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Ishqbaaz – Pyaar kabhi adhura nahi rehta

“Have you sent away all the invitations?” a man in his late fifties asked.
Another man, slightly younger replied, “Yes Sir, as you said the invitations have been sent. Now let’s see if they come or not.”
“I’m sure they all will come.” The old man said with confidence reflecting in his eyes.
“But Sir, how can you be so sure?” the other man asked.
The old man just smiled and left the place leaving the other man confused.

New Delhi,
A man in his late twenties is seen, he was sitting in the balcony drinking coffee, he picked up the invitation card and stared at it, he was lost somewhere, few incidents flashed through his mind, he removed his glasses and wiped his tears,
His thoughts, “What should I do? Should I go there but what if they also come there, I don’t have the courage to face her after all that I have done with her, she will get sad and upset because of me.”
As he was lost in his thoughts, a girl little younger to him enters, she looked at him and the invitation card and guessed what he was thinking, she kept her hand on his shoulder which brought him out of his thoughts, he looked at her and gave a faint smile,
“Anika, you, when did you come?” he asked her.
“When you were lost in thoughts thinking whether you should go there or not.” She replied sitting next to him.
“How do you know what I was thinking?” he asked her.
“C’mon Om I have known you for more than ten years now, don’t you think I can guess this much. Now don’t change the topic and tell me what you have thought.”
“I don’t know” he got up and walked towards the railing of the balcony, “It’s just that…”
“It’s just that you don’t want to hurt her, you don’t have the courage to face her if she also comes there. Right?” Anika completed his sentence.
Om just nodded.
Anika continued, “Om, if you ask me, I think you should go. Ranjeet Uncle will be really happy if you go.”
“I will go but only if you agree to come along.” Om said which shocked Anika.
“Om, you know naa”
“I know Anika what you think, but this is my final decision, if you come then only I’ll also go.” Om said this and left the place.
Anika sat down lost in thoughts, “Where have you put me Om, you know I can’t say no to you but I also cannot go there. If I go there and he also comes there, he would be hurt only because of me.”

A man in his late-twenties is seen, he was busy doing exercise when a girl entered, she looked at him and then at the invitation card that laid on the table,
“For how long are you going to punish yourself Bhai?” she picked up the card.
“Leave me alone Soumya, go from here” he got up and took the card from her.
“No Bhai, I am not going anywhere. For how long are you going to stay like this.” She said with tears that flowed from her eyes.
“So what should I do, you tell me. You know naa if I go there and Priyanka also comes there, she would get upset with me. I have already done wrong with her, now I don’t wish to hurt her more.” Ranveer said and left the place.
“I know Bhai, but you have to do this. I know all this would be hard for you but there is where your happiness is and I’ll get you your happiness.” Soumya thought to herself.

A girl in her mid-twenties was sitting near the window, lost in her thoughts, a man little elder to her entered and saw her lost in thoughts, he walked upto her and stood beside her looking out of the window,
“So, what have you decided Priyanka, are you going there?” he asked her.
“What do you think Rudra Bhaiya, after all that has happened do you think I would go there?” she looked at him.
“I know Prinku, it’s not at all easy for you but I also think it’s high time that you move on. I won’t force you but you should think about it once.” He smiled at her and left.
“I know Bhaiya because of me even you lost your happiness but I wouldn’t let this last long, you’ll get your happiness back.” Priyanka said to herself.

Few days later,
“Are all the preparations done?” the old man asked.
“Yes Sir, all preparations are done just as you had said.” The other man answered and continued, “But Sir, do you think they will come, I mean we didn’t get replies from any of them.”
“Don’t worry, they’ll come.” The old man said and left leaving the other man confused.

Next day,
A big mansion is shown.
A car stopped in front of the mansion, a man in his late twenties got down, he was wearing a black three piece suit, he removed his sunglasses and looked at the mansion with tears in his eyes, and he wiped his tears and opened the other door of the car.
A girl little younger to him got out of the car, she was wearing a white anarkali with her hair left loose with soft curls, she had tears as she looked at the mansion.
“It’s been a long time since we came here.” She said.
“You are right Ishu, it’s been a long time. Now let’s go in, I can’t wait to meet Ranjeet Uncle.”
“Haa, even I am as eager as you are Shivaay to meet him.”
Saying so Shivaay and Ishana started walking towards the mansion but they stopped when they heard sounds of other cars. They both turned behind and were shocked to see the people getting out of the cars, the people who got down were Omkara, Anika, Rudra, Priyanka, Ranveer and Soumya.
All eight of them looked at each other and were shocked, upset, angry and happy to see each other.
“Shivaay Bhaiya” Priyanka immediately ran and hugged Shivaay who was happy to see her.
“How are you Ishana Di?” Rudra asked Ishana.
“I am fine. And I am so happy to see you after so long.” Ishana said pulling Rudra’s cheek.
“Prinku, you have grown into such a beautiful young lady.” Shivaay said.
“Beautiful to hona hi tha akhir behen kiski hai.” Rudra said with pride.
“And you have not changed at all.” Ishana said hitting Rudra playfully.
Rudra looked at Anika, Om, Ranveer and Soumya who were standing little away from them.
“Arre why are you standing there Anika Di, come here” Saying so Rudra held Anika’s hand and made her stand in front of Shivaay, both Shivaay and Anika looked at each other.
Om, Ranveer and Soumya followed Rudra.
Om looked at Ishana who just looked away making Om sad.
Om’s thoughts, “I know Ishana, you are upset and you have complete right to be upset after all that I have done.”
Ranveer looked at Priyanka with guilt in his eyes, and Priyanka just looked away.
“I am sorry Priyanka because of me everything changed.” Ranveer thought.
“Shivaay Bhaiya, how are you?” Soumya asked with a smile.
“I am fine, tu bata tu kaisi hai?” Shivaay kept her hand on her head.
“Anika, long time yaar” Ranveer said hugging Anika.
“Ranveer, so happy to see you again.” Om said.
“If you all are done meeting each other, then pay some attention here also.” All turned around to see the old man standing there.
“Ranjeet Uncle” all exclaimed. The old man smiled.
All eight of them went to Ranjeet and took his blessings.
“Uncle, we are really happy to meet you after so long.” Soumya said.
“Even I am happy to see my children after so long. Acha, now let’s go in.” Ranjeet said while others nodded. They followed him, for some time they had forgotten the tension between them.

The main hall,
“You all go to your rooms and get freshened up. The servants will show you all your rooms.” Ranjeet said.
All of them nodded and left.
“Sir, you were right, they all came.” The other man said.
“I knew it Mishra, they are my children, they had to come.” Ranjeet smiled.
“Sir, I am so happy to see you happy after so long.”
“Not now Mishra, this is just half happiness. I will be really happy when my children will be happy.”
“Don’t worry Sir that will also happen soon.”

Shivaay’s room,
Shivaay had changed and was sitting on his bed lost in thoughts, seeing Anika after seven years had brought back all his memories, memories that he had buried deep inside his heart, he never talked about it but he thought about her every day, she was far away from him but never away from his heart, he remembered all the moments that they had spent together, how happy they were and how one day everything changed forever, how she broke his trust, his heart and him.

Anika’s room,
Anika was sitting down on the floor resting her head on the bed, tears were flowing through her eyes, seeing Shivaay after seven years, she was happy but she also knew that Shivaay was hurt and upset with her, and he had complete rights to be angry and upset after all she had done wrong with him by breaking his trust and his heart.
She remembered how happy they were.

Anika was sitting in the café from past two hours waiting for Shivaay, finally Shivaay came.
“I am so sorry Anu, actually…” he began.
“I don’t want your excuses and your coffee.” Anika got up and was about to go but Shivaay held her hand and pulled her towards him.
Anika pushed him away, “Don’t you dare try tricks with me Shivaay. This time I am not going to fall in your sweet tricks.”
Shivaay thought something and smiled, Anika looked at him confused.
He started singing,
“Jab tak……From MS Dhoni”
Anika was so happy that she forgot all her anger and hugged Shivaay tightly.
Flashback ends
Anika smiled thinking of their old days. She wiped her tears and moved out.

Omkara’s room,
Om was getting ready lost in thoughts, seeing Ishana after seven years had brought back all memories that he had kept hidden in his heart, he remembered how happy they were and how one day everything just ended.

Ishana’s room,
Ishana was sitting on the bed looking out of the window, she was at the same place after seven years where she had found her true happiness and the same place where she had lost it all.

Ishana was dancing in her room, she was performing with grace and all her movements were rhythmical that matched the musical beats, after finishing her dance she looked at Om, who was lost in her.
“Mr. Artist come out of your dreamland.” She said bringing him out of his trance.
“Ishu, why are you so beautiful?” he asked making her look at him with surprise.
“Om, stop this and get to work.” Saying so Ishana was about to go but Om held her hand and pulled her closer to him. Ishana looked at Om with shock, she said, “Om, let me go, koi aa jayega.”
“No one will come” he said making her quiet.
They were lost in each other’s eyes.
Flashback ends
Om and Ishana wiped their tears and moved out.

Rudra had changed and was moving towards the dining area when he saw Soumya sitting lost in her thoughts, he went and sat beside her, Soumya looked to her side and was surprised to see Rudra, they looked at each other and were lost in each other.
“It’s been so long since we met.” Rudra said breaking the silence.
“You are right, I thought we would never meet after all that happened.” Soumya said with tears collecting in her eyes.
Rudra immediately wiped the tears and said, “Sumo, how many time have I told you not to cry. I hate tears in your eyes.”
Soumya just hugged Rudra tightly and Rudra caressed her hair and back.
Two pairs of eyes saw all this and were happy to see Rudra and Soumya together. They were none other than Priyanka and Ranveer.
They decided not to disturb them.
Priyanka was still looking at Rudra-Soumya and didn’t see Ranveer, as she was walking she bumped into Ranveer and lost her balance, as she was about to fall Ranveer held her and they both looked at each other.
“Leave me Mr. Randhawa” Priyanka said which pierced Ranveer’s heart.
He made her stand properly and left her.
“Priyanka, I know you are angry with me but please don’t call me Mr. Randhawa, call me Veer like you used to call me.” He said with hurt reflecting in his eyes.
“I think you have forgotten, nothing is the same now. Everything has changed forever and thanks to you.” She said with anger clearly visible in her eyes, she left from there before Ranveer could say anything.
Dining Area,
All sat down to have dinner, although they weren’t hungry but they didn’t want to make Ranjeet sad, so they sat down, Shivaay sat next to Ishana, with Rudra and Priyanka by her side, and Anika, Om, Soumya and Ranveer sat opposite them. While having food, they just kept quiet and looked at each other in between.
All this was noticed by Ranjeet and Mishra who just smiled.
“You all must be tired. Take rest, we’ll talk tomorrow.”
“But Uncle, why did you call us suddenly?” Shivaay asked.
“Haa Uncle, in the letter, you said you want to talk something important.” Soumya said.
“I said naa we’ll talk tomorrow. Now you all rest.” Saying so he left leaving the eight of them confused.
“Don’t know what uncle has on his mind.” Rudra said.
“Leave it Rudra, we’ll get to know it tomorrow.” Anika said.
They all retired to their rooms.

All of them were lying on their beds but sleep was miles away from them. After all after seeing each other after so many years, how could they sleep peacefully when thousands of things were going on in their minds?

Ishana got up and came out of her room, she decided to have a walk in the lawn to calm down herself.
She was walking when she saw Anika sitting on a bench.
“I never thought that we would meet again like this.” Ishana said bringing Anika out of her trance.
“Ishu, you, and what are you doing here at this time?” Anika said diverting the topic.
“I was not getting sleep just like you.” Ishana said sitting next to Anika.
“How much things have changed naa Ishu in just seven years?” Anika said.
“You are right Anu, see naa we were best friends and now we are behaving like strangers.” Ishana said looking at Anika, both had tears in their eyes.
“Ishu…” and Anika just hugged Ishana tightly to which Ishana reciprocated with equal love, care and longing.
“I am sorry Ishu, all that happened because of me. I am responsible for everything.” Anika said between sobs.
“No Anu, it wasn’t your fault completely, the situation was like that only.” Ishana said wiping Anika’s tears.
“That means you are not angry with me.” Anika asked.
“No Anu, I am not angry with you. I was hurt earlier but now I am not anymore.” Ishana said.
“That means you have forgiven Om also.” Anika asked.
“No Anu, I have not forgiven him and nor will I ever forgive him. He has broken my trust.” Ishana said wiping her tears.
“But Ishu, you forgave me then why not Om” Anika said.
Before Ishana could say anything Om interrupted, “It’s Ok Anika, don’t force her. It’s her decision and I respect that.”
Om and Ishana looked at each other with painful eyes.
“Ishu, Om is really sorry for whatever he did. You don’t know how much he has suffered without you by his side. He missed you all these years. Ishu, he really loves you and…” Anika couldn’t complete as Shivaay cut her off in the middle.
“And you don’t know how much my sister has suffered because of this man.” Shivaay said angrily glaring at Om, who stood their silent.
“Shivaay Bhaiya, I think we shouldn’t remember all that. Those memories are just going to hurt us and nothing more.” Priyanka said, she continued, “But I also think it’s high time that you forgive Om Bhaiya and Anika. Life is too short to hold grudges forever.”
“If that is so Prinku, why don’t you forgive Ranveer?” Rudra said shocking her.
“Please Rudra…” Ranveer said.
“No Ranveer, don’t stop me, she should know what wrong she is doing with you.” Rudra said.
“Guys, please let’s just stop talking about all that has happened.” Soumya said.
“Not talking is not going to help Soumya, someday we’ll have to talk about it. For how long are we going to stay like this?” Rudra said, he spoke further, “I know whatever happened was wrong but we all are equally responsible for it, so just let’s stop blaming one another.”
“No Rudra, it’s not that easy to just forget everything and move on.” Shivaay said.
All kept silent.

“Shivaay, Just listen to me once, what you are thinking is not right.” Anika said pleading.
“What should I listen Anika, after all that I have heard with my own ears.” Shivaay said angrily breaking the vase kept on the table.
“Shivaay, ek baar puri baat to sun lo” Om said.
Shivaay just held Om by his collar and pinned him on the wall, “You just keep quiet, if you wouldn’t have been my friend for so many years, I would have given you to the police, but I am letting you go.”
“Shivaay, what are you doing?” Ishana who had just come was shocked to see Shivaay holding Om like that, “Shivaay just leave Om, what are you doing?”
“Ishu, just stay out of it.” Shivaay shouted angrily making Anika, Ishana, Soumya, Rudra, Ranveer and Priyanka afraid.
“Will someone tell me, what is happening here?” Ishana shouted.
“Calm down Ishu, I’ll tell you.” Priyanka said.
“Ishu, wo…” but Priyanka couldn’t say anything further as tears started flowing from her eyes.
“I’ll tell you.” Shivaay said, “This is so called friend of yours and her brother” he said looking sharply at Anika and Om, “do you know who they really are?” Ishana was confused, Shivaay continued further, “They are the children of our parents’ murderers”
Ishana was shocked beyond limits. She looked at Om, who just bent his head down.
“They both knew it but never told us and played with our emotions. They have broken our trust.” Shivaay said sitting down. Anika wanted to rush to him but couldn’t.
“But Shivaay…” Ranveer was about to say something.
“Don’t you dare say anything Ranveer, I know even you knew everything but didn’t tell us.” Priyanka said loudly.
Ranveer was taken aback.
“Prinku, stop blaming Ranveer.” Rudra said.
“No Bhaiya, it’s his fault that all this is happening. If he knew everything he should have told us earlier.” Priyanka said.
“No Prinku, it’s not Ranveer’s fault, I told him not to say anything.” Om said making Ishana look at him with hurt.
“Shivaay…” Anika was about to say but Shivaay signaled her not to say anything, he spoke, “it’s better that you get lost from here Ms. Rathore with your brother before I do something that you won’t like.”
Anika looked at Shivaay with painful eyes.
Shivaay left from there followed by Priyanka, Rudra, Soumya and Ranveer.
“Om, please let’s go.” Anika said and went out.
“Ishu…” Om said but stopped as Ishana spoke, “I hope you heard what Shivaay said, get lost from here.”
Ishana left from there and Om stood there motionless.
After few days, all eight of them shifted far away from Mumbai.
Flashback ends

All eight of them were looking at each other.
Rudra spoke breaking the silence, “I know whatever happened was wrong but for how long are we going to let our past affect our present and future.”
“Rudra is right, I know you are upset with each other but I also know that you all love each other a lot and cannot live without each other.” Soumya said.
The six of them looked at each other, Soumya was right, behind all this hurt and anger, there was love, immense love for each other.
“I know Priyanka, I should have told you all the truth as soon as I had known it. It was my mistake and I accept it. I also know that my single sorry wouldn’t make things alright but please forgive me Priyanka, I really love you a lot and I cannot live without you. Please come back, please.” Ranveer sat down crying and to his surprise Priyanka hugged him tightly, “I love you too Ranveer and even I cannot live without you. Promise me you won’t hide anything from me ever” ”Promise” and they hugged each other.
All were happy to see them together.
Anika also hugged Shivaay tightly making him shocked, “I know Shivaay, you are hurt and upset because of me. I am really sorry Shivaay, I know I have done wrong by lying to you and I have broken your trust and your heart. But please Shivaay, please forgive me, I really love you Shivaay, if you don’t forgive me, I won’t be able to live…”
“No Anika, till the time I am alive, you have to live for me.” Anika looked at Shivaay with tears in her eyes. “Even I cannot live without you Anika, I was angry with you earlier but now I am not.” Shivaay said hugging her tightly.
Om and Ishana looked at each other.
“Ishu…” Before Om could say anything Ishana hugged him tightly, “You don’t have to say anything Om, I know you are sorry for whatever you did and I know that you love me truly. And I love you too” Ishana said hugging him tightly.
Rudra and Soumya smiled looking at them and then at each other.
After some time, they all went back to their rooms.

“Sir, you must be really happy now” Mishra said looking at Ranjeet, they had witnessed the whole thing.
“Yes Mishra, I am happy because all my children are happy now” he said wiping his tears.
They both went to their respective rooms.

Next day,
All were sitting in the main hall when Ranjeet arrived with Mishra.
“Good morning Uncle” they greeted him, “Good morning children” he replied.
“I have called you all here to give this.” He handed over few papers to Shivaay who read them and was shocked.
“What is it Shivaay?” Om asked.
“Ranjeet Uncle, this…” Shivaay said.
“Haa Shivaay, I have decided that all my property would be distributed among the eight of you.” He said smiling making them shocked.
“But Uncle…” Anika said.
“See I have always treated you as my own children and that is why I am doing this.” He said and they all hugged him tightly.
“We know Uncle, and we will always remember this. You supported us when there was no one to look after us.” Priyanka said with tears.
“Uncle, you are no less than a father to us.” Ishana said.
“We love you a lot Uncle.” Soumya said.
“I know that bacha” he said.
They hugged him tightly and smiled with tears of happiness.

They had got there lost happiness back.

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