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Flames of Youth – ( Part 15 0 ” The Campfire “


Vicky, Paras , Sanya, And Samantha are shown standing scattered on the hill top, beside tents . vicky is shown standing numb. While, the other 3 pace the place impatiently and tap their food in desperation …

Vicky – guys…plz forgive me . I swear I wont repeat it .

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Sam – and even we wont repeat that , we arent angry on u Vick , but what u did with Al is inforgivable, it is something that can only be accounted with her. U have tried to man handle her or whatsoever…

Vicky – sam..i didn’t. I love Alia and u know that.

Sanya – honey, all we mean is u have hurt her badly. We all know how head over heels crazy is alia for u ! I pity her .

vicky nods. Though hesistant, vicky accepts that he had a mistake. After all he shouldn’t have kissed preeti, while being committed to laia, and then behaved rudely with her inspite of being the culprit. Further, preeti didn’t tralk to him again, and vicky was worried as what kind of equation they’ll share next. They had been moving better from enemies, to friends. But some sort of awkwardness had been developed recently, which even vicky himself was unaware of !!

alia finally arrived, looking fabulous, and out rageously hot like always .

sometimes vicky couldn’t help but just stare , at her erfection, her angelic smile, her ling straight chestnut hair, her snow white skin, her soft and sweet voice. She didn’t deserve his torment at least.

Vicky looks on. Sanya and paras signal him . vicky nods.

Alia – guys …you..

Vicky comes towards alia , but she moves away.

Alia – vi…

Sam – look what u did to the poor thing , alia is scared of u now ! disgusting .

Sam sits on a rock with a thud !

Paras – thik hai ????

Sam smiles  – im fine bro, relax !

Paras chuckles  – areh not u , the rock. I hope it didn’t crack !!

Sam makes an o face, while sanya couldn’t help but giggle.  She started running behind paras, who hid behind the babydoll, and sanya screamed as paras was dragging her in her jimmy choos .it was always a ruckus with force 3. But in no time, 3 of them had disappeared. Vicklia were now alone and more awkward. Vicky stammered.

Vicky – umm…where did they go ?? just now they were..areh these stupid pals …

Alia came close to him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders .

Alia – don’t u think they did it on purpose, maybe it was their plan to u know…

Vicky couldn’t help but smile, and finally came out of his guilt clock and wrapped his hands around her tiny waist.

Alia winked – maybe they knew that we needed a little bit space, all for oursleves …

Vicky chuckled and hugged her, his head on the crease of her neck.

Maybe it wasn’t love after all, equal social status, pretty faces, and shared interests may have caused vicky to be infatuated to alia, when they were teens . but maybe it wasn’t love. But still, she could provide him love and care, and her selfless nature wooed him glued too !!

Vicky broke the hug.

Vicky – im sorry ….i am not even comfotable in apologies, but alia, genuinely, I was drunk and …

Alia – forget it baby, it was like a nightmare!

Vicky – are u sure ???

Alia – yeah..u love me and only me ,and im not unknown to that fact !

Vicky smiled numbly. Alia’s gorgous smile and sweet words , and he was her little puppy again. Somehimes, the hot shot of college was himself irritated of his infidelity.

Alia looked at his lips and licked her lips . she rubbed her finger on it, while he smirked.

Alia – uknow its been a while , since I tasted my fave pair of candies…

Vicky grabbed her face in no second thought, and locked his lips with hers, and alia drowned in a world of esctasy !

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Ahaan is shown chopping wood, and badly sweating . he is shown shirtless, as its quite hot there, there might be other reasons too. Menahwile, saihan is shown sipping cold drink while sitting on a log.

Saihaan – oh god, im sooo tired. So exhausted …uff

Ahaan – my little princess, u have been sitting there for an hour idly, and ur mocking me ! u brat, come and help me …

Saihan – areh waah ..brat ha ??? ulta chor kutwaal ko daante ??? okay ill help u …don’t call me a prin cess

Saihan comes and sees ahaan’s situation and gulps his embarassment. He again goes and sits on his place .

Saihan – fine, u can call me a princess. But theres no way im going to make my hands look like that !

Ahaan – I don’t expect it either, chocolate boy !

Ahaan showed his tounge to saihan , who couldn’t help but laugh .

Meanwhile, sanya arrived looking like an innocent barbie doll .

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she gave a plate of cutr apples to saihan .

And sat beside him .sanya blushed , smiled to her own shock.

Sanya – have it..i cut it myself !!

Ahaan – ohh..u made it with so much love !!!!

Sanya – stop being so sarcastic ! I cant cook ….(sheepish )

Saihaan – its okay sweetheart, u did this much , its even surprising .

Sanya smiled. Suddenly, they recall their kiss and get awkward. It happened at the heat of the moment, andn one of them were sad or happy about it. Though the feeling ticked them for days.

Saihan took a bite of an apple and stared sanya’s lips. Sanya looked at him in surprise.

Saihan- u r SWEET. And take that as whatver u want .

He whispered into her ears. The extra emphasis on the word sweet and the hidden meaning got her to shiver.

Ahaan was clueless.

Ahaan – here im toiling and ur feeding him. Even im an oberoi madam, whats the so called difference between us …

Sanya snapped right back with a cute red pout !

Sanya – I like boys who would call their ladyloves baby instead of babe. Pretty much that amount of difference matters a lot Mr.bad boy oberoi!

Saihan bit his lips and grinned. While ahaan rolled his eyes.

Sanya got up, and was about to trip when both her arms were grabbed by her lovers protectively !

Ahaan – sanya are u okay ???

Saihan – sanya , nothing would happen to u until I am there….

And there was another difference betwee them . ahaan was irritated at the proxiity they shared and left in  anger.

Sanya smiled – thanks .

Saihan – ur always most welcome, “ Baby” !

Saihan winked and sanya was left speechless. Saihan left . Sanya knew whom she wanted , she needed assurance and security more than worry and concern .

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Preeti and vicky were a pair ,and were walking and petrolling making the area bug free. Preeti loved admiring the naure and the beautiful creation of god beside her, while vicky showed disgrace to the matter that he was working like a pest controller . Not fair ! he was the hottest guy in school !

Vicky mumbled – hm..whats the advantage of being the king of school, find insects and kill them…nonsense

Preeti giggled – vicky , I heard some cockroaches saying u were handsome !

Vicky laughed and looked at her, when they felt their presence more painful whatver had happened had made them hard to react around each other. Preeti stumbled and fell upon a rock and  hurt her knees. Vicky, terrifed went to hold her when he spotted a snake ! aiming at preeti . preeti looked in terror while vicky looked like he was the one in target !

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Paras is shown alone, mishandling a compus, that suppoosedly belonged to charles. He succesfully malfunctioned it and smirked .

Paras – clever aint I ??? that science master thinks he only knows to function technological gadgets . foul ..now he’ll sucessfully get lost, and ill succesfully spend some time with my anjali .

Paras grinned. Was he evil ? or he genuinely loved her ? that was a secret . paras was the purest soul, with a tab in his hands, and a hunky face and a funky smile on his lips, with the dankest jokes, and cutest expressions , he would make sam and sanya fall for him too. This was him for the fierce five. No one could even touch his precious ones. But was paras modi , was for the ordinary people, was a funny, flirty, though ruthless casanova, that girls feared but fell head over heels too !

Paras left the compus at a rock, and left to hide behind a tree . charles came and started to walk in the wrong direction . paras smirked and left for his own work, to search anjali.

Charles walked on when, anjali tapped on his shoulder. She was pretiest and amost annoying girl he had seen. Poles opposite, charles and anjali did attract each other !

Anjali – charles, im partnered with u …

Charles smiled wide…

Anjalis – whats so happy about it ?? don’t smile coz u got this desi beauty in ur team ..huh !!!

Charles rolled his eyes in disbelieve ..

Charles – are o sar phiri ! im happy coz u called me charles and not john or newton !

Anjali – oh…btw, u picked up my language. Omg, I cant belive a poshy boy like u called me a sar phiri.

Charles – oh god bless me , I didn’t get it from u anjali. Its true, u r sarp hiri, u r crazy and ur beautiful …and …

Charles stopped when he realized what he said .

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Anjali nodded in laughter, and grabbed his arms , and pulled his cheeks .

Anjali – for the first time I realized how cute u are !!!!!!!!

Charles was now numb, blinded by her cuteness, and without realizatiopn fell for her. How could such crazy behavior be so appealing. Now he could name this feeling as love. She dragged him, out, and offcourse, to the wrong direction !

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preeVick are shown in position, preeti on the ground, shivering to see the venomous snake. however, the snake moves away and aims at vicky . preeti gets shell shocked !!

vicky gets scared . preeti gets up. the snake slowly moves towards vicky . vikcy tries to move. preeti runs towards vicky and and falls down in front of him. the snake shots !!!!

greyscale effects are shown !! preeti rolls her eyes in pain . vicky falls down on his knees.

this was the girl whom he hated so much///and she had lusted after him ..hmm ?? and today that mocked love of hers , caused her to jump in a situation that could lead to death !!!

Precap : Campfire Tragedies !!!

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