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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Sadhna Feels Guilty For Distrusting Vijay

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Doctor writes prescription for Bulbul and says she is dehydrated and will be fine once she eats well. Bulbul asks doctor to write prescription for Vijay also as he is also weak. Doctor writes prescription. Vijay goes to drop her out. Sadhna with Vasu walks into Bulbul’s room and tries to apologize. Bulbul holds her hand and stops. Sadhna cries that she did a big mistake by distrusting Vijay and Bulbul and tries to touch her feet. Bulbul stops and says she is elder and should not apologie. Sadhna cries that she considered Vijay as her son, but did not trust him a bit, if Vijay will forgive her. Bulbul says Vijay is hurt and needs some time, she should wait. Vasu says she gave best idea of party and preparing Vijay’s favorite food, asks Bulbul what she will eat. Bulbul says

doc prescribed her only khichdi. Sadhna says she will prepare khichdi for her and leaves.

Sadhna goes to kitchen, but sees Vijay trying to preparing khichdi and stops. Gayatri does her usual drama and says she will prepare khichdi for Bulbul. Vijay says he and his wife fought and won alone, no family member supported them. Gayatri says Sadhna misguided her, else she trusts her brother since childhood. Vijay says a girl who came 6 months ago risked her life to save him, but his family did not even come to meet him. Sadhna feels more guilty hearing that. Vijay cuts his finger while cutting vegetable. Sadhna rushes to help him, but he stops and says this wound will lean in 2-4 days, but what about wound on heart. He leaves while Sadhna feels more guilty.

Bulbul imagines Mandira coming and reminding her of her promise. She thinks Mandira will not keep quiet so easily, so she should call Mandira first instead. She tries Mandira’s mobile and landline number unsuccessfully and thinks if Ananth is troubling her again. She calls CM’s home, Malkain picks and speaks in her usual arrogant style. Bulbul asks if Mandira came there. Malkain says Mandira went with her husband and nanad to Mumbai. Bulbul thinks if Mandira’s shadow has gone away from her house permanently.

Vijay brings khichdi for Bulbul and feeds her. Tears roll down her eyes. He says she got emotional as he prepared khichdi for her. She nods yes. He says he also has not had anything, so will try himself. She asks to try juice instead. He tries and shouts it is very spicy, why did not she say. She says it has his love. He asks if he should prepare some more. She laughs. He gets call and orders to clean place well. Bulbul asks what to clean. He says kaushalpur’s house, once she gets well, they will shift there. She asks with whole family? He says only both of them. He says he cannot go alone without family. He says they will be unhappy if they stay here. Bulbul thinks he is angry with family, but cannot stay away from them, she will not let him leave his mother like bhabi.

Sadhna cries feeling guilty. Gayatri yells at Vasu to go and asks Vijay if he cannot forgive his mother like bhabhi. Sadhna says she did a big sin by sending Vijay to jail and only god can forgive her. Bulbul notices that and thinks only Sadhna can stop Vijay now. She signals Vasu to meet her. She waits in her room, but Vijay enters. She gets nervous and calls his Viju, then apologizes. He asks her to call him Viju hereon.

Precap: Bulul tells Vijay that she wants to keep Satyanararayan pooja
at home. He agrees. Vasu suggests to hide Vijay’s phone so that he can take Sadhna’s help. Bulbul tries to pick Vijay’s phone at night. Vijay holds her hand in sleep.

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