the slum. so don’t worry he won’t love you!” Replied Aniketh,her brother laughingly.

“You were.. fr..om.. the slu..m.”replied Anika while chewing her food.

“Whatever, but maa loves me more!” He replied.

“You are having your exam na.. have food and study.. “she said with a frown.

“Yah.. finals! If I cracked it then I will be Aniketh CA.” He said proudfully.

“Only If you get na!” She pulled his leg and ran kissing her mother and shouting “maa and paa loves me more”

She went to her room, Took the phone. Shivaay’s message was already there.

Shivaay: Huii
Anika: Hy
Shivaay: 😒
Anika:yeah wth Josh😁
Sending this she laughed. She knew Shivaay would be jealous of that.

Shivaay: hmm
Shivaay: wat
Anika:wat ths hmm , hmm
Shivaay:nothing!say smethng
Anika:wat nthng spcl! Xams are near.
Anika:inter 2 group

Shivaay thought of many questions to be asked. Many emotions to be expressed but all he could do was phrase it and nothing else. He was worried of speaking his heart. So he phrased It.


The words they wished to say each time they started to chat were written and saved in the notepad app and in their hearts.

Shivaay: thn wat? Say smthng my angry brd.

Anika loves to hear him calling her with such name more than Shona, baby , jaan, She gave him many nick names like attitude , stupid , dimple boy , and much more. While shivaay calls her angry bird , Jaan , idiot , devil and much more.

Anika: it’s been lng u hav calld tat name!
Anika: wat dng
Shivaay: running
Shivaay:tu bhi chal de
Shivaay:byee naughty😘
Anika:byee naughty
Shivaay:gud nght
Anika:gud nght

After few time Anika saw Shivaay online and thought to message him.

Anika:nt sleeping!
Shivaay:nah! Chatting

She felt Soo sad after hearing that. It was the time when the bad thought strucked her.

“For you he is special, but what about you? Is you special for him?” Questioned the brain.

She shed a drop of tear. That was the answer only she could give. Neither she could say to him it hurted nor she could ask him was she special for him? All she could do was phrase it.


She wished for some miracles to happen. With an heavy heart she consoled that she is not special for him and he use to talk like that to everyone. From that day she neither waited for him to message nor replied fastly. But the fact is her hunger for their old lost stupid chats were still carving her brain and heart. Most of his messages were lately replied and most of his messages were kept unread for few minutes after being read.

On the other hand, shivaay was struggling to get his old Anika back. He wanted to know what we’re happening to them. On one side he was struggling to get his old naughty Anika back and on the other side he was thinking what was happening to her. He sobbed for her, cried for her. Much of the time he kept scrolling down her Facebook profile and laughed like a idiot while re reading their old lost conversation. After all what he could do was phrase that moment.


Two months passed by and the chilling winter has approached. While the cold air hugged Anika the warmth from Shivaay’s message sustained her to bear the late night breeze.

Shivaay:Toh meri baby Kya Kar rahi hai?
Anika: Tu mari baby bathroom jaa rahi hai.. y cmng!
Shivaay: gussa

Shivaay knew Anika hated chat killers like hmm,ahh, ohk. And each time she typed it meant something is wrong. Now they know more about each other. They know their way of texting style and if it goes wrong it meant some bad news.

Shivaay: Wat happnd?
Anika: You Don’t want me now.. you have everyone.. you reply me lately.. but she pressed backspace and questioned “hav smethng changd b/w us?”
Shivaay: nthng wl change my idiot.
Anika: Bt it seems lke smethng has changd.

All Anika wanted to express was that she missed his micro second reply and words tat he used to cuddle her. But Anika could do nothing of it as she herself forced not to speak that as still his identity was unknown.. all she could do was phrase it.. quote it..


Shivaay: ahh.. I too thought of tat.. nw u hav changd to 👧 from my 😈
Anika: tats jzt ur thought..
Shivaay: nah!
Anika: Oh really!
Shivaay: s. U do wat u want! I’m not gng to say anything!bye
Anika:wat I said
Shivaay:you says nothing! Tats the problm.
Anika:wat shld I say!
Shivaay: nthng. Gt lost.

What could Anika say after all? When the replies from your dear ones takes time, when you feel that a distance or a cold ice have been formed! , When you can’t speak your heart out, all you could do is shed few tears or regret for giving them a special place in the heart. She could do nothing but sleep with tears in her eyes.

With a cold breeze striking the face she woke up with a head ache. For having her break fast she went down.

“Morning Papa..”

“Morning.. hws your studies going?”Questioned her dad!

“Great!”She answered.

“Seems like late night sleeps! Eyes are drowned by sleep!”commented her dad..

“Yah! Headache a bit!” Anika spoke.

“When you are full time attached to mobile then how can you not have a headache ! Have crocin if it a severe one!” Retorted her mother from kitchen.

“Anika, Tommorow I’m going to Mumbai. If you have completed your studies then you and …” He paused and called her brother “ANIKETHH..”

“yes Dad,Coming!” Came the response.

He came within few minutes and joined them.

“So I want you both to join me if you have completed studies to Mumbai” Anika’s dad spoke

“But why?” Questioned Aniketh

“Oberoi’s ka accounts dekh na hai! They are about to strike a deal so they want their final accounts to be prepared.. it’s quite a big deal.. so I have to go as you know we are looking their accounts from past ten years!”

“Kaun obreoi’s papa?” Questioned Anika with mind now occupied with the name “SHIVAAY SINGH OBREOI”

“They are top entrepreneurs of Mumbai or say Maharashtra! They have got nearly 3 companies there with a turnover of nearly 100 crore from each company.. ”

Anika stood their with mouth wide opened!

“Is the one you call idiot, monkey, that is, your shivaay belongs to this oberoi family?” Questioned her brain.

She couldn’t reply. Those words were still striking her ears as lively as it is.. “3 companies.. 300 crore turnover..” while brain was occupied with the name “SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI” all she could do was to get some courage to ask

“Shivaay Singh oberoi belongs to this..”

Before she could complete the line, Aniketh interrupted saying.

“Their son. ” And looked towards their dad and spoke “He is a nice champ. I respect him. I have met him. Last time when I saw he came smiling and waving at me. He came forward and talked..”

Hearing all this Anika’s tip to toes were started to shaking. Her meeting with shivaay suddenly strucked her mind. His questions on aniketh’s whereabouts strukked her. Their chats formed a collash on her mind. The names she called him stupid monkey and all the other names became highlighting words in that collash. While she thought of all this and standing their gasped her father interrupted

“It will be a great experience Anika. Aniketh had went their and checked their accounts more than twice, isn’t?”

“Yes Dad” said Aniketh proudly.

“Yes Dad I’m also coming ” said Anika with full excitement not to get an experience in accounting field but to see shivaay not as a stranger but as her client as someone she knew as someone one who her brother respected and father honour.

As they check-in to flight will life take an another turn? Will the moments of Shivaay and Anika be a just few good pages of their lives or staring pages of their new phase of life! To know more wait for the last shot!

I hope you loved this shot also and that I have made my this shot worth your waitings. I hope you enjoyed the scribbled thoughts they wrote. I have tried to bring in this shot few “RELATABLE” and “BELIEVEABLE” scenes. I hope you enjoyed that part as I want my three shots not just imaginable one😊

Thanks for all your comments and likes you showered on me. Being honest, I have read all your comments more than thrice. For you it might be just a like or comment but for we writters It means a lot. So if silent readers there, please take courage and write your views.😊

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