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Ishqbaazi Reloaded (Venegeance to ishq) Episode 9

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Episode 9


Shivaay unbelievably touched on his cheek. A tight slap!!! Her eyes said, “Shivaay sorry it was an accident.”

She was adamant about ignoring food and he forcefully…

Rotis and dhaal made rangoli on the floor. She has a great bit of idea about her mistakes. The lady touched her earlobes. But he was not in a great mood of receiving her apology. He was dare to leave and she lagged him towards her.


“leave me, I want sometime to compose.”


He excused and moved out.




Shivika widely opened her mouth. A small adorable home. He shrugged her hands and entered inside through the main entrance.


“Wow Adi, it’s so beautiful.”


Adi: I know that you love Manali. Therefore I owned a house for us long time ago. This new twist is unexpected na. That I am your cousin.


They explored through the home. It was nice house with a lots glass windows. Apt for romance… Shivika looked at her watch after 20 or 25 minutes.

“Adi come on our flight.”


He wrapped through her waste. His eyes showed some secret intentions.


“Adi what wht are you doing.”


Adi: Leaving Manali without romance  😉😉

Don’t you think something unfair in it.


Shi: Means nothing.


He pulled her towards the bed and closed the door.




Vivaan’s vision rolled through his own created game. An animated boy is in search of truth. He is trying to convey it everybody but he is only receiving bitter experiences for it and finally he finds the truth. There too many hints for reaching the target. But victory is only based on the good or bad paths he chooses.


“Vaani suggest me a name for it.”


She pulled his cheeks and shook.


“Think about it you Halluboy.”


She started giggling. A spark flashed in his mind. She looked at her due to an unknown feeling.


“😳😳 Vivi Halluboy is a unique name.”


Vivi: Haan just like you.

Her giggle stopped suddenly. Her vision penetrated into his eyes.




Om and Gauri rushed near the cliff in a hurry. There Adi was standing alone. He was typing something in his mobile. Actually chatting with Vivi.


“Vivi this is not fair. I can’t separate Chachus in such a way.”


Vivi: Arrey it is not a separation. But a revenge. I wanna teach them a lesson. Due to my Mamas I did that big mistake. I want to avenge them.


Om called him suddenly. Adi hide his chat immediately.


“What happened why did you called us here??”


Adi: For telling some truths. Can I


Om: Off course Adi. What are you waiting for??


Adi: But you have to hear me completely.


Omri: K


Adi: First of all I’m patched up with Saanjh.


Om: What??


Gau: Are you crazy Adi. That brat girl who humiliated our family!! And you patched up with her??


Adi: I told you to hear the whole truth first and the second truth is. Om Chachu that VVT is your brother in law.


Gau: What are you….


Adi alerted her to silent with ssshhhh.


“Third truth is… I found out my long lost family


Fourth fact – VVT is my father.


Adi was giving shocks out of shocks.


“Fifth one: He is not Vikram Veer Talwar. He is Vishnu Vardhan Trivedi. Your and Anikamaa’s brother.”


Gau: What?? Vishnu Vardhan Trivedi… My brother but I didn’t knew anything about his existence.


Suddenly Gauri remembered something. She was at the temple. That man and his mother came forth to her. She was crying, Bhavya was also with her. Gauri burst out at both of them. Devyani was sobbing… That man silently heard everything she cursed and at last a smile. He touched on her head like he is giving the blessings.


“Be happy always.”


He said and left with his mother. That lady looked back at her for several times.


“Adi tell me. Was that lady my mother?? But she is demised.”


Adi: Not demised but divorced. She was from an elite family and did love marriage with Dada ji. She couldn’t bear the life style he assured for her and she separated from him with his son. You were a newborn. She always tried to loot you both. I mean Anika Ma n you. Finally somehow Dad tried to convey her mistakes.


But destiny saved something different you know na, I mean the remaining.

Then the final truth, She is not Saanjh. She is also an Oberoi. Shivika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. D/o Shivaay Singh Oberoi and Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.”


Rikara’s eyes opened widely. They couldn’t bear the naked truth. Om remembered her face. She is Shivaay in some instances and Anika in behavior. Om coughed due to the sudden revelation. Rikara looked each other… Smiles blossomed on their lips


“Shivaay and Anika Bhabhi have a daughter. We have a daughter. Finally God blessed us with a cute daughter.”


Gauri happily nodded with tears.


“Jijji and Badebhaiyya has a daughter. Their family is already completed.”


Adi: She thought that I am Papa’s biological son. So she left the semi way. How could she marry her step brother.


Om: Where is she I wanna meet.


Adi: But she hates you all.


Gau: Why??


Adi: Because she is thinking that Papa had sent a goon to kill her pregnant mother. Paapa is responsible for Maa’s condition.


Om: No Adi she is mistaken. Shivaay can’t do such a brutality.

Adi: I know Chachu but she is not ready to believe me. I tried my level best to make her understand.


Om: I think we should inform Shivaay about her.


Gau: No we can’t do that until we can find the truth. We know that he is innocent but now  it is important to prove it in front of our daughter. Adi where is she??


Adi: She is here.


Shivika came in front of them, her face was crouched. She pinched her earlobes like a kid.


“Sorry for humiliating you all 😔😔. Haan I hates SSO but I didn’t had the intention for breaking Adi’s and yours trust on me.”


Gau: We can understand beta but Badebhaiyya is innocent.


Shi: Maybe. Par aapko ni lagta mere saath naainsaafi hui hai. Don’t you think?? I lost my Mom and Dad’s love unite. I had to live separate from you all.


Om: Look Shivika come home, first of all. We will discuss this matter then.


Shi: Off course but not for that SSO. My absence is creating havoc in my Mumma’s health.


Om: 😦😧😳 means you.


He hitted his head…


“My goodness.”


Adi: Chachu Chachi don’t tell this to Rudy Chachu.


Om: I didn’t concealed anything from him till now.


Shi: Chachu you are genius. Rudy Chachu don’t have the ability to hide this truth. Kahan aap aur kahan Rudy Chachu. 😉😉


Om: 😌😎😇 haan woh toh hai.


Gau: But Omkara ji.


Om: No Gauri, remember that room decorwali incident. Now we gained our real daughter and tum dekhna I will take revenge from him.



There everybody was celebrating Adi’s return. Anika mysteriously looked at Adi, blo*dy betrayer Adi. She is thinking like that. Shivika already introduced him in front of her and she knows him. He kneeled in front of Anika.


“Maa ladoo.”


She moved aside her head furiously.


“Maa not my fault. She thought that I am her step bro and she loves me very much.”


Adi whispered, Anika shocked fully.


Om: Bhabhi we will tell you everything.


Gau: She is coming near you. Wait and watch.


Adi snapped three times.

A girl came inside of Oberoi mansion.


Adi: 😳😳 Shanaya.


To be continued…….


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