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You and me – chapter 3

Facepalm myself

Ayyayo nenju alaiyudhadi
Agaayam ippo valaiyudhadi
En veettil minnal oliyudhadi
En mela nilaa pozhiyudhadi
Unna paaththa antha nimisham….

There is he, Kr..ish…na…
He made his way through me without care about his self socking wet under the rain showers. He come face to face with me and his brown color eyes look straight into my eyes like he was reading his future in it with alot of emotion in his face.

He slowly cup my face and the coldness of his hand send shivers into my body. I lost my thoughts in his gesture don’t know what happens around me and we don’t care stand under the rain showers looking at each other with alot of emotion.

Tr..ish…na… He saying my name while his fingers cares my check. I was waiting for his next word to come out…

Trish…na….….,,, I feel like someone calling me form far. Then I feel someone shaking my shoulder and call my name Trishna… Trishnaaa
Now I can hear the voice come next to me because I can hear my name clearly.

Trishnaaa… Wake up ma you sleepyhead.. Wake up now.. someone shouting at me to wake up.

WAIT!!! what wake up???
I stop thinking and open my eyes awide and there stand my mom with her hands on her hips glaring at me.
With the look I come to sense…. OMG I’m late to school…. I quickly get up from my bed and walking to my closet but stopped when mom called me.

Where are you going this quickly from your bed without say anything to me.. mom said

Mom I didn’t have time to greet you good morning.. you know right I’m getting late for school. Go prepare my breakfast and I’ll be there in 5…… Mom cut my talk and said

What Good morning Trishna.. for God sake check the time first…

What…! I asked her in confused because I didn’t have any idea about what she talking.

Seriously Trishna.. that’s I won’t let you sleep in the noon it’s all because of your babyji pamper you alot now see you sleep without knowing morning and evening….mom start her lecture and something come to sense in my mind…

GOD *facepalm myself*
I’m sleeping for hours, think it’s morning already and rushing to get ready to school seriously trishna you dumboo..

Trishnaaaaa…. I cut off my thoughts and look at mom face who look like red tomato. I gulp my saliva and give sheepy smile for her while scratching my head.

Shaking her head disbelieve and said
Stop day dreaming and giving your i don’t know anything look Trishna. Go get ready now papa want take us out for dinner tonight and don’t sleep while take shower..  said this she went out from my room….

Left out sighs … I sit on my bed corner pull the drawer and take his handkerchief in my hand. That dream look real but what does it mean and what he actually want say…hmmm.. cares his name on the handkerchief, I put back it in the drawer and made my way to take a shower.

After a good relaxing shower I wrapped myself with towel and made my way to closet. Take out my simple blue color salwar suit, change into it and went to my dressing table. Tie up my short hair which just reach below my shoulder into ponytail and some eyeliner and lipgloss I look at my self prefect… But I forget something… Put my finger under my chin and think what I missed…

Bindi…. I look at babji in confused give what look.

Hare Rama… Trishna ma you forget to put bindi. Babyji explain to me while stick one bindi between my eyebrows.

Tq babyji.. said that we both made our way to hall where papa and mama waiting for us.

Hi papa I’m ready. I said with grin on my face

Yeah yeah and we’re waiting for you around half an hour. Said papa while shake is head disbelieve

Shiva what you talk about our daughter just wakeup from her dreaming lala land and you should wish her good morning. Am I right Trishna maaaa…. Said mom in mocking tone.

Oh ya.. I forget about it and thank yo you Shakti for remind me. Good morning Trishna maaaa.. papa said in mocking tone like mom

Stomping my feet I made my way to car but not before listen to babyji who scold papa and mama playfully for mocking me.
Babyji always be babyji who always be my side.

There continue our family drama all the way to restaurant. Enjoy our dinner with our mock joke and when back home. That’s all for my day with the thoughts of his presence in my life I dose off… Sweet dreams

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