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Recap: swara joined as sanskar’s assistance. Sanskar is cool person while swara is silent type.

I hurriedly enter inside the tenth floor as soon as elevator opened. Hopefully I’m not late. After keeping my belongings in my cabin i moved towards the small kitchen on that floor to make coffee for sanskar sir. It’s the first work i have to do in my day. I have to give him coffee three times. He drink alot of coffee unlike me. I just drink coffee or tea to keep myself awake in case I’m sleepy otherwise i prohibit such beverages. I knock at sir’s cabin and after getting permission i enter inside.

” good morning sir” i said. ” morning pretty lady but I’m angry with you” he firstly smiled and then pouted. ” why??” I asked tensely. Which mistake i had done? ” why you called me sir??” He questioned. “Because you are my boss” i shrugged as that’s the truth. ” okay tell me your age” he said getting up from his chair. ” 23″ i answered. ” and I’m 24 and there is no huge gap just one year and when someone call me sir i feel like uncle” he said making weird faces. He is cute. I couldn’t help but smile at him. ” so no sir only sanskar, did you get it” he tugged my nose with his first finger. ” okay sir…opps sanskar” i controlled my laugh and obeyed his order. I was about to leave when sanskar called me from back, i turn to listen what he wants to say. ” will you join me at lunch??” He asked. ” Sure” i smiled. It’s better to be in a company than to be alone. I went to my cabin and started working.

My cabin’s door open and sanskar enter inside. ” lunch time” he raised his hand. ” I’m coming” i closed the file on which i was working. I didn’t realized that it is 1 at afternoon. I got up and we both went to cafeteria. ” what would you like to have?” He asked from me as we stood in the line. ” go and sit i will order for us” i said. ” who is the boss??” He crossed his arms at his chest.
” you” i said. ” so you should listen to my orders, go and sit at that table I’m coming” he said pointing at the empty table in the corner. I roll my eyes and was about to go but he held my wrist. I shivered as his hand touched my skin which has bruises. ” sorry” he mumble as he realized and immediately left my hand. ” umm..i want to know what you want to eat?” he asked. “sandwich” i said. He nodded and i went to the table. It was a awkward moment.

After few minutes, sanskar came with food and took seat infront of me. We started eating and there was silence which was broken by sanskar. I don’t think he can sit quitely. ” swara will you be my friend??” He asked from me. ” why not” i instantly said. He is nice person and it’s nothing wrong to have someone as a friend where everyone is unknown to you. ” okay let’s share about ourself” he said. ” I’m sanskar maheshwari and i love to enjoy my life” he told me. ” I’m swara” i said. ” that’s it??” He raised his eyebrow. ” hmm there is nothing much to know about me” i averted my gaze not able to look in his shinning eyes. ” you can tell me how many boyfriends you had and all i will keep it secret” he leaned on the table and said. He is really funny. ” i had no boy friends” i told him. ” you are so serious let me tell you mine” he said. ” i never had girlfrind but i flirt with all beautiful girls like you” he sheepishly said. I narrowed my eyes at his words. ” don’t worry i won’t flirt with you but will definitely admire your beauty” he wink at last. I felt heat rushed through my cheeks listening to him. I never felt such sensation or maybe someone never said me beautiful.

” You are ugly and no less then a sl*t” the bitter words played in my mind. I closed my eyes and a tear escaped my right eye. I quickly wiped it before sanskar could have noticed. Physical wounds can heal over time but not the mental torcher which is done can’t be forgotten.

” swara??” He called my name loudly that all look at us. ” why are you shouting??” I asked. ” Because you were not listening, don’t know where you are always lost” he said rolling his eyes. “Ohh sorry” i mumble.
” let’s get back to work” he said. ” hmm” we got up and went to our cabins.

In the evening, when office was over i came out and was waiting for my bus when a luxurious car stopped infront of me. ” come swara i will drop you” there was Sanskar sitting on the driver seat. ” no thanks i will manage” i smiled at him. ” don’t be stubborn, come and sit or else i will lift you and made you sit” he casually said. My eyes widen and the mere thought of him lifting me made me feel like butterflies in my stomach. I didn’t argued and silently sat on the passenger seat opening the door. There was silence in the car except the background music which was playing. ” so swara are you liking this place?” He asked after couple of minutes.
” yeah it’s good ” i normally said. ” if you want i can take you out this weekend to some places here which are worth watching” he said to me hopefully. ” okay but to be honest now i don’t have enough money to spend on enjoyment ” i told him the truth.
” that’s fine I’m there” he said but i don’t want any financial help or sympathy. ” no..” i was about to say but he cut me ” i know you have self respect so let’s make a deal, this time i will pay for all expenses and when you will have money you can take me out and pay the expenses it will be balanced” he explained me. I think the deal is not that bad. ” okay” i smile and nodded.
” perfect!!! And here we reached your apartment” he pointed at the building. ” thank you so much let’s have cup of coffee come inside” i offered her. ” I’m feeling bad to say no but i have to go home because my mother ordered” he pouted. ” ohh no problem” i said. ” next time promise” he said. ” Sure” i slightly laugh and went out bidding him bye. Later after fresh up, i made dinner for myself and went to bed. A smile crept on my lips as i remembered the day i spend. It was busy but amazing. I had fun with sanskar and genuinely smiled after several months. Finally he bought a smile on my face.

” no pleaseee..parth” i screamed and instantly sat on the bed. I’m literally sweating and crying. Tears are flowing down my cheeks vigorously. Where am i?? I look around and it was not my messy room in india but a small, well arranged one. I held my head and it took few seconds for me to realize that I’m in new york. I took deep breathe and signed in relief that “he” is not here. My eyes are paining may be i was crying badly in my sleep. Though now I’m miles away from him but still i can’t get a peaceful sleep. ” ohhh shit!!” I shouted as i look at the watch. It’s 8:30 and i have to start work at 9. Surely i will be late. I quickly got up and after taking bath got ready. I grabbed one apple and ran out to catch the bus.

I came running on my floor when suddenly i bumped into someone and eventually we both were on the floor with the person on top of me. ” I’m so sorry” i whisper closing my eyes. ” which marathon you were running??” I heard sanskar’s voice. I open my eyes and see that the person is none other than sanskar. I blankly look at him because i don’t have any answer. He signed and got up. He held my hand and helped me to stand. ” thanks” i mumble. ” you only know to say two words!! Sorry and thanks” he said dramatically. ” I’m late” i was biting my lips and staring at the floor. ” ohhh god swara I’m not that arrogant boss who will shout or fire you for being just 15 mins late, take it easy” his words comforted me. I lifted my gaze and meet his eyes. ” hey what happened??” He instantly asked stepping close to me. He is very close to me but i don’t know why he asked this. ” nothing ” i said normally. ” were you crying??” He raised his eyebrow. Ohh so he saw my red eyes. I would have hided them under little makeup but as i was getting late i forgot to apply it. ” no I’m fine” i said not daring to look in his eyes again. ” are you sure because your eyes are red” he said to me. Sanskar won’t leave it that easily. ” yeah I’m okay don’t worry” i assured him. ” i should start the work” i said and quickly moved towards my cabin. I felt sanskar’s gaze on my back until i reached my cabin. I signed in relief when finally the hard topic closed. I don’t have guts to share my life’s happenings with anyone.
To be continued….

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