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Porus 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Puru Forces Darius to Confess His Sins

Porus 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Darius joins Ambhi and his Takshashila army. Anususya tells Bamni that Darius wearing mask of friendship looted our country since ages, Bamni trusted Darius and hated Puru, even after her warning, he trusted Darius, this businessman misused their internal fight and wants to rule our country. Darius says Anusuya is right, Puru is innocent and he is behind all the conspiracies and will destroy Bharath today. In Faras, they say come late, but not last, but Bamni proved it wrong. Anusuya says king Bamni may have come late, but her son will come on time. Darius says he will come if he is alive and tells Bamni that his son died fighting with foreigners, he killed Porus from these hands and now will send whole family to Porus, orders to kill them all. Abmbhi orders his soldiers to attack. Puru jumps down

and holds knife on Darius. He asks Darius if he forgot that Puru does not leave any work incomplete, he and his have misunderstanding, but not enemity, until he is alive, he cannot harm his father and country. He signals Bamni emotionally. Bamni reciprocates.

Laachi reaches. Puru asks her to take stepmom away from here. Darius says he waited since years and built conspiracies, does he think he can stop him and destroy his plan of capturing golden sparrow Bharath, turn around and see that his sharp shooters are waiting for order. His soldiers are wolves who have surrounded him from everywhere. Puru says that is the difference between tiger and wolf, tiger attacks alone and wolf in herds. Darius asks if he thinks himself as tiger. Puru says he is and if his father, mother, and Kanishk are harmed, he will cut Darius into pieces. Darius says what if his soldiers don’t move. Puru says Darius loves himself most and if he tries to harm anyone, his head will be on floor. Darius drops his sword followed by his solders. He says Porus will not gain anything by killing. Puru says after harming his country, Darius will not get easy death and has to accept all his crimes. He asks Darius to tell Bamni who conspired against Pourav rastra and Takshashila 21 years ago. Puru trashes him and asks who tried to attack his mother Anusuya. Darius says he with Amartya Shivdutt conspired to kill queen Anusuya. Puru asks who wanted to send Pourav people to Faras as slaves and looted our wealth. Darius says he did with Shivdutt’s help, Pourav rastra’s each conspiracy is born from his mind. Puru trashes Darius more and asks who killed her foster father Ripudaman. Darius looks at Hasti and says it was him who got Ripudaman klled via arrows. Puru trashes Darius more.

Ambi shoots arrow on Puru, and Puru loses grip. Farsi soldiers surround Puru. Ambhi says he forgot injured tiger and should fight with him alone. Darius praises Ambhi and says more old the wound is, more deep it will be, he should go move ahead and take revenge. He apologizes Hasti and says he did not have any enemity with his father, but he got more emotional and tried to walk on a path which Puru is walking, but if he wants, he can become commander of his army. He then asks Bamnni if he is feeling pain seeing himself as prisoner in his own place, if he had not harmed his ego 21 years ago, he would not have been i n this situation. He orders Ammbhi again to move forward and take his revenge.

Laachi takes Kadika and Pritha via palae bylanes. Soldiers attack them. Laachi fights and defeats them. Pritha says Hasti.. Laachi says until Puru is there, nothing will happen to Hasti. They stop hearing someone coming. Barsin comes in front followed by Farsi soldiers.

Anusuya walks to her brother Ambhi and says they are suffering for the mistake he did long ago, they should not suffer for ages, so he should forget enemity, he should not forget that Puru has half Takshashila blood and Ambhi’s nephew. Bamni says she is Pourav rastra’s queen and her words signify Pourav rastra’s pride, Pourav don’t get afraid of their enemies and fight with them, she is insulting Puru and whole Pourav rastra by requesting Ambhi. He tells Ambhi that he is using trick to defeat Pouravs, but Pourav rastra knows to crush his enemy’s head. Ambhi says it is his age old lava of enemity that is bursting. Darius thinks game has just begun.

Precap: Puru and his team fight with Farsi and Takshashila soldiers and defeat them. Alexander tells his team after defeating Faras, they will head towards Bharath where its proector is.

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