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Raglak OS : You are my true love

The scene starts in a college.the college is decorated beautifully welcoming the freshers.even though the decoration was simple it added beauty to the college.
gentle breeze is passing through the college.

We can see a girl wearing a blue salwar kameez.

She left her plain hair open which are dancing in the breeze. She is biting her lower lip in tension.

Her p.o.v

Today is my first day ,hope nothing goes wrong. Oh god please make sure that  everything goes well.

She was moving towards notice board to see her class.

Some senior calls her.

Senior : new joining?

That girl : yes sir.

Senior : whats your name ?

That girl : ragini sir

Yes she is our ragini.

Senior : hai, my name is ram.dont worry I am not ragging you so now onwards you are my sister, if you have any problem come to me.

He smiles at her.

Ragini smiles back .

Ragini : Thank you Bhai.

Ram : ok it’s getting late. Meet you after class.

Ragini starts leaving from there but her dupatta gets struck .

She turns and see’s. Her duppate is struck in a person’s watch who is sitter beside ram.

He removes it from his watch.

Ragini : Thank you.

That Boy : it’s ok , my name is sanskaar.

Ragini smiles and about to leave.

She stops and turns back again.

Ragini : can you show my class – class…

Sanskaar : ya sure, mine is also that class come I’ll take u there.

They both left to the class . They were sitting in one bench.even though ram was elder then them he is also there group.they went out for parties , rides ,shopping etc…..

Slowly days passed months passed sanskaar ragini and ram’s bond was going on increasing they became best friends forever.

One day ram proposed keerthi who was ram’s classmate.she accepted his proposal.

They became four from three.

Finally it was the day ram and keerthi had to leave ragsan as there college days are completed. They couldn’t believe that one year passed . It is so fast and due to  there luck ram got police job where as keerthi is a doctor in the same city where they are before and daily after the college and duty respectively they use to hang out together.

Ram and keerthi got married and on there marriage day sanskaar proposed ragini , she too accepted thinking that her feelings towards sanskaar are love.

College is completed and they are busy doing in there jobs. But still they four contact  each other daily .

One fine day ragini decided to tell about her love matter to her parents but before saying she got a call about sanskaar’s death.she was devasted. Even her parents live in other city there is no one for her to support her.

Keerthi came to her and supported her. Ragini cried in her lap. That day was one of the worst day in her life. She became a arrogant , emotion less ragini from a friendly and chirpy ragini.

Tears are the only thing that talks to her daily.
She is living with ram and keerthi in there house as keerthi felt it’s safe for her.

She is only nice to her parents , ram and keerthi.

Every one is scared to talk to her.

she now became a workaholic and had constructed a company on her own – Gadodia Ltd.

She is the M.D of the company. There was a job for her p.a post and she is taking interview.

Ragini is seated in the M.D  room .

She called the next person.

She was looking into her computer when she heard a voice.

Voice – may I come in mam!

With out looking up she said yes.

Ragini (still looking into her computer) : take your seat .

That person gave his file to her.

She takes it and reads .

Ragini : so , your name is laksh maheshwari?

She looks up at him for the first time and falls in a eyelock which is broken by laksh.

Laksh : yes mam.

Ragini : every thing is nice, you are highly skilled but you have your own company right ? maheshwari Ltd which is one of the great companies in the world.

Laksh : yes mam but I prefer to stand on my legs.

Ragini : but you can join in your company only as a employee right?

Laksh : yes mam but everyone there knows me as a maheshwari family member and they’ll not treat me as a an normal employee which I hate so chose another company.

Ragini : why only this company u have many other companies right? Harshini Ltd which is best then us .

Laksh : yes mam but I love you..

Ragini frowns.

Laksh : I love your spirit. You alone worked hard and made this by your talent .

Ragini :  ok Mr. Laksh maheshwari you are confirmed for this job. You can join your job from tomorrow.

Ragini leaves while laksh smiling looks at her disappearing figure.

He made gun with his hand and shooted at her and left from there jumping in happiness.

Some days passed raglak became friends and after so many days ragini started smiling .

Everyone including ram and keerthi were shocked seeing this change .


Ragini’s room

She is not able to sleep she is continuously turning sides unable to sleep.laksh’s words are ringing in her ears. She closes her ears with pillows getting irritated and sits up.

Ragini’s p.o.v

What is happening to me? Why that laksh’s words are ringing in my ears.what magic he did.do i love him? No no it is not possible. oh ragini why are you thinking about him and disturbing your brain . Just close your eyes and take a deep breathe.

p.o.v ends

She closes her eyes and see’s laksh’s smiling face , unknowingly a smile crept on her face. Coming back to reality she opens her eyes .
She was shocked to see laksh standing in front of her leaning his back on the wall.

Laksh (smiling) : thinking about me?

Ragini : why would I think about you?

Laksh disappears from there and appears sitting beside her looking at her.

Ragini turns towards him being shocked.

They have  a eyelock.(back ground sajda song plays)

Still not breaking the eyelock

Laksh : truth will not  change if you didn’t accept it. You fell in love with me ragini.

He disappears again.

Ragini searches him and hits her head .

Ragini : you have gone mad. I should be some what far from him from tomorrow.

She sleeps.

#Next day

Like any other day laksh comes fast to office then others and completes his work . Today he planned to propose ragini.

He completed his work and was talking with a girl who he believed to be his sister.

Ragini enters the office nd see’s him smiling talking to a girl.

Without thinking anything she goes to them and scolds them

Laksh : but ragini. Interupted by ragini

Ragini : call me mam you are my p.a remember it.

She rushes into her room and sits on her chair angrily.

Laksh says sorry to that girl on behalf of ragini and leaves to her room to talk to her.

#Ragini’s room (M.D room)

Ragini : how dare she ,she is talking to my laksh smiling and beating him playfully.

She realises what she said.

Ragini : my laksh?

She keeps her hand on her mouth shocked.

Ragini : no, I can’t betray sanskaar. He is my love and will be till end even if he is dead.

Laksh enters the room.

Laksh : ragini, what is it what is the need to scold her . Now come and say her sorry.
He holds her hand and was about to drag her but she jerks him.

Ragini : stay far from me Mr. Laksh maheshwari. And who the hell are you to me.what right do you have on me.dont you have shame . You are ruining our companies reputation by being close to other female collegues.

Her eyes are very red.

Laksh holds her through her shoulders and pins her to the wall.

Laksh : what right ha?you asked me what right do I have na? Then listen I love you not from today or from the first day I joined the office but from your 10th class.

Ragini gets confused.

Laksh : do you remember the cycle which you received on your birthday that is sent by me. I lied to my parents that my friend father met with a accident and took these money and bought you a cycle.

Do you remember the diamond ring that your father said that he bought it , I gave him , he is working in our company then I said it is just a gift for serving our company but in truth I gave him it for your birthday as a gift from my side.like this I gave many gifts to you from the time I started loving you.i was  your secret admirer.

Did u know how much it hurted me when you accepted sanskaar’s proposal but I thought to leave you as you are happy with him but I saw you devasted when sanskaar death news came.

I thought you’ll become normal again but you became an arrogant girl so I have to come to prove my love and about other colleagues they are my sisters how can you think like that.

I am sorry miss. Ragini gadodia I will never enter your life ever again.

Ragini got hurt somewhere in her heart listening to it but she ignored it.

Laksh left her shoulders and left from there.

Some days passed

Laksh was crying like a child in his house while ragini was unable  to concentrate on anything. Tears are rushing from her eyes with out her knowledge .

She was missing laksh badly but she is ignoring them telling one thing to her brain – “I can’t betray my sanskaar”.

Days passed 1 month passed still no change laksh is daily requesting ragini.

Laksh parents are unable to see him like that and were forcing him for a marriage with his friend kavya.

Laksh was always rejecting .

One fine day laksh’s mother lost her patience and blackmailed him that if he’ll not marry then they have to see her dead.

With no option laksh agreed for the marriage.

He went to office to meet ragini.

# office

#in ragini’s room

Ragini was just sitting with a emotion less face.

Laksh enters her room.

Laksh : super ragini, finally you won na.

Ragini is looking at him confused.

Laksh : my marriage is fixed with my friend.now I can’t do anything ragini. Just say that you love me ragini.

Getting no response he says.

Laksh : ok Ragini, you don’t love me right.its useless to say you . tomorrow is my marriage please come.this is my first wedding card I am giving to you only.

He gives her a wedding card and  leaves from there with tears flowing from his eyes.

Ragini breaks down there.

#Next day

Ragini is walking on a road looking down. From back side a car hits her.

She falls down and faints.

A woman and man get down from the car.

The woman throws some drops of water on ragini’s face.

The man was shocked to see her.

Ragini gets up and was shocked to see the man.

Both at a time.

Ragini : sanskaar
That man : ragini.

That woman : sanskaar do you know her before.

Before sanskaar could reply ragini asks him.

Ragini : you are alive but your parents said you are dead.

Sanskaar : I am sorry ragini, actually I never loved you I realised it when swara came into my life she is my only true love ragini.

I thought you’ll breakdown  and will lose trust on love that’s why I did that death drama.

He shows that woman and says she is swara my wife.he side hugs her.

Ragini smiles at them and leaves from there running.

She stops after some distance and keeps her hand on a wall.

Ragini : what did I do? I left laksh for my infatuation, ya the relationship between me and sanskaar is nothing but infatuation. I didn’t feel any pain when he side hugged swara and said that she is his wife but when laksh was just talking to some other girl closely I was hurt , jealous had woke up in me.

I shouldn’t let this marriage happen. She wipes her tears and runs to the venue .

She reaches there but see’s the venue empty and the workers are packing the materials.

She falls on her knees and breaks down badly.
She covers her face with her palms and cries thinking that laksh is married.

Some one keeps hand on her shoulder. It’s ram.(How many of you expected laksh? )

Ragini hugs him and sobs.

Ragini : Bhai, everything is out of my hands. Laksh is married, he is some ones ,he is not mine.

Ram breaks the hug and cups her face.

Ram : jaanu,do you think that laksh will leave you and marry some other girl. Never.

Do you remember the time when your ma had to undergo open heart surgery and you have no money in your hands .

Ragini : haa sanskaar gave me the money required for the surgery.

Ram : no jaanu it’s laksh who gave you the money and do you think that any senior will call you and become a Bhai like me?

Ragini looks on

Ram : I am ram maheshwari the elder son of maheshwari’s family. I am laksh’s elder brother.

Ragini gets shocked.

Ram : did you remember how you cried when you joined new school in your 10th class.you are so emotional jaanu that’s the reason laksh asked me to stay with you and support you. He always remained your secret admirer and always helped you.

He also started lying to our parents only for you.during all this he neglected his studies.

When you were changed to arrogant ragini he thought to change you to on normal but you will never accept his friendship so he studied hard day and night and completed his syllabus which he neglected only to become a employee in your company so that you’ll be his friends.

He loves you that much that he completed his 6 years studies in 3 months.

Ragini broke down again.

Ragini : where is now?I want to meet him once for the last time . Please take me to him even though he is married I’ll met him once please Bhai.

Ram : he is not married ragini. This marriage is cancelled.He can even die but never can marry any other girl.

One minute before tying the mangalsuthr he fainted.he could never imagine any other in your place. His body is not responding to the treatment now only you can save him . Prove your love jaanu, save him.

Ragini nods

They both leaves to hospital.

# hospital

Ragini and ram reached hospital and they moved to the ICU. Keerthi hugged ram and was sobbing in his embrace while ragini was about to go inside the ICU but stopped by kavya.

Kavya : what else do you want? Have some shame Because of you my laksh is like this . Don’t know he will be alive or not.

Before ragu slaps her a.p slaps kavya.

A.p : laksh will be alive only and he is like this only because of you. I am going to ragini to request her but you are the one who stopped me and manipulated against her and said me to make laksh agree for the marriage with you.i said u that he’ll never be happy without ragini but you made me accept laksh.
I believed you blindly but now i realised u are the one who is the real snake.just leave from here before I kill u.

Turns to ragini.

A.p : ragini beta , u go.

Ragini went inside the ICU.

She was not able to see laksh like that sleeping on the lifeless. His body is connected to many machines.

She sits beside him and holds his hand with her both hands.

Ragini : laksh please wake up , you want me to confess my love right then listen I don’t have much to give you for the unconditional love u gave me but all I can promise is that everything I do will be for you, always. You are, and always have been my true love Just when I thought of giving up to the fate that my love doesn’t exist, you came and showed me that I didn’t love till now and my love is you. All my days with you are days worth living. Words cannot express all that you mean to me. My heart for you will never break. My smile for you will never fade. My love for you will never end. I love you!I love you laksh!

She closes her eyes and keeps her head on his shoulder.

Feeling movement she opens her eyes and see’s him who is looking at her.

Ragini : laksh,are u fine.

Laksh :he kisses her hands and says finally I won ragini. I won in my love.i love you too.

He tries to sit but about to fall she helps him ,he sits up and hugs her tightly she responds the hug and cries her heart out.

Ragini broke the hug and beats on his head.

Ragini : idiot, how did you think of leaving me and going . I’ll kill you before u die if you do anything like this next time.

Two weeks passed after that incident.

Laksh was now completely fine .

They planned about the marriage which is after three days.

Arrangements are going on..

On insistence of ragini ,ram and keerthi are also marrying again.

Marriage happened well with smiles all over and their best friend’s manu and jaanu didnt left a single chance to tease them.

#Next day


Reception starts

All the elders are busy in chatting where as young stars are feeling bored.

Suddenly lights went off.there comes two girls.there face is revealed.

It’s manu and jaanu.

Manu : good evening ladies who are not beautiful then me and gentle men.thanks for being here.

Jaanu : it’s a reception then definitely a dance should be there right?Then what are you waiting for young stars be ready .

Manu and jaanu performs a dance on ghoomar

Every one dances on gallan goodiyan.

Ending song by raglak and ramthi (ram keerthi,I could not get better name)on tukur tukur.

Screen ends everyone’s smiling face and ragini and keerthi sitting in laksh’sand ram’s lap respectively.

The end…….

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