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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya and family take shelter in old Police station

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chaurasiya mama asking Kunti where are they going? Pratap says shop is sealed too..Kunti signs him towards the seal. Chaurasiya Mama tells that I told you not to argue with Duggal, but you didn’t listen. Chaurasiya Mama tells that he told them already, and says Corporation people sealed my house. Kunti asks why? Chaurasiya Mama tells that he had buffalo in house and Corporation guys sealed the house saying business is going on. He says Mami is inside the house now. Kanhaiya says lets go to hotel. Pratap asks if you will make Sasumaa wash utensils there. Chaurasiya says there is one place where we can go. They all throw the tea and come to the Police station with their stuff. Kunti says we will file police complaint. Kusum says there is nobody here. Kunti says it is empty

like our mind.

Chaurasiya says that’s why I brought you all here. Pratap jokes. Kanhaiya asks him to tell why did we come here? Chaurasiya Mama asks them to stay here and says it is vacant since this police station shifted from here. A man comes there and introduces himself as Sunil and tells Kunti that he remembers her favors when she sent food to them. He says you can stay here, I am caretaker here. Prema says I just want Kanhaiya’s jail and not someone else jail. They smile. Pratap jokes again. Kunti asks him to shut up. They all rest there.

In the night, Prema calls Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya shouts. Prema says she wants to say good night. Pratap asks Kunti to close her ears and says don’t know what they will speak. Prema again makes Kanhaiya wake up using peacock feather and says sweet dreams. Pratap says sasumaa, you shall also get good sleep. Prema again calls him. Kunti calls Kanhaiya before she could touch him with peacock feather. She says mosquitoes are not letting them sleep. Pratap says lets all sleep.

Kunti cries and asks everyone to sleep. Pari says there is a icecream in the fridge and asks shall I eat. Kunti asks her to sleep silently. Kanhaiya prays to God. Two policemen come there and asks who are they? They ask them to leave. Pari asks them to bring food. Constables asks them to talk to their ACP. Kanhaiya says Mama told us that the police station is vacant. Pratap indisguise of ACP tells that the women Kunti and Kusum are wanted. Kunti asks what did we do? Kanhaiya removes his beard. Pratap gets tensed and says I was acting. Kunti says life has become joke, now you are doing the same thing. Pratap asks Kanhaiya not to get angry. Kanhaiya hugs Pratap and says you have done wonder and gave lakhs rs idea to get their house and shop back.

Kanhaiya, Pratap, Kunti and Others arrest Duggal for corruption and bring to the vacant police station.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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