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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Ira tries to save Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira saying Akhilesh’s life is in danger. Inspector comes and asks what’s the matter, I can help you. She says some men kidnapped my husband. He says call your husband. Akhilesh disconnects the call. Vikram asks him to keep phone. He gets troubled by Akhilesh’s questions. He gives him a pill. Ira follows Akhilesh and asks him to stop. Akhilesh says someone is calling me. He turns and faints. Vikram sees Ira and says how did she come behind, speed up the car.

Inspector’s bike stops. Ira says give me your number, I will reach there and call you. He says listen to me, you can get cheated there. She leaves in an auto. Aditya says what was Akhilesh doing here. His friends ask him to come for a party. Aditya says he can complain to Sanaya’s dad and cancel the

marriage. He gets headache and asks Manohar about head massager. Gulki takes the food order. Aditya goes for head massage. Aditya’s friend flirts with Gulki. She goes away. Aditya’s friends say we will celebrate bachelor party with Gulki.

Ira sees Vikram’s car and checks. She asks where is Akhilesh. The man says this is our car. She sees a temple and prays for Akhilesh. She asks Lord to help her find Akhilesh. She sees Vikram’s car. She goes to wake up Akhilesh. Vikram leaves. Her phone falls in the phone. She says it fell inside the car. Devina dances and says we will have a bachelorette party.

Pushpa stops music and scolds them. Devina dances and asks Pushpa to leave it. They argue. Singhania asks Sanaya will she dress up like this in Mata ki chowki. Pushpa asks Sanaya to agree. Inspector reaches Ira. She sits in the jeep. She asks is tracker on, where is the car. Inspector says its going out of city. Tracker gets damaged. She worries. Everyone sings in Mata ki chowki. Ira asks inspector to help Akhilesh. He says relax, I will call police station to track your phone. Ira prays for Akhilesh. He says your number is tracked. Akhilesh is taken by Vikram. Pushpa gets restless and worries. Vikram smiles. Pushpa says its a bad omen, I will call Akhilesh and Ira. She couldn’t reach them. Devina says I think you need rest. Pushpa says no, till I talk to them, I will pray. Police reaches the place. Ira says we shall look for them. Vikram prepares for Akhilesh’s operation.

Ira sees Akhilesh and tries to wake him up. Pushpa prays at home. Ira pumps his heart and says you can’t leave me like this. She cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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