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Mere Sai 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Plans To Tricked Sai To Leave Dwarka Maai

Mere Sai 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bheeva tells Sai that they will not let anyone misbehave with him or ask him to vacate Dwarka Maai. Sai says if you hurt someone then you are hurting me. Jhipri hugs Sai and cries. Sai asks her not to cry, says you are brave. Jhipri says if you had gone then? She says you can’t understand my feelings and says you and Dwarka Maai are same for me. She says I was untouchable before and people used to hate us. Champa says yes Sai. Sai says when you all have given me place in your heart then I don’t need home to live. Bayaza asks why did he agree to leave happily when Ratnakar asked him. Appa says this is not possible without Kulkarni’s approval, we all know about his thinking about Sai.

Ratnakar comes to Kulkarni’s house. Kulkarni asks him to sit and asks Anta and Banta to give him something.

Ratnakar refuses. Kulkarni asks Anta and Banta why they are coming inside. Banta says Nand lal also went. Kulkarni says he is sahayak and not like you people. Banta says then who are we? Narmada informs Rukmini that Ratnakar left when villagers interfere. Rukmini gets happy.

Sai asks Bayaza that he is bairagi and have no attachment with things even if it is Dwarka Maai. He says even if I am thrown out from here, then also I will stay among you people and will be your son always. He asks them not to get afraid.

Ratnakar asks Kulkarni why didn’t you tell me that he has strange powers. He says he lighted fire around me. Kulkarni says he has no powers, just he hypnotized them. He says Sai has just some supporters. Nand lal gets angry and says if we had stopped there, then neighboring villagers must have come. Kulkarni gets angry. Nand Lal shouts and says we have suffered because of you. Ratnakar says we must have know who is Sai and who are his supporters, and asks Kulkarni what is his intention? He says I had decided to make you head of 3 more villagers and asks if Sai is the influential man than him. Kulkarni says there is no comparison between us and says I will make sure that you get that land. He keeps box on the table and says it is khandar. He says we will buy the place around khandar and then we will caged khandar so that nobody can meet him, and then Sai will have no way than to leave Khandar. Ratnakar tells that your idea is good and says I am going to Bombay and will talk to governor about you. He asks Nand lal to give watch and shows to Kulkarni, says he brought it from England. He says English people leeps it in their pocket as they value time. He gifts it to Kulkarni and says you shall remember that you have less and valuable time. Kulkarni says when you return, you will see my power in Shirdi.

Sai sees a man in Dwarka Maai. Man asks Sai how he took all those villagers to his side and says they can even kill someone for you, but there is nobody with me. Sai asks what is your problem? Man says my wife left my house with my son, I am in debt and work day and night. Sai asks did you talk to her. Man says yes and says she don’t want to understand and says I don’t give her time, and tells that she needs me more than money. Sai says may be she is telling truth. Man says if this is true then why did she leave me. Sai takes man inside Dwarka Maai and makes him sit. Man says everyone turned their faces when I was in debt. Sai takes blanket kept there and looks on. Kulkarni asks his Munim to check who haven’t given interest. Munim tells the name Pandari. Anta and Banta say today he came in the morning. They went to call him. Kulkarni tells about his father’s wrong teachings to Munim and laughs. Pandari sells something and buys seed for his field. Anta snatches his seeds and take him to Kulkarni. Kulkarni asks Pandari to give him 4 Rs. Pandari says I don’t have money.

Kulkarni gives him time and asks him to give 4 Rs before afternoon. He asks him to bring the money and take the seeds, else your land will become mind. Pandari asks him to have pity and asks from where I will get money. Kulkarni pushes on his neck and says it is your problem. Kulkarni thinks watch will bring his good time. Ratnakar thinks he will buy land from Kulkarni and sell it later with high rates. Pandari thinks who will help him.

Precap: Pandari brings money. Kulkarni signs Anta and Banta. They look at the money and asks Pandari to wait. Sai looks on.

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