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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update smugglers arrested

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Boss gets his diamond and they get very happy,happu and commissioner enter and says you are under arrest,and takes them away.vibhu says anu baby and hugs her,Tiwari hugs angoori.

Happu calls master and says I heard you gave gulfamkali mango,what’s cooking,tilu says yes tell us what’s the matter,master whacks tilu. Master says my mango tree bears only one fruit every year and I gave it to someone who loves mangoes and I heard gulfamkali wants to so I did,gulfamkali says in return gulfamkali will perform free for you the whole year.

Everyone at tiwari house,anu asks Tiwari by the way what torcher did you face in that room,Tiwari says let’s keep it secret,Saxena comes eating watermelon and says here have this mango it’s so refreshing and cool and sweet too and leaves.angoori

says leave him let’s have mango.

Angoori and anu start having Mangies,pelu plays song,vibhu keeps watching angoori have mangoes and Tiwari watched anu.

Anu calls vibhu and says check out I guess lights are gone.angoori asks Tiwari to go check,Tiwari and Vibhu come downstairs,Tiwari and Vibhu forcefully greet each other,vibhu splashing some water in veranda to keep it cool,Tiwari says If your done there,splash here some too,vibhu says do I look like your servant,Tiwari says not mine but bhabhijis for sure,vibhu says you are a donkey,and always will a donkey and both get in an argument,anu and angoori come down asking what’s wrong.

Tiwari and Vibhu get beds out,Vibhu says he is asking me to splash water in his yard,anu says do it then,Tiwari has washed our utensils many times,angoori says you never did that for me,tiwari says you never gave me that opportunity,angoori says okay tomorrow you wash our utensils,I thinks there’s some fault in the fuse,anu says looks like we need to spend night out,tiwari says good thing,anu says it’s so hot here,use this hand fan and help me out.

Vibhu thinks I wished I did this for bhabhiji,angoori says my hands are paining,Tiwari thinks I wished I fanned for bhabhiji,Tiwari says hold this I will be back,anu says vibhu cmon faster,Tiwari says give it to me I will show you,vibhu leaves and goes to angoori,anu says wow Tiwari keep doing.

Vibhu says bhabhiji let me help you,you must be feeling hot,angoori says here you go.tiwari imagines dancing with anu,anu as teacher and Tiwari as student,Vibhu imagines dancing with angoori,angoori and anu fall asleep.

Tikka says Malkhan looks like there’s no light in whole Kanpur and mosquitoes everywhere,happu walks to them and asks you two here,Malkhan says what duty you are doing,happu asks what do you mean,Malkhan says mosquitoes are everywhere,happu slaps him and says I’m not working in municipality,tikka says but it’s still your duty to guard us,Happu says but you two are right they are to many mosquitoes so come let’s go stroll around and come.

They walk to tiwari and ask what are you upto,Tiwari says sshh can’t you see she is sleeping,tikka says give us some air too,Tiwari slaps them and says leave quickly,tikka says let’s go to vibhu.happu sits beside Tiwari to watch anu.

Tikka walks to vibhu and says give us air too,vibhu fans them too,happu uses the fan for himself too,Tiwari and Vibhu angry over them for spoiling their time.

Happu walks to anu,anu says please come I was waiting for you,happu says how come,anu says do you think I’m lying,happu says you no ways,you have the purest heart,and when you smile it’s so brightening,anu says tell me something more,you are like a pearl.anu smiles,happu enjoyed watching her.

Anu says happu what are you doing here wake up,where are you lost,happu says nothing,I was going duty but thought of having tea,anu says vibhu isn’t home,happu says let me make tea for us,anu says there aren’t ingredients too,and leaves.

Pre cap: anu says tiwariji I will participate with vibhu and win with him.vibhu says bhabhiji you do yoga so well you should conduct classes,angoori says who will learn from me,vibhu says I will,vibhu while learning yoga gets stuck in a position.
Tiwari dancing and anu sees him dance and makes weird face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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