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Shakti 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Surbhi decides to reveal Soumya’s truth to villagers

Shakti 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Soumya keeping hand on Harman’s mouth and asks her not to worry about her else Jasleen will not like him worrying about her. Soumya thinks she is bounded by the promised, and wishes that Harman realize his love, says she will go tomorrow for forever. In the morning, Soumya is making Prasad. Preeto asks why you are making it? Soumya says I woke up early. Preeto says didn’t you sleep all night? She asks why did you go to Nani and Surbhi and asks what is bothering her. Soumya looks on. Raavi says everyone loves Mayka and says Soumya has two more well wishers than you. Preeto says you knows well. Soumya asks where is elaichi. Preeto says Prasad will not be good if made with sad heart and asks Raavi to make. Raavi gets worried thinking she will have to make food and asks Soumya to do

work fast. Jasleen comes to Harman’s room and wishes him good morning. Harman says good morning. Jasleen asks him to kiss on her forehead. Harman recalls Soumya wishing him good morning while kissing on his forehead. Jasleen says you are thinking much and asks him to come. Raavi checks Balwinder’s wallet and thinks he has no money. Balwinder looks at her. Raavi thinks to steal money from the locker with duplicate key. Balwinder comes and says I will also come with you. I will check if someone is coming and asks her to take much money. Raavi says ok and asks him to come. They go to the locker room and opens the locker. She takes money and gives to Balwinder. Shanno comes there and asks what you both are doing here? Raavi gives money to Balwinder. Balwinder keeps it in his pocket. Raavi tells Shanno that she is searching chaddar and asks Balwinder to go. Shanno closes the door and tells Raavi that she knows about her lie. Raavi accepts to have stolen money. Shanno asks her to give half share to her. Raavi is shocked.

Harak Singh asks Soumya if she found out about the blackmailer. Soumya says my well wisher will not tell my truth and asks him not to worry. He gets call from Sumit again. Soumya picks the call and tells that marriage is happening with his wish. Sumit ends the call. Surbhi asks him to call Maninder and say as he said. Sumit calls Maninder to stop the marriage else he will tell Soumya’s truth to everyone. Maninder is angry. Surbhi says if Harak Singh don’t angry then she has another plan. Maninder calls Harak Singh and tells him about the call. Soumya hears him. Harak Singh says I will handle and asks him to handle his anger. Soumya knocks on the door and asks Harak Singh. Harak singh says your father called me and says it is everyone’s work. Soumya says I feel that the man is my well wisher and will not tell about my truth to everyone. Harak Singh asks her to go and do work.

Preeto talks to chameli and asks about Kareena. Chameli says she is searching her. Preeto says I need Mallika and other’s help to stop the marriage. She thinks to call Kareena from Shanno’s mobile. She asks her to give her phone and says I will return you soon. Shanno gets tensed. Preeto calls Kareena from Shanno’s mobile and asks her to meet her. Kareena says ok and asks her to bring money. Preeto then calls Chameli and asks her to follow Kareena when she comes near pond.

Maninder tells Bebe that he has to go and stop the marriage. Surbhi says he loves his respect and will stop the marriage. Bebe says he will go and return with sad face. Surbhi thinks she shall talk to Soumya. Chameli sees Kareena coming near pond and informs Preeto. Preeto calls Kareena from Shanno’s mobile and says she can’t come now and will come there soon. Kareena thinks mad woman, called me unnecessarily. Surbhi calls Soumya and asks if you came to know who called Harak singh. Soumya says no ad says whoever is calling is giving fake threats and will not do anything. She ends the call and sees Harman standing. Harman comes there and asks if you are fine, feeling stressed? He asks if she is having fever. Soumya says I am not having fever. Harman asks her not to do much work and rest. Soumya says after your marriage tomorrow, there is just rest. Harman looks on sad.

Surbhi says you think it as a false threat and thinks she will tell her truth to Gurdaspur people to stop the marriage. Preeto also thinks to stop the marriage. Surbhi asks Sumit to gather all villagers and says she will tell Soumya’s truth to them. Sumit asks what is the truth? Surbhi says you will know with the villagers. Harman looks at Soumya and asks if someone is there to make tea. Soumya hears and goes. Jasleen says she will make tea. Shanno comes and asks her to decide about honeymoon. Jasleen says it is a good idea. Harman looks on.

Soumya gets Harman ready for marriage and tells that she has promised to give him all the happiness and promises to be with him till his marriage happens. Later she dances during his sangeet.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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