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Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya’s shop is sealed too

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 15th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Panjiri telling that she will have halwa. Customers say even halwa is made here. Pratap makes Sarla have sweet and says seal will be open now. Duggal asks his assistant to tell that they came to check their mistakes, and asks him to check if the house is constructed as per the map. His assistant tells about various loop poles in the construction and says they have to break the house. Duggal asks Sanju to call Bulldozer. Kunti gets shocked and faints. Kanhaiya asks Duggal why is he making stories. Duggal tells your house is not properly made. Kunti says we haven’t broken any rules. Duggal asks them to file case then. Chaurasiya Mama tries to bribe him, but Kunti refuses. Sarla asks Kunti to bribe him indirectly. Pratap asks Kunti what she will do by saving money and asks

her to bribe him. Pratibha says our system will get corrupt. Kanhaiya determines to expose him and get him behind bars. Duggal says lets see what he does.

Panjiri serves food to everyone and asks Kunti if she shall give her halwa. Nobody have food. Pratap jokes about Kunti. Kunti says shall I give him bribe? No. Pratap says he has pointed out in the construction now. Kanhaiya says we will do everything, but will not give bribe. Panjiri asks shall I give you halwa. Kanhaiya says I will have it in bathroom. Panjiri asks him to return first. Pratap have halwa and goes to take bath. He comes out of bathroom and tells that water is finished. He says he was using clothes detergent soap. He sits on stairs. Prarthana comes and puts water on his head while doing puja. Pratap says it start raining. Prarthana sees him and apologizes. She runs to shop again.

Later Pratap jokes in Devdas style. Kunti gets upset. Customers come there. Khatru shows them saree. Duggal and Sanju come there. Duggal says this new house is good and we have heard that you are running business here. Khatru says it is a shop. Duggal says you have shifted here. Kanhaiya asks do you any problem? Panjiri says your wife shall put less oil in food. Duggal says it is illegal to stay in shop and fire can broke out. Customers leave. Kitchen cloth catches fire. Panjiri shouts Didi. Someone puts nylon saree on it. Kanhaiya shouts asking to get water. Pari is about to put kerosene oil, but Prema stops and says it is kerosene oil. Duggal falls down near the fire accidently. He seals the house. Kunti folds her hands and cries. Duggal warns Kanhaiya and says customers lives were in danger here. Pratap says where we will go now.

Kanhaiya imagines driving rickshaw and bringing some money home. Kunti asks him to distributes money among his wives. Kanhaiya asks where is his wives? Pari, Panjiri, Prema and Prarthana are selling dal on road. Customer says it is very watery and leaves. Pratap gathers people and says he will make them laugh. He asks Kusum to dance. She slaps him. Pratap asks him to dance. She hits him with his elbow and slaps him. Pratap says this is not tamasha. It is their dream.

Kunti and her family are in jail and sleeping.. Pari hears mosquito sound and thinks Prarthana is snoring. She tries to stop her snore and keeps pillow on her face.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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