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Savitri Devi 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi chooses Scholarship Exam over Veer

Savitri Devi 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veer getting up in the morning and asks Sanchi if she read all night. Sanchi says she don’t want to upset Jaya and was studying all night. She says I will make coffee for you. Veer asks her to sit and says I will make coffee. Gayatri checks for the newspaper, but it is not there. She scolds Servant and sees newspaper on the table. Priya sits on sofa and takes newspaper in her hand. Gayatri takes paper from her hand and checks news, gets happy. Jaya talks to Sunil’s pic and wishes Sanchi tops in the exam. Someone ring the door bell and leaves newspaper on her door. Jaya checks it and is shocked. Veer gives coffee to Sanchi. He reads the news and is shocked. Sanchi reads it too and is shocked. Savitri, Dr. Kabir also read the news. Jaya comes to the hospital. Gayatri is waiting

for her and burst her planned anger on her. She tells what is this dirty thing in the newspaper, and says your daughter has ruined Malhotra’s name. She asks did you give this values to your daughter and asks this is how you run the hospital. Jaya asks Sanchi to come to her cabin. Gayatri smirks and thinks fire is on.

Priya and Vikrant come to meet the blackmailer. Priya says he called us here, but there is nobody here. She gets message asking what her husband is doing with her. She shows message to Vikrant. Vikrant asks her to give necklace to blackmailer and come there soon. Priya thinks to check who is the blackmailer. Blackmailer takes necklace cloth and leaves. She comes back to car. Vikrant keeps hand on her mouth and says constable is there. Priya says blackmailer is left, we shall leave too.

Jaya scolds Sanchi and asks if she is doing this to increase her papa’s respect. She says you didn’t think before doing cheap things. She asks her to think about Sunny and says what his friends will think. She says it is a limit of misbehavior and shamelessness. She says you are breaking your father’s dreams. I agree that you are newly married and have right to spend time with your husband, but think about the place where you are. Sanchi says I didn’t know why this happened and says it is not like that. Jaya says when I chose you for scholarship, everyone doubted on my decision as you betrayed me last time. She says you have betrayed me again. Sanchi says I am not wrong, and says photos is of me and my husband, but trust me I will not do such things. She says she will not run away from her responsibilities or test. Dr. Kabir says it seems your concentration is not on exams.

Pragya stops Veer, but he is worried for Sanchi. Pragya asks him why did he romance with her in the cabin. Veer tells that he got allergy and Sanchi was just checking it. Pragya says I know your romantic side. Jaya says you have two choice, either take holiday from hospital or choose for scholarship and fulfill your father’s dreams. Sanchi says this is someone’s conspiracy, I will write the exam and will not get defeated. Jaya holds Sanchi’s hand and asks her to stay away from Veer till exams end. Veer goes inside and is shocked. Dr. Kabir tells Veer that today you made fun of Sanchi and goes. Veer says I agree that you are worried about Sanchi’s tension, but what is this condition, we are married. Jaya says I know, it is just matter of 6 days. She says there are many doctor who will agree to write exams.

Sanchi agrees for her condition. She takes the band and asks what is it? Jaya asks them to wear band and says whenever you come closer then I will know. Veer says what is this. Sanchi asks Jaya to trust them and asks her to keep the band. Veer promises Jaya that he will become her strength and not weakness and he will not divert her attention. Jaya says ok and says if I feel that you are not fulfilling your promise then you have to wear this band. Jaya says ok. Sanchi tells Veer that she wants to know who played this dirty game. Veer asks her to relax and asks her to focus on her exam. Veer thinks who is having cheap mind here and suspects Ria. He recalls finding his locker open and seeing Ria there. Gayatri talks to Dr. Malhotra and asks him not to worry and concentrate on Seminar. She acts to make Savitri listen. She tells that anand is worried in London because of Jaya. Savitri says if he is fine. Gayatri says yes and says Jaya did cheap thing and have determined to ruined our respect. Veer comes and throws his shirt on Gayatri. Gayatri asks her what is this misbehavior. Veer says it is better than what you have done.

Gayatri tells Savitri about puja. Everyone waits for Sanchi. Veer comes and says he will do puja on behalf of his wife. All women are surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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