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Swasan- A complicated love story!! (70)


Swara came to dinning table where everybody was having breakfast..

Swara- vo .. m .. actually..

Everybody saw towards her..

Sujata- bol puttar.. what happened?/ do u wannna say something?

Swara nooded..

Swara- vo actully.. i wanted to stay alone for some days to overcome this and to give time to myself and think about me n sanky.. (Sanskar looked twoards her) sorry sanskar’s relation..

Sanskar’s face fell down seeing her asking for living alone..

Sanskar- swara… see if u wanna go from here because of me.. then no need.. i will go from here.. u need not leave..(hurt)

Swara interrupted..

Swara- (to sujata) nhi.. vo i want to live alone.. plz ma.. just for few days.. i promise.. i will be back soon.. (with pleading eyes).

Sujata looked towards Rp..

Rp nooded..

Rp- but puttar .. how will u live alone?? ur health is also not good.. how will u manage? are u not happy with us??

Swara- nhi nhi papaji.. nothing like that its just ki.. i want to spend sometime with myself.. hope u will understand.. (looking at him with pleading eyes)

Rp- haa.. beta par..

Suju- theek h .. but i will stay with u wherver u will go.. if u r ok with it then we have no problem..

Sujata assured rp through eyes.

Rp too nooded..

Swara agreed…

Both sujqta n swara left from home towards the same flat where she used to live before comming at ragini’s house..

Later chinki too came to live with them on insistence of swara…

–Flashback ends–

Thinking all this tears rolled through his eyes..

He gently wiped them and left from there.. bidding bye to his dad..

Sanskar was back in present.. he heard a knock on the door..

Sanskar- come in

Servent- sir.. food is ready

Sanskar- hmm.. u go i m comming..

He goes to washroom to get freshn up and was getting ready for office meanwhile aman came..

Aman- morning sanskar

Sanskar- hmm morning.. ready to leave??

Aman- sanskar.. what i was thinking ki u should also come with me to mumbai..

Sanskar- yr tu fir shuru ho gaya.. ek bar bola na .. ni jaana to matlab ni jaana.. why dont u understand? (frustrated)

Aman- yr tu samajh ni ra.. i have a friend there.. he said ki vha ladkiyan..

Before he could complete, sanskar looked at him in such a way that aman was afraid…. and he just left from there bidding him byee..

Seeing this he was not able to control his smile.. but the smile didnt reach his eyes..

Aman didnt leave. he was outside his room. he was happy to see his friend smiling after so much time… He knows very well the pain from which he is suffering! to loose someoe you love kills u deep inside..


Sujata was preparing breakfast for swara n chinki

Sujata- swara chiki .. come beta..breakfast is ready

Swara and chinki were already in argument about swara’s past..

chinki- just comming aunty.. only two minutes.. (n continues to talk with swara)

Chinki- swara i know what u r going through.. but atleast just talk to him once.. by staying away from him , u are giving pain to urself and to him also.. vo sab bhul kar tumhe aage badhna hi hoga..

Swara- (angry) chinki!! please.. dont talk about same thing again and again.. u know i dont wanna talk about it.. it only gives me pain.. plz for god sake just stop all this!! plz i beg u.. plz go..

Maa bula re h .. plz go.. i will come in a minute..

Chinki nooded and went down..

Sujata was standing just otside their room.. listening their conversation.. and was feeling sad for her and for her chid too..

After chinki left.. she enetred the room to confront swara..

Chinki- (from downstairs) aunty i m going early today.. plz ask swara to come late as today her shift is in noon.. byee aunty..

Sujata- byee beta..
Sorry friends for small update.. but dont worry give u next episode soon.. bbyee..

And yes remaining flashback will show in next episode..


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