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Ishqbaaz FF: My Brothers Are Everything To Me- Last Chapter- Chapter: 46

….My Brothers Are Everything To Me…


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Chapter 46:


(Last Chapter:)


Annika sat on the chair in front of the huge mirror in their room and tried to look at her reflection…


Annika could not meet her own eyes at her reflection and blushed hard, averting her eyes from the mirror..


But she has to wear jewels and had to put make up on for the small pooja held for family members today before tomorrow’s Rudra and also Prinku’s marriage..


Annika gripped her saree and forced her to look up at her reflection..


And her eyes zoomed on her neck immediately to find the love bites when Shivaay ravished her neck yesterday night..




Annika’s hands trembled and she got goosebumps all over her body remembering what happened last night.


The way Shivaay had ravished her….


The way he stared at her…


The way he held her…


The way he paid attention to her every part…


The way he had shuddered against her..


The way his eyes expressed his overwhelming love..


The way his teeth bit all over her body..


The way his hands roamed all over her body..


The way he made her moan shamelessly…


The way he had made her feel like a woman more than ever in all her life..


The way he had became one with her..


Annika got up from the chair and turned away from the mirror, deciding to leave the make up today because she sure as hell cannot look at her in the mirror without looking at the love bites and the love bites made her remember every part of last night.


She put the jewels over her collared blouse because now days she has to wear collared clothes almost everyday to hide the teeth marks on her neck..


She sighed and put the rest of jewels and messily tied her hair without the help of mirror and looked at the watch…


It’s early five in morning and you will never believe it that Annika of all people had woken up early but she would have died of embarrassment if she woke up after Shivaay…


It was already more embarrassing to get untangled from him and walk away from the bed with nothing on her except Shivaay’s shirt..


No… No….


She cannot think about it again…


Her face already felt feverish with the way she’s blushing so Annika closed their room’s door, not even looking at Shivaay at least once.


She cannot even meet her eyes in the reflection then how is she going to see Shivaay.. She is going to hide from him as long as it takes but knowing him, it will be sooner than she expected.


She moved towards the kitchen to help the workers since the pooja is in hours..


If anyone saw her they could see a smile so pure and rare on her face despite the slightly reddened cheeks..


After all the girl who had grown up in a orphanage has finally received the love she had always longed for and her husband is so possessive and treated her wonderfully..


Who wouldn’t be happy if they were in her place.?




If you looked closely, he was just barely larger than his hands now that Shivaay looked at his hands..


That was how much smaller Rudra was when his grandfather put him on his hands..


So small that you could not help but stare in wonder..


Shivaay cannot believe even now that how lucky he was to have Rudra in his life.


If Om was the first color in his life then Rudra is the first happiness in his life that Shivaay felt proud even now.


The way baby Rudra opened his little eyes and smiled at him wonderfully, extending his chubby hand to him, like he knows all along that he will be held by his bhaiyaa..


Rudra even after growing two years old still preferred his shoulders to sleep instead of bed, refusing to listen to anyone except him even at the age of two.


His Baby Ru was so adorable every time he preferred Shivaay’s company and how he fussed and threw a tantrum every time Shivaay left for school.


How baby Ru started mimicking everything Shivaay did, saying that he wants to be like Shivaay bhaiyaa and how he dragged Om along to follow wherever Shivaay went.


How Rudra’s every smile started mending the lonely heart of Shivaay..


If Rudra and Om was not there, Shivaay didn’t know what kind of monster he would have grown up to. People only see how Shivaay takes care of Om and Rudra all the time but they don’t know if Om and Rudra wasn’t there, Shivaay would have become a monster without morels..


Om and Rudra pulled him out of the darkness he has been drowning… Knowingly or unknowingly, Shivaay wanted to live up the title of Superman which Rudra had given him.


They’re not just his brothers, they’re the pillar supporting Shivaay to stand..


If not for them….


Shivaay leaned against the sofa he’s sitting and looked up at the ceiling with a sad look on his face..


He knew he should be in the altar to see Rudra getting married but he got overwhelmed all of a sudden realizing how grownup Rudra is actually.


People don’t really understand how he’s feeling today. He didn’t feel like a brother now but in fact felt like a parent marrying of his only child.


Shivaay knew that Soumya is a really good girl and will take care of him but still Shivaay’s heart felt unsettled all of a sudden.


He cannot let Rudra or anyone see him like that, it will ruin the happiness of the marriage ceremony..


And Prinku…


God…! The two most pampered in the family..


She’s just first year in her college and she’s getting married already..


She don’t even know how to make a coffee, Shivaay cannot even imagine how she’s going to take care of her family without the help of anyone since Ranveer is an orphan.


Shivaay felt his belief on women crumbling down because if he put himself in Prinku’s shoes then he realized how hard it is..


He could not even imagine how must it feel the house you have grown up and lived for years. It felt heart wrenching to think about Prinku..


Shivaay felt grateful for his mom, dadi and Jhanvi Aunty for taking care of them and this huge house and now Annika too helping along with them.




Growing up is really hard..


Shivaay didn’t think he will feel like this..


This vulnerability..


This emotional…


This is not like him…


All of a sudden, hands encircled him and made his head to rest against a soft stomach..




It looked like she followed him here..




Annika caressed his perfectly gelled hair and he let her without any protest for once.


He circled his arms around her and buried his face against her stomach, inhaling her perfume, trying to soothe his unsettling heart.




Annika pulled from the hug and sat beside him on the sofa, cupping his face, smiling knowingly at him..


“Annika.. I….”


Shivaay averted his eyes and tried to put an expression of something other than the sad one.. He doesn’t want to… He doesn’t want anyone to know his vulnerability..


He’s Shivaay Singh Oberoi…


People can’t see him like this.. Nor can he let them see his emotions likes this.


She pulled his face to meet her eyes and he cannot avert his eyes this time..


“You don’t have to hide Shivaay…”


No… Not her… He cannot hide from her even if he wished too..


“Annika.. I…..”


“…nor do you have to say anything Shivaay.”


Annika smiled at him again and her eyes widened when his barely kept expression crumbled in front of her.


“I know Shivaay.. I know how much you brothers depend on each other. Anyone could see it. I may not know how you’re feeling but I can see it in your eyes.. I can’t say that things will get better immediately.. But with time you will know that he’s still your brother.. Remember how sad Rudra was at our marriage but look at him now, how he slowly accepted me as his bhabhi…. So please just don’t be sad.. I can’t see you like this.”


Shivaay pulled her towards him and held her tight..


Annika caressed his back in comfort and put her head on his shoulder.


She knew that for Shivaay, his brothers are everything but to Annika, Shivaay is everything to her.. She cannot look at him being all sad..


“Don’t forget that I’m always with you in every step Shivaay”


“Annika… Thank you”


Annika was surprised at how much he had changed. He will never thank her if it was SSO before marriage..


“No need to thank me Shivaay.. I am your wife so don’t try to hide everything from me and rely on me a little, ok? We will face everything together, Ok?”


Shivaay nodded against her and she smiled at him being all obedient..


Such a Cute Singh Oberoi..


When they finally pulled from a hug, they heard Om’s voice..


“Shivaay, where are you? It’s time for the marriage already.”


“I am here O…”


Saying that they both got up from the sofa and started moving towards the altar outside.


Om came towards their direction and scolded Shivaay,


“What are you doing here Shivaay? It’s already time.. And your innocent Rudra is panicking already at your absence..”


But Om cut off in mid sentence taking one look at Shivaay’s expression.


Om didn’t speak anything and hugged Shivaay…


Even Om who is logical and matured all the time, felt the insecurity creeping him from inside..


Rudra had brought laughter and innocence in his life almost all the time.. Rudra had always been a little childish and Om cannot even imagine him starting a family of his own.


He’s feeling it since today’s morning. But looking at how Shivaay is, Om realized he’s not the only one.


“He is all grown up Shivaay”


Shivaay’s hands around him tightened before pulling away from the hug..


“Yeah Om..”


They smiled at each other and Shivaay put a hand over his shoulder,


“Let’s go to the altar Om before Rudra comes here from the altar..”


Om nodded and walked along with Shivaay with a smile on his face because his brother Shivaay is here and now everything will be alright.


Soumya and Ranveer shared a look when both their partners started panicking noticing the absence of Shivaay.


They smiled at each other, shaking their head at how their partners settled down finally when they saw Om entering with Shivaay and Annika.


Honestly, their partners and their bonds with brothers..


But that’s one of the qualities they both liked in their partners..


And Soumya chuckled at Rudra who was finally stopped fidgeting and started joking with the Pandit but shut his mouth taking one look at his father Tej Singh Oberoi.


Everyone laughed at that and he put mangalsutra on her when the pandit ji told Rudra and Ranveer to do so..


Soumya looked at her mother and her close relatives smiling happily along with Rudra’s family. She never expected that her marriage will happen again with the love of her life, with their family and full of happiness and laughter.


Priyanka smiled through her tears looking at how teary eyed her usually stoic father is and how her mom consoled the Tej Singh Oberoi, treating him like a child also how Sakthi uncle had brought the tissue boxes ready for Pinky Aunty and Dadi, making everyone smile at his antics.


She never expected to marry her love with all rituals and her family around especially her brothers who all have accepted Ranveer and her love.


Priyanka could never wish for anything in her life other than this..


She smiled at Shivaay bhaiyaa who was carrying Saahil and smiling along with Om bhaiyaa about something while her Annika bhabi too consoled Pinky Aunty which is a miracle of miracles since Aunty hugged her in overwhelming emotions startling everyone.


This is what their family is…


Love, loyalty and trust among all the differences in their opinions..


She grabbed Ranveer’s hand startling him but he smiled back at her happily.


Now he’s also officially her family and she can’t ask anything more than this..




Rudra cannot believe that his life will change this drastically and that happiness will come to an end after just one month from his marriage..


No complaints about Sumo..


She was a perfect wife in every aspects.. In fact too perfect from the way she wakes him up early morning to tutor him for semester to help Annika bhabhi in kitchen for dinner after college.


God… The number of times he got hit from her with the stick for every wrong answer he had written.. His only saviour was his Shivaay bhaiyaa because everyone turned traitors to him, his father even going so far to present Sumo with a new stick to beat him up if he failed another subject.


But that is not worried him because even with all the torture of getting up early and Sumo teaching him, he could see the worry and care of her for his, no their future..


He’s slowly, very slowly getting better in his subjects and enjoying his lovely marriage life with his wife and his family..


But what worrying him is that…


Om is leaving Oberoi Mansion..


Can anyone even believe it…?


Even his Shivaay bhaiyaa didn’t stop Om..


What has the world came to…?


How things changed this much with in a month…?


Even Sumo giving a week off from her tutoring to cheer him up didn’t cheer him at all..


He cannot imagine a life without Om..


So when Rudra with heavy heart moved towards the hall only to find the sight which made his already heavy heart to sink further in sorrow.


Om was standing besides the door with his luggage on the floor surrounded by the rest of his family.


“Please don’t go O…”


Rudra ran towards Om and pulled the suitcase aside from Om, startling everyone and looked at Shivaay bhaiyaa’s eyes full of betrayal..


How could Shivaay bhaiyaa let this happen..?


How could he let Om go..?


“Rudra, give Om his luggage”


“Shivaay bhaiyaa.. How could you let O go..? He’s our brother O, right? How could you?”


He felt a whack on his head to find it was Om who whacked him on his head, shaking his head.


“Stop your drama Rudra.. I am pitying Soumya who has to put with your drama all the time”


Rudra gasped in shock at Om’s words and stared at him with eyes full of hurt.


“Oh come on drama queen.. If anyone saw this scene, they will think I’m leaving Oberoi Mansion fighting my family”


Rudra wiped the non existent tears from his cheeks and sniffed..


Shivaay bhaiyaa shook his head at his antics and put a hand around his shoulder,


“Come on Rudy.. We talked about this.. He’s going Bari for two weeks.. Just two weeks..”


“Two weeks…”


Rudra clutched his heart as if in pain and looked at Om with a sad expression,


“Who will I tease now? Whose hair I will play with? Who will I drag to the kitchen to steal freshly made cookies by bhaiyaa? Who will I escape to from my wife’s lessons? O…. My life is finished.. It’s over without you”


Om whacked Rudra’s head again at his antics.




Shivaay was the one who asked him to finish this project in Barely so that it will give a financial background to Om not that Om wanted to, but with Shivaay’s insistence Om had agreed to go and Rudra has started his dramatics a day ago..


Ranveer smiled along with Priyanka at her brother Rudra’s never ending dramas.


Ranveer looked at the family and smiled, feeling that he’s part of the family too when Tej uncle put a hand over his shoulder.


Jhanvi aunty and Dadi had requested her along with Tej Singh Oberoi for him to stay along with Priyanka for at least till Prinku finishes her college, saying that she doesn’t know anything and they will teach Priyanka of how to run a house and take care of family.


Growing up an orphan, Ranveer felt happy to see them treating him like a family member when he reluctantly agreed to stay in Oberoi Mansion till Priyanka graduates..


He looked at Annika and shared a smile with her..


Only orphans like them know how precious Oberoi family has became to them.


Shivaay too shook his head along with Om at Rudra’s antics and smiled when Annika secretly entwined their hands..


She’s getting bold…


But he liked it nonetheless and looked at his family…


He cannot ask for a family better than this and squeezed her fingers to let her know that he loves her silently and she squeezed his hand back in return and leaned towards him..


Rudra too let go of the drama and smiled along with his family at his own antics but he will miss O even if it’s two weeks and as if she knew his feelings, Sumo entwined her hands with him, letting him know that he’s not alone.


But soon the servants took the luggage away to put it on the car.


Shivaay and Rudra moved away from their partners and walked along with Om to the car while their family looked at them from the door at Om’s departure.


“So Om, did you take everything you want? Clothes, watch, documents, phone?”


“I took everything Shivaay.. Please don’t start again like Rudra..”


Three of them chuckled and looked at each other..


“I will miss you O..”


Rudra hugged O tightly like an overgrown child and soon Shivaay too joined the hug..


“I will miss you Om..”


“Not you too Shivaay…”


The three of them pulled away from the hug and Om sighed at them..


After Shivaay’s studies in abroad, they decided to never apart from each other and that’s one of the main reason Rudra and Om chose to study in the same city..


“I will miss you two guys..”


Honestly, Shivaay and Rudra still the same even after their marriage.. One overprotective and the other over dramatic..


But he was glad that they are not separated nor did they grew apart just because new relationships came in their life.


“Call me Om, as soon as you reached Bareli, ok? And also some of the guards will follow you”




As overprotective as always..


But he expected it nonetheless and with a final hug, he moved towards the car and waved at his family, smiled at Shivaay putting a hand around sniffing and saddened Rudra..


He waved to them and turned away from the sight of mansion when it was no longer visible because of the distance between the car and home..


Yes.. It has become a home for Om despite his hatred towards the Oberoi surname..


His brothers had long before made this Mansion a home for him..


Shivaay patted Rudra’s shoulder and brought him inside since his rest of family had already went inside..


“Come on Rudy, It’s two weeks only.. And I’m here na..”




“Also your wife is waiting with a book on her hand..”


Shivaay laughed when Rudra hid behind his back, clutching the back of his shirt in utter terror..


This is not the end…


But just a beginning…


A beginning for Priyanka to walk the path of management and responsibility so as to mange between studies and her married life..


A beginning for Om to walk the path of unknown life awaiting in Barely..


A beginning for Shivaay to walk the path of adjustment so as to build his relationship with Annika among the small fights that may come due to the difference in their opinions and morals..


A beginning for Rudra to walk the path of maturity to take care of his wife and start a family…


But the brothers are not worried overly about the future since they knew they have each other as a support..






(A/N: I am really emotional right now about the end of this ff because it was so close to heart..


To be honest, this was not supposed to be a ff at all instead a little short story about the flashback of the brothers but this turned into a ff and got so out of my hands. Somehow I managed to keep all the characters in check..


I know many of you had requested me to continue so I’m really sorry for disappointing you all. I could have dragged this ff but it would have lost it’s charm just like the show.. Too much of anything is not good so that is why I decided to end this ff. I hope you all forgive and understand me.


I also apologize for all the spelling and grammatical mistakes I’ve made so far..


And THANK YOU all very much for the unexpected love I’ve got from all of you. I never expected this much love from you all for this ff. I’m really grateful to everyone who commented so far because that’s what kept me going on and to write it every Friday.. I appreciated each and every comment so Thank you for encouraging me.. I will really miss all of you guys…


*Teary eyed*


Take care.. Stay safe and happy..)

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