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‘Tears from your eyes, are ‘The blood from my heart’ part-37

HALOOO ALL…… It’s Moonlight_luver back fellas… how are you guys? I know I’m a bit late. Pardon me guys.. OK, I’m not starting with my blabberings.. Off to the chappy.. kick off the mistakes friends.. Enjoy the part…. By M_L..

Recap : Charlie came to meet Anika but Shivaay stopped him from doing.. Charlie said how much obsessed he is for Anika..They both had tough conversation..Shivaay said to arrange the auction tomorrow where the mansion will be sold off… Charlie challenged and left! Anika heard the conversation…

—- Continue——*

“ SHIVAAYY……” Anika’s cracking voice made everyone shiver with shock.. Shivaay’s eyes grew bigger with the sound… Everyone turned back only to see Anika with reddish eyes.. her lips were pale and face shivering with shock… her hands and feet were trembling with fear… TEARS were flowing from her eyes unconditionally.. Raja couldn’t see that face of Anika.. Gayathri was shocked to the core.. the secret which she tried to bury before her for years now has revealed.. Shivaay’s closed fist opened due to the sudden shock.. Anika legged slowly forth with tears falling down shaking..

“Wh…what’s…what’s happening… “ she neared Raja asking.. Raja bowed his head down sorrily…

“ A…Appa, what’s all this? “ she reached him.. “ who..who’s HE?.. Appaa, I’m asking something… Answer me!! “ Raja couldn’t help but remain silent..

“ Appa, please… say, please say it.. Whatever I heard… Whatever I heard is not true r…right? Huh Appa? Say it… “  she held Raja’s shirt.. “ why are you silent?? m..means it’s true…? NO… this can’t be.. This just can’t be true… HE…HE’ll..HE’ll marry NO.. this isn’t true… It’s all a lie… Appa, for God’s sake please spit it.. Appppaaaaaa….. “ Anika was getting hyper due to the sudden opening of all the pasts.. Raja dropped few tears as an answer closing his eyes tight… Anika’s hands got weakened seeing him unmoved… her legs shattered and took few steps back.. Shivaay was feeling helpless watching her breaking..

“No.. this isn’t true…. This can’t be the truth… Sithappaaa.. “ she neared Raghav raged..

“ Sithappa, say… this isn’t true right? Tell me… Sithappa look at me and answer… “ her voice were losing it’s pitch..

“ Anu.. listen… listen to me, Ok… “ Raghav held her shoulder trying her to calm down but didn’t success..

“ Sithapppaa, just answer my question… whatever HE told is true or not? Say yes or no!! “ she shouted but didn’t get any reply..

“ No.. please…don’t do this to me… Sithappaaa NO..!! gauri.. gauri!! say it…. All these aren’t true… gauri bathaa na.. “ Anika ran to gauri and held his hand tightly…

“ Akka… don’t cry.. kka.. “ gauri hugged her as tight as possible.. Anika buried her head inside gauri’s hair crying her heart out… “ Akka, why are you crying? My sis doesn’t cry… No Akkaaa please… “

“gauriii.. tell Appa to spit the truth…” Anika broke the hug.. “ thu..thu bolengi tho Appa maan jayega.. bol na gauri…bolllll……!!! “ she bent down crying vigorously… she moved back with shivering legs..

“Somebody say something….!! “ Anika asked aloud making everyone cry.. she saw Gayathri standing bit far with mouth closed trying not to sob loud.. Anika speeded her feet towards her..

“ why are you silent?… please at least you say it… Amma died? Th..they killed her! They… th..killed.. and.. HE… HE wants..m…me! What’s all these? Deal! Auction! Kya ho raha hai?? You can respond me.. please…. “ Gayathri didn’t even look into her eyes being afraid what her face will be! Anika moved back disheartened…

“ Why are you all silent? I want to know…! Shivaay!!…” her eyes fall on Shivaay.. she moved to him quickly for which Anika slipped but Shivaay caught her on time..

“Anikaaa…’ll fall.. “ Shivaay held her shoulder supporting her to stand..

“ Shivaay, I am falling.. I want to know Shivaay!.. please say it.. aap bathaaiye na Shivaay! Kya sach hai? Shivaay, I trust you… I trust you Shivaay.. for once… for once Shivaay tell me the truth…  Shivaay, agar aap kahe tho mai bharosa karoongi.. say it Shivaay.. please… pleeease.. “ Anika sticked her palms together pleading him to disclose the fact..

“ Anika… relax.. kya kar rahi ho thum? No.. Anika.. “ Shivaay wiped off her tears pacifying her..

“Then please tell me Shiaay.. tell me.. yeh sab jhoot hai na? bathaaiye na Shivaay.. “ Anika held his shoulder shaking him… Shivaay’s eyes were witnessing a painful Anika who was impatient to hear her life’s biggest truth into untruth… drops were hanging on Shivaay’s eyes…but he can’t hide it anymore.. one day or another she’ll have to admit  it.. then the day can be today..

“ Yes Anikaa… all you heard, everything is the truth… “ Shivaay said in a low voice.. Anika’s hands on him got loosened hearing this… her eyes grew bigger with the water in it..

“ Nehi Shivaay… No.. yeh..yeh nehi.. nehi ho saktha… No… aap Mazak kar raha hai na? Shivaay  sach boliye na.. “ she adjusted a fake smile over her sorrows while asking…

“ yehi sach hai Anika… this is it.. “

“ No… This isn’t it.. this can’t be it Shivaay… Shivaay, I don’t want to leave you.. I can’t go with HIM.. Shivaay please.. “

“  Anikaa, what are you saying? You don’t have to go… kuch nehi hoga thumhe… all these were just a part.. this isn’t the end.. Anikaa, everything will be fine.. don’t worry… hum sab hai na? “ Shivaay cupped her face wiping her dried face..
“ Shi… Shivaay.. yeh sab.. yah sab meri wajah se ho raha hai… it’s all bcoz of me… Amma.. Amma dead coz of me.. She..She sacrificed her life for me… all these years everyone were suffering HIS tortures for me.. why? All bcoz of me… all bcoz of me… Appa hid his love for me.. Amma’s death…my education… their tensions for years… Everything was bcoz of me… I’m to be blamed for this.. Shivaay.. I’m bad…. I’m so bad…I..I…I’m a…a.. I’m… “ Anika was loosing her words… the shock couldn’t leave her.. it had caught from tip to toe… Shivaay was getting worried for her strange behavior.. she ‘s blaming herself for all these.. Everyone were worrying for her state..

“ Anikaaa.. Anika relax.. calm down Anika.. there’s nothing like this… you’re thinking wrong… it isn’t bcoz of you.. your mother didn’t die bcoz of you… you didn’t do anything.. relax Anika… “ Shivaay was moving closer while Anika was stepping back.. she looked everyone with a guilty face and ran from there with the energy she had left…

“ Anikaaaa…. Stop!! Listen to me.. “ Shivaay ran behind her..

“ Akkkaaa… nillu ( stop ).. “

“ Anuu… “ Everyone called her in names… 

“ I knew all these would happen.. but didn’t know this much wildly.. “ Raja exclaimed to himself…

Anika rushed into her room and shut it before anyone could get in… the moment she closed the door Shivaay reached there and start banging it…

“ Anikaa..Anika open the door! Anika open it… listen to me Anika… please.. “ Shivaay banged hard but couldn’t open..Anika slided down against the door and sat down hugging her leg… she sobbed her heart out loud screaming… Shivaay rested his head on the door with closed eyes… he couldn’t handle her cry..

“ Anika… don’t cry… don’t cry.. don’t cry.. please.. “ he talked himself hitting the door…


“ Raja, I don’t get it! Kya sochkar Shivaay ne kal auction rakha? “ Gayathri finally asked which was ruling over her mind for a long time..

“ he might have planned something in his mind.. hope everything would go perfect.. “ Raghav answered rubbing his forehead…

Gayathri “ Anu didn’t open the door till now.. I’m getting scared.. what if she do something wrong? I think we’ve to check… “

Raghav “ No.. she won’t hear us… she has broken.. totally! We should give her some space.. and our Anu will never do such pranks.. I’m sure for that… “

“ No Raghav… even I’m afraid now… Anu has lost her hope… only Shivaay can pacify her now.. or may be no one can..” Raja said lowering his voice..


Shivaay climbed over the pipes and slabs and finally reached the balcony connected to Anika’s room.. the room was dark and disfigured… it was wholly messed up… there was no sign of Anika..suddenly he heard a lite voice murmuring something…. he pedaled to the direction of the sound and neared the bed… he could see the room’s condition by the moon’s bright light… he saw Anika sitting next the bed covering her face over the bed.. She was murmuring something which wasn’t audible to Shivaay… he slowly went near her and kneeled down holding her shoulder..

“ Anikaaaaah… “ he gently took her name.. but no response came.. her murmuring continued…

“ Anikaa, I know whatever happened today have broken you… and your hope Anika but… but trust me.. I can still fix this.. Nothing will happen to you Anika… nothing will.. I won’t let it… Anika, when I got to know about all these, I was equally shocked..I didn’t know how you’ll react knowing this.. I was scared of loosing you..I totally was… “ he waited for Anika’s reply but nothing came.. he brushed his hands over her head… he sensed that, it was shivering… his eye-bros minimized the very moment..

“ Anikaa!! Look at me… Anika, I said look at me… c’mon Anika.. look me.. “ Shivaay made her look by arcing her head to him but Anika tried resisting… she hid her face by her hand but Shivaay’s grip was quite strong…

“ No… Shiv..Shivaay, please…. “ she aired her voice struggling not to eye him..

“ Anika, look at ME!.. “ Shivaay stressed the word for which she flopped her struggle..Shivaay made her face him and tucked back the hair strands sticked on to her face.. Shivaay was shocked to witness Anika in that state… it really pierced into his heart… her TEARS were no less than BLOOD from his heart… her face was wholly disfigured with tears and swollen eyes.. her lips had become colorless and cheeks moistured with the water.. red lines had risen in her eyes… her sight was not less than any nightmare to Shivaay..  fresh tears oozed from his eyes!

“A…An..Anika!!!.. yeh..yeh kya hai??!.. can’t do this to yourself Anika…” he wiped’ her full face which was gummed with tears..

“ Shi..Shivaayy!!!! “ she cried out loud bending down… Shivaay pulled her into a tight hug being unable to control his emotions… but Anika didn’t reciprocate the hug..she closed her eyes making her tears to collapse with his shirt… he covered her by his hands caressing her hair line…

“ Shivaay, aapko mujhe gale lagthe hue michmichi nehi hothi? “ Anika asked in her lowest voice… Shivaay’s grip flacciditied when the line hit his ears.. his hands fell down listening this.. Anika moved back and looked down..

“ Shivaay, I don’t understand what’s happening… I don’t know what to do.. Everything is because of me.. I’m such a dangerous person.. whoever stood next to me had to suffer a lot… I’m scared of myself now… I’m so scared.. I was the reason for Amma’s death… Appa and gauri’s mother… everyone sacrificed their happiness for me… Sithappa, kakka, kakki…. How will I atone them? I’m hating myself now… I feel michmichi looking the mirror seeing my reflection!… “ She sobbed out sniffing hardly..

“ Shivaay, why did you marry me? WHY? Shivaay,’re a big.. big business man… whole girls are behind you… then..then why did you marry this village girl? You’ll get a perfect girl far better than me… you’re so good Shivaay! So nice you are.. you deserve a better partner than me.. Shivaay, aap yaha se chali jaaiye… go from here.. it’s tooo dangerous.. you’ll have to leave… right now.. I can’t dishearten you too… HE..HE will do something to you.. I..I can’t bear it Shivaay! Please go from here… I..I’ll be fine… may be this is what my destiny has decided… waise bhi I have nothing to count on.. the world is so big and… and I’m too small to fight with the destiny.. I can’t fight more…  Shivaay, you don’t have to fight for me.!! I’m loosing my everything.. I..I have no hope.. I’ve no faith.. At least I’m happy that I can reach near Amma!… “ Shivaay didn’t utter anything but remained still with a thin layer of water in his eyes.. Anika held his hands tight..

“ Shivaay, I..I don’t know what good deeds I did for which I got you..But Shivaay, I don’t want you to struggle for me… must go back.. you have a family out there who love you more than anything… you don’t have to waste your precious time in saving this… this good for nothing village g..girl.. you.. you don’t have to.. to put up with me… who cares I live or d..die..! you don’t have to touch me.. you really don’t have to.. Let HIM do whatever HE wants to.. HE wants to kill me, then let HIM.. HE wants me then let HIM get me.. HE want me to be HIS then let it………

“ ANIKAAAA!!!!!!!……….. “ Shivaay pulled her face up terribly with an intensely raged face.. Anika’s words died in her throat and equally was shocked with the sudden move… Shivaay looked down to her face while she was gazing up with tearful eyes..

“ khabardaar… khabardaar agar thumne yeh phir se kaha tho…. Kuch bhi bolthi ho thum.. but not more…” Shivaay tucked the hair strands back and kept his thumb over her cheek and the others behind.. Anika closed her eyes emotionally making drops to fall through the corner.. Shivaay wiped the fresh tears forming the moment itself…  “ Anikaa, you told me about three matters… you said what you have to now listen to me… first one, your mother didn’t die bcoz of you… yes it’s true that… that she sacrificed her life for you but wasn’t bcoz of you.. your family, this villagers, everyone loves you a lot.. they didn’t suffer but they lived for you… you don’t have to atone when you haven’t done anything… Remember Anika, once you told me that the sights seen by our eyes won’t be the truth always… and now I’m using the same proverb.. you’re seeing the things in a wrong way..  you didn’t do anything.. you don’t have to be scared of yourself.. you just don’t have to.. no one can hate you.. none can.. bcoz you’re such a pure hearted woman… Meri Anika bhohuth achhi hai…none can hate her… none can.. “ Shivaay caressed her face while Anika was flowing down hot drops..

“ Now the 2nd one, Remember Anika how our marriage happened? Goons were behind us and to protect I married you… I know there weren’t any rituals… any priest.. any people.. even no family was there… but that eve.. that moment, when I tied the mangalsuthr around your neck, was the most beautiful moment ever in my life.. I swear Anika.. I don’t know how many girls are behind me and I really don’t want to know… they’ll be modern, well educated, great lineaged I don’t care….coz I’ve already given my heart to someone…I am mad for this..this good for nothing village girl.. “ Anika oscillated her eyes into his blue oceanic orbs…  “ No one can be better than my Anika… A..Anika, I can’t leave you…even if I wish still I just can’t.. may be it’s your care which is stopping me or your TEARS.. I’m not going anywhere without you… Even if I leave, then I don’t think I’ll be able to live.. So, don’t you ever EVER say that again! did you get me Anika? Huh? “ Anika nodded biting her lower lips..

“  Okay..hfff.. now last and final! “ he pulled her more close by her face and looked directly into her eyes… “ mujhe thumhe gale milthe hue koi michmichi nahi hothi.. I just don’t.. I..I can’t believe you asked me this Anika… how could you! Look, you are my wife!! MY ok? Meri biwi ho thum.. sirph meri… you are hearing right? YOU ARE MINE… just mine… “ Anika nodded plunging her lips inside… “ ok? Meri biwi ho.. kiski?

“ a..aapki.. “ she whispered btw her sob..

“meri… and..and I have the full right to hug you… sun raha hai na? who else have? That… that Charlie? Huh! If HE raises his eyes on you, I’ll touse it out.. if HE touches you, I’ll cut that hand off..  I’ll never let you go from me Anika.. never!’re not a problem but the biggest happiness of my life… I’m so delighted having you in my life… But..But Anika, don’t say such…such idiotic lines anyway… ok? Uh? “ he asked with tearful eyes for which Anika shook her head positively holding his hands.. Shivaay moved a bit back weakening his arms.. Anika looked him helplessly with shaking lips.. He stretched his hands wide and waited for her to react dropping a lone tear .. Anika looked him lovingly and without waiting anymore, she moved forth and covered his chest hugging him as tight as she could ever do… she cried and cried and cried for all the words she said to him.. Shivaay hugged her back with equal love or should say with more concern.. he kissed her hair innumerable time in a try to calm her down.. Anika clinched on his shirt and brushed her face over his chest making the shirt wet.. his warm and protective arms were no less than any weapon for her.. she cuddled into him deeper while he pulled her into him..

“ I..I’m sorry Shivaay!! I’m sorry…. I’m so sorry.. sorry Shivaay… “ she chanted the line btw her cry..

“Anika, why are you saying sorry? Huh? Thumne kuch nehi kiya… “ he said caressing her back..

“ Sh..Shivaay, I..I didn’t mean to hurt you.. I..I just wanted you to safe.. “

“ Anika, nothing happened to me.. I’m fine… “ he said in an airy voice..

“ Shivaay.. I..I don’t know..  I..I can’t lose you Shivaay.. if you stay with me then..then anything can happen.. Shivaay,..  she held his face saying.. “ I..I can’t live without you.. I don’t care anything happening to me.. but not to you…  I can’t live if anything happen to you… I just can’t.. “  she brushed her thumb over his cheek.. Shivaay held her hand and kissed inside her palm..

“ Anika, do you know what’s the common btw us? You only think of me and I think of you… We don’t care if something happen to us but can’t bear anything happening to the other.. the way how you are thinking of my secureness, I also want your safeness… I can’t let you go… I won’t give you…  may be this is my selfishness.. you can name this anything but.. but I can’t LET YOU GO!! I’ve to win in the auction.. even if I have to put on my whole wealth, I will win the auction….  I want you.. I LO….. “ his words got suddenly stopped.. he looked into her coca brown eyes which showed quite anxiousness to hear next..

“ why did you stop? Say it Shivaay!… “ she moved close saying…

“Nothing… I was just.. just… saying about the auction.. yeah..! “  he said avoiding eye contact with her.. “ umm.. what do you expect me to say? “ he asked keeping a half eye on her…

“uhh.. k..kuch nehi.. kuch bhi tho nehi….{ “ wish you would say it Shivaay!! “ } thought Anika…

“ pakka kuch nehi? “ he asked in a naughty way..

“ what? Do you want me to say anything? “

“ No…not at all.. nothing… { “ I’m dying to hear it Anika..!! “ } thought Shivaay…. They arced their head apart hiding a smile..

“uh..Ok fine.. thank God you smiled…! “ Shivaay said smiling..

“huh? I..I didn’t smile… “ Anika tried hard not to smile..

“Ok then.. now go and sleep! You look awful.. “ Shivaay said knocking Anika’s nose at the tip and smiled but Anika’s face lowered listening this… she held Shivaay’s hand with a plaintive face..

“ Shivaay, I don’t know why, but I’m feeling bad… Shivaay, promise me that, nothing will happen to you… “ she looked into his eyes painfully.. Shivaay hugged her softly while Anika kissed his chest cuddling into him..

“ Nothing will happen neither to me nor to you… he kissed her forehead siding her hairs.. by time Anika slept feeling the warmth of his hug.. Shivaay kept caressing her hair till he ensured that she was asleep..  he slowly picked her in his arms and gently made her lay on the bed… he daintily placed her head above the pillow adjusting her hair… he kissed her forehead passionately placing the blanket over her…

“ Tomorrow is a great day Anika… but you don’t worry, even if anything happen to me, I won’t let that Charlie get you..! “


Precap : Shivaay left for Auction giving Anika a hopeful smile… Auction got severe by time…

“ Isn’t there any concealed tender? “ came the question!… will Shivaay be able to cross the concealed tender?


Hey guys! So how was the part? It was quite emotional that’s why I added few funny moments to it at the end.. did you all like it? Do tell me the review fellas.. bang on the like box and let me know how was it… comment box is waiting for your thumb touch.. Please make it happy!

Friends, let me clear what a concealed tender is! When we conduct any auction of any building or mansion, there’ll be a concealed tender which shows kind of an exact money the property owe.. if our outcry is more than the concealed tender, only then the property or the meant thing become ours.. if the last outcry is less than the concealed tender then it goes to the adversary… hope I cleared it..

Next one will take a little more time.. wait till buddies …

Till then it is Moonlight_luver bidding farewell..

Take care and stay lite..


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