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The destiny-Never let’s you go away (Naamkaran Avniel fan fiction) episode 8

Comissioner sends Neil to the Sukoon house. Neil decides to go home before going to Sukoon house.


A lady is shown. She is Neil’s mom, Shweta. She is scolding her servant for not preparing the plate for Puja.

Shweta: You fools, I told you to prepare the plate, rights?

Servant: Yes ma’am, but…

Shweta: I told yold you, no ifs and buts in my house.

Bebe ( Neil’s granny ): Shweta, why are you scolding John, he is new at work. He will learn slowly.

Shweta: Bebe, I know very well that you will always take his side, you wants a reason to argues with me, right?

Bebe: Oh, Shweta its you who starts argument and my little grandchild also became a fierce cop just by copying your behavior.

bebe and shweta fight

Neil enters.

Neil: Hello ladies. What’s the matter, why are you fighting now?

Shweta: Look tillu, this John forgot to make the puja plate readies and I scolded him. And then Bebe started arguings with me.

Bebe: Oh, oh, lady – innocent, what was the need to scold him.

Shweta: Bebe, he has started being lazies because you keep him on your heads.

Bebe: WHAT ….

Neil: (frustated) Stop fighting now, I gotta go.

Both become silent for some time.Neil goes to his room and comes out after changing.

Shweta: Tillu, wait for pujas, take prasad and and go.

Neil: No mom, I’m going. Wash my uniform it got stained.

Bebe: Arrey, but Neil…

Neil goes.

After reaching Sukoon ghar, Neil touched the door to knock, but the door opened itself. Neil decided to go in.

Neil: Hello, is somebody there? Hello?

Neil roamed around the house but not a single person was there.

Neil: It’s shocking, how can someone leave an institution open without anyone inside?


Someone his with a strong bamboo stick on his back. Neil falls down yelling. The person countiniously huts him even after he falls. He opens his eyes and sees a girl beating him.neil is beaten


The girl: (still beating ) Yes, yes I am a witch. (smirking) I know you are one of the goons, right? Neela maa will be very happy to know that I caught a goon. Wait, I’ll take you to the police.

Neil catches the stick ( still lying on the floor ). The girl panics. She becomes speechless. Neil pulls the stick. The girl falls down over Neil. They share an eyelock.

avni and neil share an eyelock


The girl tries to free herself but their lockets get stuck with each other.The girls tries too free her locket but in vain. Neil frees the locket.

The girl hurriedly gets up. Neil also gets up. He walks closer towards the girl. She gets nervous and starts walking backwards. Neils pins her to a wall.

Girl: Look Mister, stay aw.. away from me.

Neil gets more closer. The girl closes her eyes in nervousness.

neil and priya pinned to wall


Neil: Don’t dare to mess with me. I can put you into jail in just 1 minute. Don’t mess with a police officer.

Girl: ( Opening eyes ) WHAT, YOU ARE A POLICE OFFICER?

Neil: ACP Neil Khanna. I am here to investigate the Sukoon house case.

Girl: Neil???

Neil: What did you say?

Girl: Oh, I am so sorry. By the way I am Priya. ( brings her hand front for handshake but Neil ignores her.)

Girl ( Priya ): Mannerless Karela.

Neil: WHAT ?

Priya: No, no, I was saying such a nice day.

Neil stares at her angrily.

She goes out and brings an antiseptic. Neela Parikh enters.

Neela: Priya, who is he? He is hurt so badly. (Priya tells her everything.)
Neela: (to Neil) Sorry beta, she is a bit crazy girl. Sit down, I’ll put you antiseptic.


Neil: No worries aunty, I remove all her craziness by the time

I’ll be here.

Priya stares at him.
priya stares
Neela smiles at them.

Precap: 11 exact years complete of Avni missing.

Guys, likehuZKvcintrHVLMsYhbeOpW4gSZzPOYQUcu8azy7IYyKLeNKp+Ax4zUDzDmnxRZU6RRf4osrtHczxaf/2Q==” alt=”neela smiles” />
Precap: 11 exact years complete of Avni missing.

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