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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Suhana makes a wicked plan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Naira saying I don’t love mehendi, make any design, this is love, mum and dad used to fix my bad drawings on fridge and show everyone, when you love someone, you love everything about him. Kartik smiles. Manish says don’t trap me in this. Suwarna says rasams have to be done with love, I know there is annoyance but love will be more. He says I don’t know this. She says its fine, you can make anything with love, I will accept. She asks for autograph. He smiles and makes some design. Akhilesh tries to see. Suwarna likes the flower and smiles. Surekha shows the muscle design drawn by Akhilesh. Kirti smiles seeing Naksh. Aryan says its looking good right, I tried first time, I will wash hands and come. Suhana says yes. She sees Naira angrily. She signs Savita.

Savita adds some black powder in the mehendi. The guy sees her. Suhana thinks this poisonous mehendi will fall over Naira’s face and blacken her face. Savita wipes clean her hands and takes the black mehendi. The guy takes a gift box. He steps on her foot and says sorry. Savita falls away. Her face dips in the mehendi. Everyone looks on.

Savita signs Suhana and Rahul. Suhana asks her to go and wash face. Kartik smiles. Naira says those who dig pit for others, fall in it. Kartik says I heard before and saw it today. Savita cleans her face. Rahul says plan is spoiling. Savita says we didn’t get anything. Suhana says I will take revenge, don’t worry, I had planned to rob cash, now I will ruin Naira’s respect, Naira thinks she is smart, I will take all cash before sangeet ends, I will tell my new plan. Naira smiles seeing her mehendi and dries it. Some rose petals fall over her. She blows off the petals. The guy clicks pics. She turns and sees someone. She goes to see. She hears Savita’s conversation. She says Resham, Ajay and Manjiri, who can they be, are they Suhana, Rahul and Savita, maybe its their real names, are they running away. Savita turns and sees Naira. Naira asks her to stay for a week, is she running away. Savita says no, I was just… Naira says I know everything about your plan. Savita thinks she heard my phone call. Naira prays that Savita tells the truth. Savita thinks Naira is acting smart. Savita tries to confuse her. Naira says there is much kept in storeroom, will you help me. Savita says sure. Naira pushes her in and locks the door. Savita knocks the door. Naira says sorry, till your truth comes out, stay inside.

Savita asks her to open the door. Kartik asks what are you doing here. Naira tells their real names. Savita says why is she getting angry, how could she know the plan, I have to tell Suhana. Naira says I locked her so that she doesn’t meet them, else they will be alert. Kartik asks what’s their plan. Naira says we have to find out. They search on net. Kartik shows the article and says its written that they dupe people for money. Naira says Suhana married Brijesh by Ruby’s name, its a big proof. He says reporter has to testify this, Vinay wrote this article, I will try to find out. Suhana says Suwarna has safe keys, its real, I hard Dadi talking. Rahul says fine, when everyone is busy in sangeet, I will steal everything. Kartik says Vinay agreed to come. Naira says we got some way, Dadi will be giving jewelry to Suhana, we will keep fake jewelry. Rahul says don’t know where is Savita. Suhana says keep an eye on her, she isn’t smart, our plan can fail.

Savita sees a window. She looks out. She sees Naksh and Kirti. Naksh asks Kirti to see carefully, its fake. Kirti says yes, real jewelry is with Naira. Naksh says superb. Kirti says Naira made plan that Dadi will give fake jewelry to Suhana, even if Suhana runs away, she will just have fake jewelry. Savita says Naira is so clever, what shall I do now. Suwarna asks about Naira. Naira and Kartik come. Surekha says we were waiting for you. Suwarna asks what’s the theme. Naira says its bollywood Jethani-Devrani theme, my relation will change, I will become jethani, I m glad, all Jethanis will dance with Devranis, and we will choose best dancer. Suhana says Naira kept this theme for me, you have to clean the safe. Naira asks will you dance with me Suhana. Suhana says why not. Dadi asks who will come first. Naira names Suwarna, Surekha, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa. She asks Suwarna to remove keys, it may fall down. Suwarna gives keys to Dadi and goes. Kartik asks are you sure you will dance, you recently had surgery. Naira says I spoke to doctor, don’t worry, I won’t let anything go. Savita breaks the glass and says I have to tell them about fake jewelry.

Bhabhimaa and Devyaani dance on Hawa Hawai…..Naira asks Suhana does she know dance, will she fall down. Savita gets stuck. Suwarna and Surekha dance on same song. Suhana sees a frame and breaks it. Everyone claps. Suhana takes a glass piece and sees Naira.

Naira and Suhana dance on Yeh galliyaan…. Someone sees Suhana and her pic. Suhana takes the glass piece in hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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