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Siddhi Vinayak 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi keeps a fast for Vin

Siddhi Vinayak 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjiri changing her words. She gives prasad to everyone. She takes Siddhi along. Prachi and Gauri doubt on Manjiri and Siddhi and find something fishy. Manjiri keeps the gun in cupboard. She asks Siddhi to sit. Siddhi asks why did you stop me from having prasad. Manjiri teases her about Vin. She tells about the fast and asks her to break the fast by Vin’s hand. She says its tough, don’t keep the fast. Siddhi says no, I will keep the fast for Vin, I will have prasad later. She goes.

Manjiri says I want you to be under my thumb, you don’t know how I fooled everyone. Prachi and Gauri’s drama continues. Gauri thinks of her lover. Shankar asks them to visit relatives together. Siddhi says Vin’s film schedule is ready, approve it. Shankar and Mannu ask her to have

breakfast. She says I will have it later. Manjiri asks Shankar not to force Siddhi. Shankar says I m asking her to have food. She says come with me, its imp. She says Riddhi is keeping fast for Vin’s long life. Shankar says all wives are lovely in our family, how will Riddhi break fast. Manjiri says she can do anything. Prachi gives ginger tea to Gauri. Manjiri thinks Gauri returned home at night. Gauri gets angry on Prachi. Shankar says schedule is perfect, get it okayed by Vin. Gauri thinks what’s happening here. Prachi thinks something is going on.

Siddhi comes to Vin and shows the schedule. Vin asks her to have food. She says I will have it later. She helps him. She touches his foot. He says I felt tickling. She gets hiccups. He gives her water. She says no, I m okay. He says maybe someone is missing you. She says no. He asks her problem. He scolds her and asks her to leave. She cries. She says I refused to have water, you fired me, this is not done, you are laughing now. He smiles and says I scolded you and see your hiccups stopped, you know Aniket Kaka, he used to scold me to stop my hiccups. She smiles.

Manjiri asks the goon did he dispose the dead body. Goon says yes, preparing. She keeps her gun and says there is a change in plan. Someone comes there. She opens the door. Siddhi comes. Manjiri acts good to her. She gives her aarti plate. Vin calls Siddhi and asks her to come. Manjiri teases them. Siddhi goes. Manjiri thinks Riddhi’s life will be ruined, I will snatch all colors from her life.

Siddhi and Vin work together. Har dafa wahin…..plays….Siddhi hugs him. Vin signs her what. Siddhi makes an excuse to avoid food. She thinks what to do, how to break fast. She says I will blindfold Vin and do aarti. She thinks of some ways. She gets Shankar’s call and goes. They all discuss about the film promotion. Manjiri says its time to break the fast, did you think anything. Siddhi signs no. She gives a promotion idea. The man likes the idea. Manjiri thinks what will Riddhi do. Siddhi smiles seeing Vin.

Vin blows in Siddhi’s eyes. He sees her eye color and asks do you wear lens, are you hiding something from me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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