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Ek Deewana Tha 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Babies got swapped!

Ek Deewana Tha 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Rajan tries to strangulate Suvarna. Tell us how Sharanya will come back. Odhni suggests doing Sharanya’s last rites. She will then tell you on her own. Vyom kisses Sharanya on her forehead.

Vyom says Odhni said that Sharanya will come for Shiv but no, she came back for me. Our incomplete story will be complete now. He smiles at Shivani.

Vyom does Sharanya’s last rites. Vyom cries in a corner. Odhni begins to go but Rajan holds her hand. Finish your work first. Tell us where Sharanya will take birth. I promised my son that I will get him his love. I will make the impossible possible! Tell me! If you want Suvarna safe then tell me about Sharanya. Suvarna is least bothered about her life. You wont tell them anything about Sharanya. Rajan

takes a step towards her when Odhni agrees to tell them everything. She picks ash in her hand and chants some mantras. She throws it in the air. They all watch the ashes move in the air. Madhvi makes Vyom look at it too.

Vyom says Sharanya’s spirit left her body. I couldn’t believe my eyes but when a spirit can return then so can Sharanya!

Vyom and his family follow the ashes (spirit). It falls outside a house. Rajan asks Odhni where she has brought them. I will kill you if you will try to play a game with us. Odhni says this isn’t a game but Sharanya’s wish. They see the woman come out of the house. She vomits. Her husband takes her inside. Odhni says Sharanya’s spirit has decided to take birth in this house this time. She chose them as her parents. Vyom looks at the house. Sharanya will come back to his Vyom.

We found out where Sharanya will take birth. We had to make way for her to come to this house. Sharanya took birth.

The lady delivers a baby girl. Vyom smiles looking at her.

Vyom says I held her in my arms.

Vyom shows the baby girl to Rajan. My Sharanya is back, Dad! Rajan smiles seeing his son happy. Vyom says Suvarna played yet another game here. Suvarna exchanged the babies.

Suvarna takes Sharanya in her arms while Odhni places another girl next to that lady. Suvarna says this girl is an orphan but I am sure she will be raised well by Vyom, Rajan and Madhvi. We have to take care of this girl. No one should find out about it. They leave from there quietly.

Vyom says the one we thought to be Sharanya was not Sharanya! It turned out to be Shivani!

KK says don’t know since when they have kidnapped Suvarna. Don’t know how much she would have been tortured but not anymore! He gets up to go and confront Rajan and Madhvi. Radhika asks him what he will say; what proof do you have. Who will believe you to be Shiv’s reincarnation? No one will believe you! KK says I don’t care but I wont spare anyone if anything happens to Suvarna. I will kill them. It’s what they deserve. She asks him if he knows its consequences. He tells her that she was right about him. I only thought about my happiness till now but for some reason I don’t care about myself today. She says I do care though. What will happen to me if anything happens to you? They look at each other. She covers up saying that they shouldn’t flow in emotions. We need proof to punish Rajan Uncle and madhvi aunty. He isn’t bothered but she tells him not to commit a sin to tackle another. Humanity wont be alive anymore then. We must think before taking any step. KK sits down sadly. She holds his cheek asking him what happened. KK says that poor woman was maybe my mother in last birth. She looked at me and said that her son is back and will save her now. I don’t even know where she is. We share nothing but I don’t know why I feel so strongly for her.

Vyom drinks water. He holds his teeth. They are fake. Then I thought you are Sharanya and started loving you. Don’t know how it happened. It was wrong though. I was supposed to love Sharanya! Mom and Dad also got shocked. Shivani says Mom, Dad cheated me. He denies. They love you very much.

Madhvi says Vyom has found out that Radhika is Sharanya’s reincarnation. How can he marry Shivani then? I am sure he is about to do something. Rajan nods. He was after Shivani for 25 years and even followed her to London. I wouldn’t have realised that Akash only is Vyom if he hadn’t told me that day. Flashback shows Vyom walking up to Rajan. Why are you talking all this in the house Dad? My hard work will go down the drain if Sharanya or Shivani finds out anything. Rajan looks at him. Vyom keeps his hand on his cheek. I am Vyom! Rajan asks him how this is possible. Flashback ends. Madhvi says we tried to keep Shivani away from Vyom yet he managed to trap her.

Vyom says we raised you so well and even sent you to London. You are nice girl but I love Sharanyaa lot. Now you must die. She looks at him stunned.

Precap: Vyom / Akash is standing in front of Shivani while someone is holding her from behind. He has kept his one hand over her mouth and is holding a knife in his other hand. Vyom / Akash slits Shivani’s throat.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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