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Bitti Business Wali 17th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi gets upset with Bitti’s unique perspective

Bitti Business Wali 17th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with groom asking his family to come. Everyone asks what happened. He asks his family to come out. He tells everyone about Bitti’s condition. A fb is shown. Dadi and others get embarrassed and angry on her. Groom and his family leaves. Dadi and others come inside. Dadi scolds Bitti and asks if she has gone mad? She blames her son for giving liberty to Bitti. She asks Bitti what did she say? Bitti tells that he oppose her decision to work after marriage and that’s why she asked him to give salary to be a housewife. Dadi asks how did she get such cheap thought in her mind. Bitti says I don’t have cheap thought, but the position of the women in the house. She asks if Pavitra and Chandana’s parents brought them up to let them stay as Servants in their sasural. She says even

a housewife have her personal expenses and asks why don’t we give money to them for their expenses. Dadi says she has gone mad with education.

Bitti says I am your grand daughter and asks her to think as a woman. Dadi says nobody gives money to a housewife as salary. Bitti says what my maa, and my bhabhis suffered, I will not suffer and I am clear that my husband shall let me work or shall give me salary to be his housewife. Dadi says I will get mad and pours water on her head. Everyone is shocked. Pavitra and Chandana looks on. Their husbands are looks shocked. Chandana asks Pavitra if she has any money for Pinky’s school fees and says now she can’t steal in the house. Pavitra says I have no money now, as my husband don’t give me any money, but I will see. She asks what is her opinion about Bitti’s words. Chandana says she has stopped thinking as it will hurt her only.

Bitti talks to her mother’s photo and thinks she don’t want to insult her, but told what is in her heart. Her father comes and asks them to come. They come out of house with their father. Bitti tells that you used to take us out at night and make us have chaat and icecream. Her father laughs and says he can do atleast this for their happiness. He tells Bitti that he feels what she thinks is right and says he fears how their sasural will be. He tells that he couldn’t take a stand, but when she speaks and takes a stand for herself, he feels really proud and asks her to always think and listen to her heart. Suman brings Chaat. They take selfie. They come back home.

Bitti tells Dadi that they are going to temple to take blessings for Shaurya’s exam. Her younger brother tells that Pavitra is silent since yesterday and says if she asks money then. Jogi says if Chandana asks for money then I will ask her to go to her mayka. Younger brother tells that all women of the house will start speaking for their rights. Dadi says there is only one way, Bitti’s marriage.

A guy Mahi is shown dreaming about dancing with a mysterious girl with her face hidden. His friend Sundar comes there and says you see dream always, but don’t see her face. Mahi says she comes in my dream, dance and laugh, but I couldn’t see her face. Sundar asks what you see in dream? Mahi says he sees apsara, an angel. Bitti comes to temple and goes past him. She keeps her bag and goes inside. Mahi says when I will see her. Pandit ji asks him to go to Mathura to see her face. Mahi says I have kept fast to see her face and now you asked me to go to Mathura. Mahi says you can’t fool me and says this time I will not go to Mathura, Radha has to come here. Bitti is praying in the temple. Mahi gets a call and tells Sundar that he is going to ghat for work. He picks Bitti’s bag mistakenly instead of his bag and starts leaving.

Bitti follows him in auto and calls him. A man asks her if she falls down from down. Bitti says you can handle your sister. Mahi and Sundar reach ghat. Bitti also reaches there. She walks down the stairs, slips and falls on Mahi. They both fall in the river. Suman and Shaurya get worried. They come out of water. Mahi tries to see her face. She removes her dupatta from her face and gets outside water. Bitti tries to look at her face. She asks what while hairs on her face. He couldn’t see her face. She tells man is strange, he didn’t see that the bag is not his. Mahi still tries to see her face. Suman asks him to go. She asks Bitti to come. Mahi calls her Madam. Bitti turns to look at him. Mahi also sees her and says Sapna ji.

Bitti falls down in the river and comes out. He calls her Sapna ji. Younger brother tells Dadi that he searched an alliance for Bitti and the inlaws want her to work after marriage.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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