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You and me – chapter 2

Come out from school gate entrance I switch on my mobile phone, pluck in my earphones and played some Melody songs as the windy weather send shivers to body and the smells of rain around the corner. Hmmm fell on the heaven. I when to waiting stop infornt school to wait for papa to fetch me. Sitting at benche there I look around to see I’m the only one waiting for papa. When my phone played

(Ayyayo Nenju Alayuthadi
Aaghaayam Ippo Valayuuthadi
En Vittil Minnal Oliyuthadi)

While I falling for this song suddenly I heard a heavy thunderstorm and rain  lightly start to showering. I started to feel the rain showers with background song.

(Yammela Nila Pozhiyuthadi
Unna Paartha Antha Nimisham
Voranji Pocha Nagaravae Illa
Thinna Sorum Serikkavae Illa Kolamburen Naane
Ho Un Vaasam Adikira Kaathu
En Kooda Nadakkiradhey Yen Seval Koovura Sattham
Om Paeyra Kekkurathae)

While this line is playing some laughing sounds disturbing me, my eyes when to the way where the laughing come from. There froze my eyes when I saw one guy laughing at his friends and I mesmerized hearing his laughing voice. I fell some my heart beat getting fast and my mind blank just focus on his smile face and the background song. God I just skip a beat when he turn to lightly running through my direction. My heart beat increase with the each step he take through me and my eyes just fallowing his each step of moment.
He come inside the waiting stop lightly bend down and breathing heavily cause of the running and laughing at the same time. He still lightly laughing for what he did with his friends.

After he catch up his breathing smoothly, he stand straight and open his eyes. When he open his eyes and meet mine I literally wide my eyes as I get caught staring him. Quick I altered my eyes to other ways find his friends already left and I heard he moving to the end of bench. Following his each step with the corner of my eye. He lightly throw his bag at the beach after take his handkerchief and wipe the rain drop in his face even he already socking wet. He threw the used handkerchief beside his bag and take a sit there taking out his phone and dialed someone.

(Unnai Thaluvum Anal Kaathu Kadakkailae Poongaathu
Kolambi Thavikkuthadi En Manasu
Ho Thiruvizha Kadaigalai Pola
Thenaruren Naan Thaane
Ethiril Nee Varumbothu
Naraluraen Yenthaano
Kansimittum Theeya Enna Yeruchipputta Neeyae)

He sighs out as the person didn’t answer his phone call and he scroll up and down in his phone don’t what his doing. After sometime his phone ringing and he answers the call. Hello, Krishna here who’s this… Ohh sissy make it fast I’m waiting at waiting stop and it’s raining here.. ok alright.. then he cut call and continue with scrolling his phone.

So his name is Krishna but I never saw him before and his wearing our school uniform, it means we are same school. He a bit taller than me and he look fit with some muscles who know workouts. But his voice, gosh send shiver inside my heart everytime I heard it.

(Mazhaichaaral Manvaasam Manam Veesa
Vøamøøchi Thøduvae Naan Vethanthen
Gødaiyila Adikkira Mazhaiyaa
Nee Ènna Naenaicchaayae
Èerathila Anaikkira Šhøgattha
Paarvai Illa Kødutthaayae
Paathagathil Ènna Oru Paarvayaala Kønna)

In a while a car stop by and hon, he take his bag and rushing into the car. Then the car speed away and I turn to the place where he sit and find he left his handkerchief there.  Stand up and made my way to there and take the damp white handkerchief in my hand and look at the word there write (KRISH).

Pooooonnnnnn!!!! I shocked for the sudden hon sound. As I turn my papa waving his hand and I quickly put his handkerchief inside my pocket and run into car.

Papa- How is your first day ma??
Me- as usual papa good and sometimes boring.
Papa- good first day starting to getting bored. Crazy girl
Me- papa!!!!

When reach home I put my shoes asides and enter inside calling babyji.

Babyji- Trishna ma, come princess have your lunch first. You must me tired for the first day and your mom and me prepare your favor dish for lunch. Come

Sitting at dinning table mom serve me and babyji start feeding me. Yes she always feeding me even I grow up edy.

Mom- Trishna how’s your first day ma??

Before I start to answer her back papa join us at dinning table after attend his phone call and mom start to serve papa.

Papa- ooohoh Shakti don’t also her about it because she say for the starting first day itself she getting bored. Crazy girl

Me- papa!! I called out with crying voice and look at babji to help  as papa tease me again.

Me- see babyji papa keep teasing me and some more call me crazy hmmm. I said pouting.

Babyji- stop shivaya don’t u see trishna ma is eating don’t tease her and your daughter will be like you only. Remember last time every day you refuse to go to school because you say you feel boring and made sick drama to absent. Now you teasing my princess and call her crazy.

Heard babyji acting scold papa I giggled and mom control her laugh.

Papa- Amma I didn’t tease her just saying what she say to me and she her self call her crazy girl and now when I call her crazy girl she complained about it. Huh what I have to do with this girl God.

Me- papa don’t call God now.

Papa- why is that so ma??

Me- papa it’s lunch hour so let God
enjoy his meals now don’t disturb them and have you meal first. No talking while eating. Am I right babyji.

Babyji- you always right princess.

Mom- ok ok no more talk have your meal first and later go change uniform and take rest. You must be tired.

Me- ok, I’m done I go upstairs. Thank you babji for the food and as always it’s delicious yummy… Bye babyji,mom n papa.

Went inside my room place my bag at study table and take out my watch, Id card and his handkerchief place at side rabel nearby my queen size bed. I went to my closet and take my simple white salwar suit that I used to wear at home. Take a light shower I sit at corner of my bed and take his handkerchief in my hand. My fingers cares his name on the handkerchief and sigh out put it inside the drawer and laying down. Think about him I dose off.

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