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Some Colours Of Life …… Chapter 3

Hi… 👋👋👋 how atare you? Hope all of you are good. Today I came with the 3rd part. A new silent reader Sanu has broke her silence. Thanks a lot dear and others who commented as well. Seeing the last epi likes/ dislikes have been reduced a lot. To us writer, those like/ dislike option is the only way to know how many readers we have and how many of you like What we are writing. I know many of you might’ve stopped reading ffs too or you’re simply too busy to comment but at least press the button to let us know whether you like it or not. Please…….. 😶😶😶.


Ok here we go.


Previously on “Some Colours Of Life “….,


“Maa… don’t cry na. Do will get the job” Sunny said coming near her. 


“That’s the problem Sunny. I never expected your sister to find a job and take money matters to her hands. I always wanted her to study hard and become a doctor 😭😭😭” she broke down. 


Sunny knew nothing he would say will be able to stop his mother’s pain. 




A sleek black car rolled to a stop at the end of the entrance of a tall building. The back door opened and a tall lean man wearing a black suit came out. Black shades covered his eyes. He stepped up to the entrance as his driver drove off to the car park. Awaiting for his arrival, there was a timid looking man. He handed a file to the man who just came. He glanced at the file with a smirk 😏😏😏.


“Good job Rajesh. You can go now”


“Yes Mr. Kapoor.”


The person, Mr. Kapoor, or better yet The Kabir Kapoor, the sole heir to the Kapoor empire entered the building. Everyone stopped what they were doing to greet him.


“Good morning sir!”


“Good morning sir!!”


“Good morning sir!!!”


Each and every person he passed greeted him with respect but he walked through like he doesn’t even notice them. Some might say he’s rude, but his employees know better. He walked towards the elevator. Unfortunately a girl dressed in a blue suit crashed on to him before he reach it. His hand held her upper arm instinctively in order to not let her fall on him. He had a frown covering his face directed to the girl who only managed to reach up to his shoulder. She looked up to him and apologized.


“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”


Her words didn’t reach his ears. His frown went away when he saw her warm hazel eyes. For a moment it felt like the world had stopped before him.


“Its completely my fault! I’m rushing to the interview! I’m really really sorry!!”


The sound of her voice managed to pierce through his ears and then suddenly, his face held an amused expression. He nodded a little and the girl went on her way. She gave a small smile before she was going. But he was so busy catching a glimpse from the file she had than to acknowledge her. Realizing something, his face twisted in to an evil smirk 😈😈😈.



Kabir was in his cabin sitting on his fancy swivel chair waiting for someone. It was just now he sent his secretary to fetch the said person but he was getting impatient already. He started to tap his desk with his pen. *ahem* very expensive pen *ahem*.


On the other side, miss D’souza came to where the applicants for the interview was. She opened the door. Everyone looked at her anxiously. After all she does look pretty strict. “Ms. Sanchi Mishra?” She inquired from the crowd running her eyes analysing each and everyone.


A girl stood from her chair making everyone glance at her. “Yes ma’am?” The girl replied.


Ms. D’souza threw her a curious look and simply said, “come with me”. Sanchi followed her nervously. They entered to the lift. Ms. D’souza pressed the button of the of the top most floor, 52nd. Standing side by side to each other, Sanchi was getting scared. “Excuse me ma’am, can you tell me where are we going?”


“Mr. Kapoor wish to see you” Ms. D’souza replied.


“You mean the owner of the Kapoor empire, Mr. Kapoor?” Sanchi’s eyes widened in shock.


“Yes” – Miss D’souza


“May I know why?” – Sanchi


“I’m sorry, I don’t know” – Ms. D’souza


“Oh okay…” Sanchi was silent after that.


“Don’t worry that much” Ms. D’souza told her kindly seeing the nervous girl. Normally she won’t be kind to anyone but don’t know what’s with this girl. She looks so innocent. She couldn’t understand why her boss suddenly called this girl. And she couldn’t stop herself from wondering what she did wrong coz when her boss told her to bring Sanchi Mishra, he had the most evil smirk she had ever seen. Mind you, it’s not the first time she sees him evil. In reality she don’t think there’s any other man like Kabir Kapoor who would do almost anything to get what he wants. He is that much evil. But he has a somewhat kind side he try to hide from the world. Even from himself. Bit for now, the only thing that worries her is what’ll happen to this Sanchi girl. **Poor girl….!!** her thoughts stopped when the elevator dinged on their floor. She walked head and knocked on the door instructing Sanchi to wait.


“Come in” came the reply.


“Sir, Ms. Sanchi Mish-“


Her boss had cut her short. “Let her come in 😈😈😈” 


Nodding at him, she opened the door and asked Sanchi to come in.


Kabir had one of his hands on the desk supporting his chin while with his other hand he was tapping his desk a pen. (You know… that expensive pen I said before 😉😉😉)


He watched the girl step forward nervously. **This is why someone wise once said, ‘Don’t judge the book by it’s colour’. They look all innocent but in reality they are not!**


“Miss Sanchi Mishra…” Kabir acknowledged.


“Good morning sir!” She greeted nervously not recognizing he’s the same person she collided earlier.


He turned his head and signalled Ms. D’souza to go out. She reluctantly walked out to her desk which was right outside his cabin, even though she didn’t wish to leave the deer in the lion’s den 🦁🦁🦁.


“So Miss Mishra… why are here in my company?” Kabir asked calmly.


“I came for the interview sir.” 


“Hmm… But you won’t get the job”


Sanchi was puzzled. “But why sir? I didn’t even face the interview. So wh-“


“The reason is personal Miss Mishra. You won’t get the job because I don’t want to let you join my company 😏😏😏”


Now she was shocked. She had many questions running inside her head. Why? Why? Why? She found the courage to voice her main question. She was angry bit she knows better than to argue with him and get in to trouble. But she doesn’t know she’s already in trouble. “Why sir? Did I do anything wrong?”


“Yes. You did something wrong. Very wrong.”


“What sir?” She asked giving up all her hopes to get the job.


“You almost broke my engagement” he stated flatly.


He’s puzzling her head more and more. “Your engagement? I’m sorry sir I don’t understand what you’re talking about”


“Hmm… so you don’t remember huh? Okay, I’ll help you refresh your memory.  Deepika… Priyanka… Ranveer… Arjun…”


Her eyes widened like two saucers. Her eyes glanced at the name plate on his desk.


Kabir Kapoor


She remembered how that prank started. “Hello, this is Kabir’s fiance speaking…”


“Oh no!!” She mumbled unconsciously but he heard it and it made his smirk widen 😏😏😏”


“Ah now you remember!” 😏😏😏


“I’m sorry sir!! I’m really really sorry! I didn’t kn- I-I… sir i-it was just a pra-prank ca-call. I-I was dared to do that!! I didn’t know it was you sir! I-“


“STOP!!” He yelled angrily, irritated with her mindless blabber. “I don’t care what the hell was your reason! Your stupid prank almost cost me my future wife!! If she had back off from the engagement, your sorry wouldn’t bring her back!!”


She got scared by his sudden outburst. She didn’t have the courage to look at his furious eyes. She looked down and listened to him silently.


“Don’t you have any other work than messing other people’s lives? You think it’s funny? You know it’s not your fault. It’s how you were brought up. You middle class people doesn’t know what values to us. You think of life as a game. You probably didn’t have any proper education. You-“


“Enough sir!” She cut off him much to his surprise. No person ever dared to do that. He looked at her with amusement while her head slowly lifted. Her looked deeply hurt at the same time she was very angry. Her eyes turned red and unshed tears are blazing in her eyes.


“You have said a lot sir. And I have listened too. But no more! I had listened silently because of respect, but dont take it as my weakness! I know I made a mistake and I apologize for that. It was entirely my fault right? Then what’s the need to drag about how I was brought up? I agree my prank could’ve ruined your engagement! But that doesn’t give you any right to insult me or my educational status. Not all of us born to this world with a silver spoon in like you! Unlike you, we middle-class people have to struggle for what we need in our lives. You call yourself educated, but you’re nothing without that. You’re nothing but a heartless person without feelings!!”


She stopped for a second to calm herself. Then she started to speak again. This time, her voice was more composed. Like she was pitying him. “If we talk about your fiance, sir, don’t you think she’s so stupid? Don’t get angry with me for how I’m addressing her but you have to admit that she’s an idiot whether you like it or not! How would you two spend a lifetime together when she start to believe other people’s words that easily? If she believed my prank call, she would believe anyone. That actually shows how little trust she has on you. Maybe she is right not to trust you. 🤔🤔🤔 Who knows what other stories there are about you that she had lost her trust? 😈😈😈”


Kabir was getting more and more angry with each passing second.


She continued contend seeing his facial expressions. She gave him a sarcastically sweet smile. “You said you won’t give me the job here, sir. But now I want to tell you that o don’t want to work here. You can keep your job, thank you very much 😀😀😀. Now if you don’t mind, I’ll see myself out. Have a nice day 👋👋👋”. Waving her hand at him, she turned away.


The moment she stepped out of his cabin, her tears poured down. Ms. D’souza looked at her curiously. She couldn’t hear anything that happened inside, but seeing the girl’s state, she knew the reason of her tears is her boss. She knows her boss don’t get angry without a valid reason but she feel pity for this girl. **I don’t understand what’s with this girl. 🤔🤔🤔 How can she make me be kind to her like this?** she thought giving Sanchi a small comforting smile. Sanchi returned it with one of her own and went to the elevator, waving her good bye.


Back inside the cabin, Sanchi’s words made Kabir clench his jaw angrily 😡😡😡. He was thinking about how this days events took place. First he got to know who was the prank calling idiot from yesterday. Then he collided with a girl who had no idea who he is, and coincidently the same prank caller whose photo he saw in the file earlier. Then when he talked to that girl she insulted him and Riya. He knows what she said about her was true but wasn’t ready to accept it. He was furious of what she said about him.


…………Maybe she is right not to trust you. 🤔🤔🤔 Who knows what other stories there are about you that she had lost her trust? 😈😈😈…………


**How dare that girl!! That little girl!! 😡😡😡 No one ever dared to talk to me like this, ever!! Sanchi Mishra…. don’t think I’ll let you go so easily. Kabir Kapoor isn’t done with you yet! 😈😈😈**




Ok so that’s all for today!! Hope you enjoyed it. If you have time comment below and tell me your ideas. If I annoy you too much, comment that too and scold me 😀😀😀. See you soon with another update!! Bye!! Love you 😘😘😘

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