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Love makes a change – CHAPTER 24



Swara changed into her night suit and tied her hairs into a ponytail.
Shomi: Shona I’ll sleep with you.
SWA: No ma I’m fine u go to your room, gud night!
Shomi kissed her forehead and left. Swara closed the doors and she sat on the couch and was remembering today’s event. A unfading smile appeared on her lips. She suddenly heard a familiar voice SWARA. Swara got up and went towards her balcony and found sanskaar standing with both his hands on his pockets.

SWA: Sanskaar! What r u doing here? U didn’t sleep?
SAN: How could I sleep without you and moreover I had planned many things to do with u……ah
Swara blushed hard as she got to know what he meant. Swara hugged him and he too reciprocated.
SWA: U know sanskar this is the best day of my life. I got everything which I craved for………… I LOVE YOU SANSKAAR!…(sobs)
SAN: Areey swara (cups her face) stop crying. (Kissed her forehead) I am always there for you. (Wiped her tears)
To make the situation light.
SAN: Ah to see this crying face only ah I climbed through pipes and did stunts to reach here u think?

Swara hits him playfully.
SWA: U should do all this because it’s Romeo’s job to climb and see his Juliet (with attitude)
SAN: Oh really?
SWA: of course. K u go home sanskar if anyone gets to know we both r gone.
SAN: K. But will miss u (peaks her lips) bye love u!
SWA: Will miss u too and Love u more.(kissed his cheek). Sanskaar left. Swara went towards her cupboard. She opened and took a key and left the room. She went and stopped before a room and opened it. It was fully dark. She switched over the lights. The room was filled with photo frames all over the wall. It had a king sized bed in the middle. The room was neat and clean yet it was like no one was using this room for years. She sat on the bed and took the 2 photo frames from the drawer. One photo had a herself, a boy and a middle aged couple. She smiled seeing the photo and took another photo which had A young aged boy and herself. She caressed the pic. Tears were brimming her eyes.

Adi Bhai u know today was the best day of my life. My love, my sanskaar proposed me and we officially got engaged but u really don’t know how much I missed u. If u r there it could be more nice. U know ma, pa, ragini to loves me so much but no one can replace your place Bhai. U used to say I should share everything with you but today u r not there to share my happiness, wipe my tears. After ma, pa’s dead only u was dere for me but now u also left me, your sister all alone. I miss u Bhai. (End of the POV) swara hugged the frame and started to cry. After spending some time there she again went to her room but still her bhai’s memories we’re haunting her yet she slept due to tiredness.

Sanskaar was lying in his couch and was staring at the ring. He started to remember all the incidents from his proposal, their suprise engagement, their terrace meet and last their conversation at her balcony. He looked at their marriage photo frame. He took that and hugged it with an unfaded smile on his lips and slept.

Days were passing quickly and the marriage preparations were going smoothly. But one day.


All the gagodias except ragini we’re present. All were wearing white dress and a big photo frame was placed in the middle with varmala on the frame and panditji was doing the rituals. The rituals we’re going for her Adi Bhai. Today it’s his 3rd death anniversary. All were sad and undoubtedly swara was crying silently. Tears travelled through her eyes endlessly. After all the rituals swara without uttering a word went to her room which made shomi and shekhar worry more for their princess. Shomi nor shekhar dint disturbed her today because whatever they say today it will not enter into her. Soon it became evening. Raglak came home. Laksh was confused seeing the photo frame in the middle because he has never seen him before but he didn’t question others too seeing their sad and pale faces.
Rag: Ma swara…..

Shomi: She is in her room from morning.
Rag: k I’ll go and see. Saying this ragini went towards her room. She very well knows what feeling she will be going through now. Her Shona, her sister will be like a body without soul. She had no guts to see but still she composed herself to see her sister. Ragini opened her room doors taking a deep breath.

She heard sobing sound and the room was dark. She knew her sisters condition so she took a deep breath and switched on the lights.
and saw swara sitting down in a corner. Her face was merged into her knees and she was crying badly. Rags went towards her and sat beside her carefully and caressed her hairs.
Rag: Swara.(softly). Swara looked rags. Swara’s face were pale and red. Her eyes were in blood red but still tears made their way unconditionally. This condition of hers made ragini broke into pieces. Swara immediately hugged ragini and started to cry more. This is more than enough for ragini, she also started to have tears in her eyes. Rags was caressing swara’s hairs and rubbing her back. Soon ragini wiped her tears and broke the hug and cupped her face.
SWA: Because of me only na Bhai died, if I haven’t left Bhai could have been here. She said between her cries.

Rag: No, no swara u r not at fault. Swara once again hugged ragini.
Rag: Swara if u cry like this na! I’m sure my chota will give u a name ‘ Crying maasi’ (swara smiled between her tears). Ragini wiped her tears.
Rag: Thats like my girl, Go wash ur face and come. Swara went to washroom. Rags smiled. Soon swaragini went down. Still swara’s face were red due crying from morning. Laksh felt something wrong yet he didn’t say anything. Shoshek smiled seeing their princess happy. They all had dinner together. After having,

Shomi: beta it’s quite late na, y can’t u both stay here?
Lak: K mom as yr wish.
Rag: Today I will not leave swara alone and we both will sleep together. Swara smiles.
Lak: Then me?
SWA: No problem lucky, u can stay with us on the couch! (Giggles).
Lak: what couch? (Making faces)

All laughes.
Soon Raglak and swara went to her room, chit chatted and slept. Swara was on the corner, ragini in the middle and laksh on the other corner. Swara’s phone vibrated as she kept the phone on silent mode. Swara quickly takes her and it flashed SANSKAAR. She slowly took the phone and she sneaked out of the room silently. She went out and attended the call.
SAN: Swara what were u doing? Y didn’t you attend the call? R u fine?
SWA: Relax sanskaar I’m fine and I was a bit busy sorry I couldn’t attend the call.
SAN: Oh k, I want to meet you now.
SWA: Sanskaar don’t u dare to do your Romeo’s stunts as Raglak are in my room.
SAN: Ah…….. I can’t meet u! (Sadly)

SWA: hmm…… Im waiting for tomorrow as it’s our haldi.(sanskaar smiled as he knows what type of reaction could be in her face now hearing her voice) K k bye sanskaar I can’t be out for more otherwise Raglak will doubt me.
SAN: K bye, love u
SWA: love u more.
Swara went to her room and soon dozed off beside ragini.


PRECAP: SWASAN’S haldi, Swara teases sanskar😜

I know swasan scenes r very less but trust me I have more scenes for the coming chapters and thanks for all those who liked and commented on the previous chapters 😊. So as this ff will be ending in somewhat in may, I thought to write a vampire story, again swasan only. So how many of u r interested? Do let me know in the comment section. Do comment and hit the like button if u like😊

With lots of love,❤




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