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Twinj- Marriage, betrayal, love (98) (shock)


Twinkle was almost fine now.. just having stiches on her arms n was aked to give rest to her arm.. otherwise she was fine..

Now trio.. Usha and twinj was sitting in aman’s room n were laughing n talking..

Twinkle even told sujat about mahi being her meera dii.. to which she became to happy n both hugged each other delightldly..

Twinkle- Kunjj..

Kunj- hmm.. (thinking something)

Twinkle- what r u thinking??

Kunj- nothing much.. just thinking to inform mahi about this too.. she will be soo happy getting her sister.. altough her mom dad is not here .. but u r there na.. she always wanted to know her identity.. what do u think?? (turning towards her)

Twinkle- hmm.. i think we should not tell her anything now.. we will give her the surprise when she will return.. till then we should start searching for aliya n karan bhai..

Kunj- hmm.. u r right.. but first let this duffer be out of this hospital..

Twinkle n usha laughed n aman made a puppy face..


After 2 days:

Aman was discharged n all of them left to amritsar.. reaching there they were shocked cum happy watching ram fully fine and having breakfast with aliya and karan!!

(you too shocked right)

Kunj- (on the main door) dad..

Manohar looked towards him n gestured him to come n opened his arms to hug his son after too long..

Kunj- (emotional) dad.. u .. u r alright.. (hugged him tightly)

Both partyed the hug.

Kunj- how.. how .. i mean.. when i left.. u were ther on bed..( treambilg word with emoptions)

Manohar- shh.. shh.. puttar.. see now i m alright just a little exercise n fill be able to run too..

Both again hugged each other..

{aman left to his home after reaching amritsar.. Kunj insisted him to come with him till he is fine but he being admant denied ]

Twinj and Usha reached home n saw this perfect scene..

Manohar- (seeing both ushaa n Twinkle shocked) now u both wont meet me..

Twinkle ran to him n hugged him n then usha too.. to which all of them teased both ..

Twinkle then saw towards karan n aliya sitting there n rushed to them n hugged them both together.. n cried seeing them fit n fine..

She parted the hug n asked..

Twinkle- bhai.. how i mean.. where were u soo may ears..?? u know i missed u sooo much..

Karan- shh… shh.. pagli.. see i m right here in front of u.. why are u crying now.. i m fine.. totally fine (wiped her tears)

Twinkle- n aliya.. baby where were u.. u know we were so stressed not finding u anywhere.. Kunj.. he was going mad not be able to find u..

Aliya saw towards kunj who was having tears in his eyes seeing her baby sister fit n fine sitting in front of her..

She rushed to him n hugged him n cried a lot.. Kunj made her quiet n asked her to meet maa..

Aliya rushed to usha n hugged her .. Usha wiped her tears n kissed her forehead lovingly..

After an hour or so.. all there emotionally stable n were sitting in lobby sitting on sofa.. n were chit chatting..

Twinkle- bhai?? (he saw toward her) where were u all these years..

Twinkle- angel.. i.. (teary eyed) i escaped from luthra’s clutches when.. when he kiddnaped us.. chutki.. he .. he killed mom-dad.. n i couldnt be able to do anythng.. (hugged her sideways as she was just sitting in side of him)

Twinkle too hugged him tightly seeing him in pain.. her eyes were too teary..

Twinke- rag.. raghav.. he showed me the video how,.. how he ki.. killed mom dad.. (crying)

Karan- hmm.. when we were kidnapped.. n that raghav was asking us about ur whereabouts n we didnt tell them.. he warned to kill us.. n then he left us for a few hours to think n tell us.. mom dad helped me escape..

We all were ready to escape but at the nick of time his goons arrived n listening their foot steps.. they asked me to escape first n they will come next.. as soon as i jumped from the window somehow.. raghav reached there n asked about me.. when mom dad denied to tell them.. he.. he killed them.. in front of my eyes.. (tears escaping from his eyes)

After that i left from ther not wanting to make their sacrifice go in vain.. goons were behind me.. but on the way.. i met with an accident .. n somebody helped me reach hospital.. but i slipped in coma.. for.. for an year or so.. but when i gained consciousness.. i was confused seeing myself in hospital.. the person who helped me.. gave my hospital fee too..

Twinkle parted from hug n saw him..

Karan- he was none other than manohar uncle..

Everybody was shocked with this revelation..

Twinkle-(shocked) dad.. u.. why didnt u tell me..?

Manohar- beta.. i met him the same day u left to mumbai.. n i didnt want to give u tension.. n when i came to know that he slipped in coma.. i hid it from everybody..

Twinkle- but u could have told me after sometime na..

Manohar- i .. i tried to tell u beta but then ur accident happened… u remember.. we were comming mumbai to meet u.. i decided to tell u that time only but when we reached.. we got to know about ur accident n doc advised not to give u stress.. so i hide thuis from u..

After a year or so he came into consciousness n i told me about rt ji n leela ji’s death.. u were already soo stressed due to kunj’s revelation that i was not able to tell u anything..

When everything came into place.. n u forgave kunj n ur marriage preparations were going on.. i came to tell u but that time karan called me from amritsar n asked me not to tell u anything and he is comming amritsar n will himself tell u everything.. but u got kidnapped n everything again shattered with adi-pari’s death..

When mahii n uv left abroad.. then karan was in amritsar only but i asked him to hide as he should not come in light because luthra could attack him..

Karan interrupted them n begain telling the story..

Karan- then.. i came to know that aliya was kiddnapped.. n i somehow came to know about the address where she was kept.. i reached there n saw the place burning .. i entered there n saw aliya tied to a chiar n was unconscious.. then somehow.. i reached there n saved her n took her to hospital.. she was unconscious for whole 5 days due to some drug injected in her body by that luthra.. i was with her those days n we needed to be hidden due to danger so couldnt inform uncle too…

Aliya- when i  came back to consciousness.. i was so afraid… but karan helped me n told me about everything..

When i became fine (from that drug effect), we were comming back home.. but saw the whole house burning.. i became shocked n fainted there.. then karan took me away from that city n we took a room on rent in some nearyby village …

Karan- i many time tried to find u .. but due to constant watch on kunj jiju’s activities by luthra.. i couldnt inform anybody n didnt know where twinkle is.. n even i came to know about uncle’s paralysis..

That day when i reached village back from mumbai.. i was some ladies dragging aliya from that room n were abusing her for staying with me without marriage.. i reached there n saved there but because of the circumstances.. i was forced to marry aliya.. its been 10 months to our marriage now.. (bending his head)

Everybody was shocked to know that uttra was married to karan.. except manohar..


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