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You and me – chapter 4

Furious day

Inhale deeply, stretching my arms, exhale calmly and slowly open my eyes. Getting up from my cozy bed, I made my way to balcony. Opening my balcony sliding door, I inhale fresh morning breeze, closing my eyes to feel the chill damp air and exhale calmly, I slowly open my eyes for looking at green paddy field view.

Ishhhh… I giggled as the first rain drop, drop on my face. Then I look up at the morning sky and it looked cloody with little lightning. It’s going to raining soon, I love this whether early morning. Good morning sunshine…. Ehh wrong it going to rain soon so Good morning rainny.

Made my way to washroom, done my daily routine and went to my closet to get ready in my school uniform. Tie my hair in pony tail, stick one bindi between my eyebrows and take my belongings I went down stairs.
There she is, babyji at Pooja room doing aarti. When there silently, stand beside babyji and praying for a good day ahead.

Done with prayer I went to kitchen while inhaling good aroma.

Hrmm hrmm.. good morning Mrs shivaya. I wish my mom with teasing tone.

She turn to me twice my ear and reply my with the same tone… Good morning shivaya beti.

Ahhh ahhh, mom leave me na. I’m just kidding hmmm. I said while making puppy pouting face innocently.

She literally smile see my pouting face and leave my ear. Shake her head lightly, continue to made Allo parata. Yes my plan working she leave me, I thought while smile sheeply.

Mom- Trishna go set the dining table, I’ll come in awhile with breakfast.

Me- yes ma’am. Say this I salute here like a commando and leave to dining table.

Dining room

Me- good morning Papa. I wish papa as he busy reading some office files.

Papa- morning Trishna ma. Where your mom.

Mom- I’m here!! don’t worry I won’t run away Shiva. Saying that she serve us and herself.

Papa- Trishna ma what you waiting for eat your breakfast.

Me- actually pa…. I want to reply him but babyji cut off me in the middle and reply

Babyji- shivaya when I let my princess eat by herself. At least I will feed her when she’s at home.

Papa- of course maa you can, but…. Babyji didn’t let him finish.

Babyji- no but but, she my only princess. Who will do if not me. Now eat your breakfast.

Me- love you babyji. I told her while she side hug me and start to feed me.

Papa didn’t say anything after that and mom silently having her breakfast while enjoying mine and babyji drama.

In hall

Papa- Trishna ma are you done. Shall we go. I have meeting at 8am.

Me- done papa! Just a minute. Saying that I when to mom and hug her. Then take blessings from babyji, hug her and rushing into car.

Me- let’s go papa. Turn on radio and it’s play

(vinnodu maela chatham enna..
mannodu chinna thooral enna..
engethaan sentrayo ippothu vanththayo
sollaamal vanthathu pol nillamal povaayo
thappamal meendum santhipaayo…paayo…..)

What a Melody Voice of K.S.Chithra ma’am. Perfect song for perfect weather. Feeling like in the heaven.

Trish..na…. Trishnaaa!!!!! Someone shaking me. I opened my eyes and there is my papa glaring at me. Giving him sheepy smile. I said

Soo..rr,,yy pa..pa..!! I just listened to the song but don’t know when I dose off. It’s not my fault. It’s the song fault. Said this I quickly turn off the radio and show my grin face.

Shake is head disbelieve and he told me.. I am thought to drop off you exactly I front of your school gate but after seeing your sleepyhead I just drop you here. So you can get fresh air while walking to school. Now get down.

Me- but papa look it’s raining how can I walk to school. I said to him showing my innocent face with pouting. Hope iys work as I try with Mom.

Papa- No…No…No… Your innocent face will work with your mom but not me. So don’t give me lame excuses and of course you can walk to school because the rain already stopped.

Me- papa.. pleasee.. I pending at him  for last try with my innocent face.

Papa- Trishna quick, I’m getting late to office and I have to attend meeting.

Me- fine.. bye. Saying this I get out from car with my grumpy face.

Papa- after done you special class call me, I’ll fetch you if I free and if I’m not free I’ll ask drive to fetch you. Bye Trishna ma.
Said this papa drive away.
Stomping my feet I made my way to school by the muddy pathway.

Owh thank God that cra didn’t split the muddy water on me….
Again I watch my each step care fully, not to spoiling my shoes or myself slipping down on the muddy pathwayyyyyy……

Aaarrrgggghhhhh…….. Oh my gosh what a furious day for me?? Damn!!!
Who the hell he is.. can’t they walk slowly on the muddy pathway. If they want to run just go to school field, so they can won gold Medal in running competition. Why running here like street dog’s and pushed me down on the muddy pathway. Arrrggggghhhh!!!

I scold the guys who run into me and me slipped down. Then I realized some footsteps come through me and stop infront me. By look at the shoes, I damn sure it’s a boys shoe and Omgggg….
I gaps a sigh out loud as I come to the sense, that he may one among the guys crashed into me and I’m scolding them out loudly.

That’s it I’m finished today. Normally they’ll bully me called out allot of names and now plus this. Seriously what a day ahead for me.

Cut off my thoughts and gather all the courage I try to face him. Slowly I get up from the muddy pathway, straighten my uniform and move my head upward to look into the person in front of.

There my eyes open wide in shock to see the person in front of me. God not again. Please tell me I’m dreaming again……

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