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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya exposes Duggal and gets his house and shop back

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pari telling Kunti that they shall take selfie. Kunti scolds her. Chaurasiya Mama tells that he is tired now. Kunti asks him to say kukudku..He says the same. Pratibha comes as SSP. Kusum asks her to lift her legs and sweeps the floor. Kanhaiya says he is the Corporation Officer Duggal. Pratibha says so you are the corrupt officer. Duggal says I didn’t do anything. Pratibha scolds him and says if you talk anything more then I will tie your tongue. Pratap says all languages are told here. Kunti asks him to let the things happen. Duggal says we shall sit and talk. Pratibha pushes the chair and don’t let him speak. She says this is Police station and not your father’s house. Khatru and Pratap tell the dialogues in heroes voices while Pratibha moves her lips. Duggal

gets irritated.

Kanhaiya asks him to stand. Chaurasiya mama asks him to agree to SSP else Savitri constable will beat him. Kanhaiya asks Mama why he is overacting. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to lock Chaurasiya inside. Prema talks in French. Duggal says I didn’t do smuggling or anything. He says that family was lying. Pratibha tries to scare him. Duggal asks them to have Meethai and shows money in the bag. They all get surprised. Pratibha takes him inside the lock up and says you will give me bribe and that too less. Duggal offers them bribe and says I will give rest tomorrow. Pari tries to record everything. He then calls Inspector Dubey and says your game is over. He says I have understood you people in the market and that’s why called Inspector here. He asks Inspector to arrest him.

Kanhaiya asks Inspector to hear him and tells that they have done the act just to catch him red handed, as he sealed his house and shop and asking bribe to open the seal. He shows video recorded by Pari and sees Pari making faces. Kunti scolds Pari. Inspector arrests Kanhaiya and his family. Duggal and Sanju relax. Sanju says what an intelligent act and says we were saved. Duggal says they would have given money, but they refused and got arrested. Kanhaiya returns and asks Sanju to give his phone. Sanju gives phone to Kusum in which he has recorded Duggal confession that he is corrupt and wants bribe to open their house and shop seal. Bahus say that his chapter ended. Kanhaiya tells Duggal that Sanju told us about your trick and that’s why I took Inspector’s help.

Duggal says Sanju…you? Sanju says I told you not to be corrupt, but you didn’t listen. I got you arrested. Inspector asks Duggal to have shame for corruption. Pratap asks Inspector to scold sasumaa. Inspector says I will get your house and shop sealed open. Pratap jokes about Kunti. Everyone of them rejoice and dance together. Sanju tries to open the lock and says it is not opening. Prema says she will open and tries to open it, but she couldn’t. Prarthana sings bhajan. Kunti says lock will not open with bhajan. They think of breaking the door, but Sanju says he got the keys. Kanhaiya asks Kunti to open the lock. Kunti opens the door and they get inside. Kanhaiya asks everyone to change their clothes. They all get happy and click selfie.

Panjiri tells that Mausi is coming home to meet us. Mausi comes and have an argument with Kunti for scolding her bahu. Panjiri tells about Mausi fighting for bahu rights.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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