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Tu Aashiqui 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: JD doubts on Saku Tai

Tu Aashiqui 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Pankti changing their get ups. They compliment each other. JD says lets play a game, if I get Pankti first, she will be mine, else…. He smiles. Saku blesses Pankti. The lady says we will get them married. Saku asks them to sit. She says its simple food of the village, will this work. Ahaan and Pankti see the food. Pankti tells him that she didn’t never had fish, don’t know how is it. Ahaan smiles. He says Pankti likes fish, fill the plate with more fishes. Pankti looks at him. He says try it for my sake, please.

She recalls his words. The man asks him not to anger his would be wife. Anita waits for Pankti. She drinks wine. JD comes to her. Anita gets Saku’s call. JD asks her to answer. Ahaan takes the phone from Saku and disconnects on hearing Anita’s

name. JD asks who was it. Anita says it got disconnected. JD asks what are you hiding from me. He takes the phone and checks the log. Anita asks what will I hide from you. Ahaan says you know Pankti’s house, see she is happy, I want to keep her happy, I want to keep her away from her house. Saku says I was excited seeing you and forgot Pankti and Anita’s strange relation. She asks Ahaan to stay with them, JD won’t know anything. JD checks log and says don’t try to hide anything. Anita says I m not mad to hide, I m loyal to you, Ahaan and Pankti didn’t call me. JD says then go after them or their friends, find them. He hurts her and asks why did Saku call you. Anita says don’t know, she went to village for her daughter’s marriage. He says call Saku and put the phone on loud speaker.

Ahaan gets Anita’s call on Saku’s phone. Saku says don’t worry, I will fool her. Anita asks did you call. Saku says yes, I will come after few days. Pankti calls Ahaan. JD hears her voice. Ahaan shuts Pankti’s mouth. JD asks Saku whose voice was it, who is with her. Saku gets tensed. Ahaan gets Saku’s daughter. Saku says everyone calls me Mausi, just my daughter calls me Aai, she is making me do all the work. She asks Anita to cut her salary if she wants. She ends call. Ahaan says relax, it was Anita’s call, JD was with her. Pankti asks did they know. Ahaan says no, Saku handled it well.

JD says it was Pankti’s voice, she was saying Ahaan, not Aai, someone has shut her mouth, Ahaan did it, so that her voice doesn’t reach you. Anita says you are in much tension, you are hearing Pankti’s voice in every girl’s voice, you should take rest. JD smiles and pulls her hair. He says if I get Ahaan and Pankti then….. He leaves.

Anita says he has gone mad and will make me mad too. Poorva and Vikram come home. Vikram says I shall leave. Anita says Vikram is coming much, I have no problem, don’t do anything for free. Poorva feels disgusting. Pankti comes to Ahaan. She says I m not getting sleep, its too hot. He says I m also not getting sleep but my reason is something else. She asks what. He holds her close. He says I was thinking about you, your beauty, your smile….. your eyes. She asks really, you talk so sweet, I wish this could fill my stomach. He asks are you hungry, fine stay here, I will go and check for food. He comes back. She asks did you get anything. He shows a fish. She smiles. He says you were making faces in morning. She says I m strange, I don’t know what I like and when, maybe I m mad as my life wasn’t normal.

Ahaan says you give philosophy lecture on little things. She eats the fish. He stares at her and smiles. He compliments her. She says I will try to look less beautiful next time. Tere liye…plays… They smile. She rests on his shoulder.

Ahaan sees Pankti restless and pacifies her fears. JD says I m sending a village’s address, find out if Pankti is there. Sinha looks for Pankti.

Update Credit to: Amena

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