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Udaan 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli kidnaps Saanvi

Udaan 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karan saying its time for puja paath, a small havan is necessary for this project, Suraj and Chakor sit in puja with me, sorry, I forgot to say. Chakor says when the work is good, its not necessary to say, you did good to keep puja. Karan says the credit for everything goes to you, I decided to start this project by meeting you two. He praises Suraj and Chakor. Imli looks on. Chakor sits in puja and gives Saanvi to Tejaswini, since havan smoke will trouble her. Imli sees Saanvi and thinks its time to make you away from your Dadi. She goes upstairs and pours water in havan kund. Everyone gets shocked. Kasturi says how did water fall, its a big abshagun. Imli smiles.

Karan says don’t worry, I will develop the village as I promised. Saanvi cries. Kasturi asks Chakor not to get

up, it will be a disaster, complete puja and then go. Chakor sits back. Tejaswini says Kasturi is right, else your dream won’t be fulfilled, I will take Saanvi out in fresh air. Karan says Chakor, your Sasumaa is right, you all proved that Aazaadgunj is not just a land, but a house where everyone lives as one family. Chakor says take care of Saanvi. Tejaswini says sure. Imli thinks Karan has made my work easy, I will meet Saanvi out. She comes to Tejaswini. She says I had food, Saanvi is crying, I will console her. Tejaswini asks why. Imli says I feel you are worried because of Chakor. Tejaswini says maybe your bahu worries for grandchildren more. Imli talks cheesy and takes Saanvi from her. Tejaswini says we don’t get time to play. Imli says my bahu didn’t trust me and made me out of home, I wish your bahu don’t make you out. She smiles seeing Saanvi. Chakor stays restless. The puja goes on. Suraj says mummy is with Saanvi. Imli thinks of bandhua stamp. She asks Tejaswini to go inside, she won’t run away. Tejaswini says fine, take care of her. She goes.

Karan says congrats Chakor for your new Unnati project. Suraj says our project right. Karan says yes, lets see what Aazaadgunj gives us, I got a family, love and warmth here. He asks what happened Chakor, you look worried. Tejaswini asks did puja get over. Chakor asks where is Saanvi. Tejaswini says she is outside, I will get her, she is with that old woman. Chakor shouts Suraj. She asks whom did you give Saanvi. Tejaswini says Saanvi was crying a lot, she got quiet in old woman’s lap. Suraj says wait, where is that old woman. They go to see. Imli sees Saanvi and smiles. She sings a sad song and gets angry. She says you will become bandhua now, I will make you a bandhua, it will be a new start for my revenge.

Chakor and Suraj call out Saanvi. Chakor asks where did that old woman take Saanvi. Suraj says calm down, we will find her. Karan says stay positive, we will find Saanvi. Suraj asks Karan to go and rest, they will find her. Karan says I regarded you all family, how can I leave. Chakor cries. Bhuvan and Kasturi ask her to calm down, they will find Saanvi. Chakor says I want my daughter, get her back. Saanvi cries. Imli says I won’t make you wear any kada, I m not good, I will make a stamp on your tender wrist, what will Chakor go through seeing bandhua stamp on your hand, Chakor snatched my family, love and rule, see what did she do with me, I m staying like a thief in my own village, I will not kill you, I don’t want to see Chakor in trauma. She gets tattoo machine to make a stamp on her wrist.

Karan sees Imli. Imli says if any villager sees you here, what will they think. Karan introduces himself and asks her name. She says I don’t feel necessary to tell my name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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