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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prabhakar And Karthik Comes Out Clean In The Enquiry

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Goel leaves from there. Prabhakar sees Anushka and says you also came. Karthik says I asked her not to come, but she don’t listen. Prabhakar and Karthik go inside for the enquiry while Anushka and Siddhant sit outside. Anushka says I thought you will not come. Siddhant says I can’t refuse pita shri. Anushka says I understood and impressed with you. She says you have repaired the bike that day, as you couldn’t repair even cycle chain in childhood. Siddhant says so much changed in all these years and asks about her fishes. Anushka says they are good. Siddhant gets call and goes to side to attend it. Anushka gets jealous. She tells that Purva said that you have girl friend. Siddhant asks if she wants to meet her and asks whom she wants to meet. Anushka says what and gets upset. Siddhant

asks her if she would like to have masala tea. Anushka says coffee. He orders coffee and tea for them. He tells that all lawyers in the court are his girl friends and judges are his sasurs. Anushka laughs. Siddhant says Sweety talk at odd hours and that’s why Purva thought wrong. He gets coffee for Anushka. Anushka says I would have ordered tea.

Srikant’s sasur tells KK that he gave loan to Goel on his insistence, now he is answerable. KK asks him not to worry. Prabhakar and Karthik come there. They say all things are cleared from our side. Prabhakar says I think that the plane crashed is sabotage, we have to go tomorrow. KK asks them to go. Srikant’s sasur says if it is accident then Goel can get accident claim, but if it is sabotage then things can get messy. KK says sometimes we have to wait.
Anushka comes out of office and meets Prabhakar. She tells him that Siddhant refused job because of him. Prabhakar asks how do you know? Anushka says they are good friends since childhood. She smiles. Neeta tells Srikant that Prabhakar might have crashed the plane. Srikant says no. karthik says he can as he worked hard. Anushka comes. Srikant’s wife tells that they were talking about Prabhakar.

Anushka says Prabhakar can’t do anything wrong and asks them not to doubt him. She snatches something from Karthik’s hand and eats it. She tells that she will come with him to CARD office and goes smiling to her room. Siddhant also thinks about Anushka and takes out cow bell from box. He recalls their conversation, Anushka telling him that she will love the guy who gives her bell. Siddhant buying it for her. Fb ends. Anushka checks dresses and selects one. She gets ready and goes with Karthik. Prabhakar comes and says good morning anushka. Anushka says good morning. She looks for Siddhant. Prabhakar says he left early today. Anushka says I am asking just. He asks if there is something special. Anushka says no and tells him that Karthik went inside. She thinks to call Siddhant.

Karthik comes out and says we are all clear, enquiry is done. Prabhakar asks didn’t Siddhant come? Anushka says no. Prabhakar says he has a meeting with Srikant today. Anushka tells Karthik that she will go to office with Prabhakar. Karthik tells her that today she is looking stunning. In the car, Prabhakar asks Anushka why she is looking upset. Anushka says nothing. They go inside the office. Anushka asks Security Guard if Siddhant came? Security Guard says no and asks shall I call him. Anushka says no. Srikant asks if there is something today and says you are ready as if you are going to marriage. Anushka says can’t I get ready for myself. Her secretary is about to compliment her. Anushka says I don’t want to hear, and asks her to call Rao ji and get some of her clothes from home. Secretary says ok.

Prabhakar says I am ashamed in life for the first time because of you. Siddhant asks why don’t you like whatever I do, and asks him to tell what to do.

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