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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-25)

The episode starts with Arjun and Geethu entering a resturant.. Geethu is shocked to see Abhimanyu and Maya there

Geethu : Arjun you said you wanted to choose a dress for me then what are they doing here
Arjun : Geethu.. just relax the misunderstanding or what ever problems you to have ..pls end it here..

Arjun takes maya from there and Geethu and Abhimanyu stays there

Abhi : Look geethanjali , I know i am at fault but that day i couldn’t control my anger and i am guilty about that

Geethu : Oh Yeah , You know what your anger has given me the worlds best gift..

Abhi : What ??

Geethu : My mom , she have started looking a boy for me.. and my dreams my career are all at end because of you.. If you really feel guilty help me continue my dream..

She goes from here giving a tap on the table..

Arjun and Maya also see an angry Geethu going out.. Arjun also goes with her

Maya : What did she say??

Abhimanyu didn’t replay to her question and wentfrom there..


Til that incident all the elders didn’t talk to Abhi properly and that’s why he also wanted to make everything right


He is continuously calling geethu but she is not attenting his call at last she picks the call

Abhi : How many times i have to call you .why the hell can’t you pic up the phone

Geethu : Its not that easy to pic up your phone..Mr. .Just tell me why do you call me..

Abhi : I think i have a solution for your problem..

Geethu : And what’s that ???

Abhi : Marry me??

Geethu (shocked) : what??

Abhi : you said your mom is not allowing you to follow your dream and wants to get you married as soon as possible so marry me and you can complete your dream .

Geethu : And after that..I can’t live with you.

Abhi : me either. so after that we will get divorced .Problem solved..

Geethu : But who will talk about our marraige..

Abhi : Don’t worry. Tomarrow is Maya ‘s engagement after that i will talk to my parents

On hearing someone’s footsteps .Geethu cuts the call..


Sakshi : You twinkle make sure that you behave well in the function

Twinkle : Mom.. done.. or what can i do there being alone . Geethu di will not come as such huge things happen

Sakshi : yeah. I feel so sad for her. But anita ji is also not lostening to anyone .She is so in the decision to get geethu married

PRECAP : Maya-Arjun engagement.

Geethu-Abhimanyu together

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