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Kriyam FF chapter Love in trip (episode 18)

It’s morning

Krishna just a bath, she went to the dressing table to get ready. As soon as she saw herself in the mirror, tears started filling her eyes. She felt as her world was broken into small pieces. She knew that no matter how much everyone tried to support her but she will always be incomplete due to the mark. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she continued staring at herself in the mirror. Sayyam came in the room and saw Krishna’s state. He rested on of his hand on her shoulder and wiped away her tears with the other hand. 

Sayyam – Krishna please try to handle yourself. I know this is hard for you but you need to come out from your pain. This trip has brought both good and bad memories. You should try to forget the bad ones and enjoy the good ones.

Krishna – (slightly nods) You are right Sayyam but I won’t be able to forget it so easily. It will take some time.

Sayyam – Yeah I know and remember one thing that we all are with you. Now let’s go for the breakfast.

(They both go down. It was all normal. Soon everyone left. Krishna was going to her room when she came across Rags room. Rags and Badi Dadi were talking about her and she waited there to listen)

Badi Dadi – Rags I don’t even want to see her face.

Rags – Ya she is looking so bad. How can she have breakfast with us.

Badi Dadi – I was feeling like vomiting when I saw her face. She is looking like a monster.

Rags – Poor Sayyam how he must be adjusting with her. When we are seeing her for a few minutes we are feeling disgusting. Then how Sayyam must be feeling to live with her.

Dadi – I think he should divorce her and marry a beautiful girl. And Krishna, if I was in her place I would have committed suicide.

Krishna’s cheeks were covered with tears. Her eyes were swollen and red. She was feeling like she was a curse for everyone. She felt like she does not deserve to live. Her hands were shaking, her feet were trembling, her lips were shivering. Badi Dadi and Rags continued talking about her, but she could not take it anymore. She ran to her room and locked the doors and windows. She fell on the floor lifelessly. She just wanted to go far away from here, where no one would judge her, make her feel inferior. She was tolerating everyone’s taunt since her childhood. Though she looked perfectly fine from outside, inside deep in her heart, she was broken. She just looked around the room and saw Sayyam’s razor blade. She took it in her hand and brought it close to her wrist, she closed her eyes, trying to relive all her loving moments for the last time. As she closed her eyes, she could only see her moments with Sayyam. The time when she was lost in the forest and he rescued her, how he exposed Baby, how they went to the temple and the sindoor fell on her from Sayyam’s hand, how he took care of her when she came from the hospital, how in chandigarh he was always there to support her to protect her and to care for her. She opened her eyes. She felt a sharp pain as she cut her wrist, she felt blood flowing from her wrist and she was slowly losing consciousness but before she got unconscious she once again made a cut on the same place making sure that her vein gets cut. She fell on the ground and slowly closing her teary eyes she uttered a few words “You are free Sayyam”.

After 5 minutes.

Krishna is now unconscious on the floor with river of blood flowing from her wrist. But suddenly there is a loud bang on the door.

Sayyam – (Banging the door) Krishna open the door. I need a file. Please be quick.

He waits for some time and again bangs on the door. He gets tensed as Krishna is neither opening the door nor giving a response. He then breaks one of the window, to look what the matter was. He is hell shocked as he sees her lying in a pool of blood. He tries his best to break the door and after some attempts he finally breaks the door. He runs to her and takes her in his lap. He doesn’t realize when tears were rolling down his cheeks. He was actually crying. It was for the first time that his mind stopped working. He couldn’t think of anything else. He just shouted her name. Due to all this noise everybody gathered in Kriyam’s room. Everyone was shocked. But Suhani and Yuvraj were the most shocked as they had seen Krishna crying many times, she beared everyone’s taunts throughout her life, but still she always had a smile on her face. She had a talent to hide her pain. She never shared her problems fearing that she would make her loved ones worried. For her it was the last step left and today she took that step. They took her to the hospital. While on the way tears were rolling down from Suhani, Yuvani, Baby and Sayyam’s eyes.

In hospital.

Sayyam – Doctor, she had cut her wrist. The wound looks deep, please treat her right now.

Doctor – Yes she needs to be treated soon by looking at her wound I think she has cut her vein.

Krishna, who is still unconscious, starts having a trouble while breathing. Sayyam runs to her side and calls her name. But it was of no use. Everyone tried to calm him.

Doctor – I was right she has cut her vein, therefore she is having a trouble while breathing. She needs to be treated quickly.

Krishna is taken in the ICU. Everyone is waiting outside the ICU. Sayyam looks at Krishna’s photo in his mobile.

Sayyam – Why are you doing this to me? I love you I need you. I just can’t leave without you. I know you did all this because of your mark. How many times I tried to make you understand that nothing has changed but you are not ready to accept. I can’t let anything happen to you. I promise you that I will give you, your old beauty back. (Saying this he gets up and excuses himself to make a phone call)

A lady – Hello

Sayyam – Hello I am Sayyam

Lady – Ooh yes Sayyam. If you have called then there must be something important.

Sayyam – Yes (He tells her all about Krishna’s face) So can you remove that mark.

Lady – Yes. You bring her tomorrow. I will do it.

Sayyam – Thanks Bye. (He goes back to the ICU)

After 10 minutes

Doctor – She is now out of danger. You all can meet her.

They all go inside. Krishna is awake. Suhani hugs her.

Suhani – You took away my life. I was so scared. Why did you do it. Beta.

Krishna – Aunty I am sorry.

They all talk to her for some time and then they leave Kriyam alone. Sayyam’s eyes which were earlier filled with tears were now filled with fire. He looked straight into Krishna’s eyes asking for answers. But she looked down.

Sayyam – (anger, pain and concern were clearly shown in his voice) How Dare you do that Krishna. How many times times I tried to make you understand. Why don’t you just understand it.

Krishna – (Tears rolling down her eyes) Even I am trying to make you understand that I can’t live with these Mark. So why don’t you understand and let me die.

Sayyam – (loses his control at Krishna’s stubbornness. He holds both her arms and looks straight into her eyes) I can’t let you die. Why don’t you understand idiot that I l…..(He stops and cools down as he realizes that he was about to confess his feelings) Look Krishna I have found a way through which you will get rid of these mark.

Krishna – (gets happy and jumps with excitement) Really Sayyam what it is?

Sayyam – That’s a surprise but I promise that you will get your old face back. (He gently places a kiss on her forhead). Now you need rest we will go there tomorrow. Good night.

He watches her as she sleeps peacefully for the first time after the incident. He then himself puts his head on stomach and sleeps. (All the Birlas go home and Kriyam is in the hospital)

Precap – Krishna gets fine and Kriyam’s confession.

Hey guys thanks a lot for supporting me. I can’t believe that I am writing the 18th episode. It’s all because your lovely comments. And I will end this FF in the 20th episode. Please let me know if you want me to write another new FF. And sorry for this long episode.





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