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Love ka hai intzaar twinj – episode 87”

Episode 87…::::
episode started from morning.
Yuvi wake up and look at mahi who sleeping peacefully and her hands resting on her baby bump.Yuvi kissed on her forehead and even on her baby bump too. He gets up and went in washroom. Later he got freshen up and ready to go for morning walk. He went near Mahi and with full of love and care wake up her.While Mahi didn’t want to go for morning walk.
Mahi: Yuvraj you go na.
Yuvi: mahi please wake up.After so much struggles she got up And went in washroom. Later she to get ready, and they both went for morning walk.
Next side in [email protected]
Twinkle and Kunj sleeping with their kids. Just than Kunj phone ring. Due to phone sound Kunj wake up and check his phone it’s Yuvi call. Kunj received his call.
Kunj: (in sleeping tone) bol why you disturb my sleep.
Yuvi: Arey I was inviting you for morning walk come fast.
Kunj: good I’ll come wait. Kunj get up and sit there he looks at his life who sleeping next to him. Kunj get up take his jogging clothes and went in washroom. He come back and take his car key and left for walk.
Soon kunj reaches xyz park. Mahi and yuvi sitting in side Kunj went towards them.
Yuvi: good morning.
Kunj: good morning 😃.
Mahi: hi jiju. Why not you take di with you.
Kunj: your di will wake up at this time haa. She is sleeping beauty..
Yuvi: haa.They three of them walking. Yuvi did slow due to mahi. While Kunj leave them and ran fast. Burning his fat. After sometime later they did with their jogging session. They sit and have water. Kunj see coconut vendor. He went towards him and get coconut water for them. Back to them.
Kunj: mahi have coconut water. It’s good for you and baby.
Mahi: thanks jiju she takes and yuvi too. They have coconut water.
Kunj: what happened Yuvi babu.
Yuvi: nothing bro tu bata.
Kunj: same nothing. You know mahi twinkle loved coconut water in her pregnancy days. It’s very hard for me to take her for walk.
Yuvi: same here bro..
Mahi: what to do.. nind aati hai..
Kunj: hoo. Good. After delivery, you will to sleep same like twinkle and you Yuvi go and get ready and forgot your sleep too.
Yuvi: yeah and tu hai..
Kunj:hehhe yeha mujhe se mere hi nahi sambal rahe hai.
Yuvi: 😝😝😝 and still you wanted mores 😛..
Mahi: heheh right.
Kunj: shut up.. they three of them dancing on my head. Now can’t say more Bhai.. I’m done.They all had fun later they back to their homes. Kunj reached Sarna Mansion.He went in his room. Kunj entered in room. And find twinkle who lost in her thoughts.Kunj went towards her and give her back hugged. Look at her though Mirror. Still twinkle busy in her own world.
Kunj locked his hands around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder.And give her kiss on her cheeks from back. Kunj tucked her hairs from behind. Twinkle feel his touch and raise her eyes and look at in Mirror and see kunj hugging him. Twinkle raise her eyes.
Kunj: what you were thinking twinkle ji..
Twinkle: nothing just.
Kunj: don’t lie lair. Now tell me.. twinkle turned her face towards kunj and resting her hands on kunj chest..
twinkle: Kunj you know riya ki saadi ki date fixed ho gai hai..
Kunj: what😱when. He gave serous look.
Twinkle: why you so shocked haa. Jeshe tumhari saadi hai haa.
Kunj: Tu ready hoja phir I’m toh ever ready. Winked at her.. and don’t forget about wedding night 😝😝😝.
Twinkle: Kunjjj I’m serious now
Please stop this comedy.
Kunj: okay wifey ji..
Twinkle: well you tell me where you went so early today haa?
Kunj: Arey your jija call me for morning walk, so I went and I give company to mahi and yuvi.
Twinkle: okay. Great. You got and take bath till than I’ll arrange your things okay.
Kunj: hmm. Kunj Jumped on the bed and ticking to kids.
Twinkle: Kunj please don’t wake up
Them let them sleep please. If they wake up than teasing me lot please and others too.
Kunj: I’ll take bath.
Twinkle: huhu always ignores. Kunj took his clothes and went in washroom. While twinkle arranged Kunj things on the table.
Later Kunj come get ready.Twinkle and Kunj left for downstairs while kids still sleeping peacefully.
At downstairs.Twinkle went in kitchen while Kunj to wen behind her. Nobody is in kitchen.Twinkle started preparations for breakfast. While Kunj see her.
Twinkle: why you stand her haa. Go and sit.
Kunj: where is other’s today..
twinkle:go and see them. Kunj hold her in his embrace.
Kunj: aaj tera kuch jada nahi horaha hai.. day start nahi hua aur tera taunts ready. Twinkle making aata.Twinkle smiled naughtily. And applied aata on kunj face.
Kunj: siyappa Queen.Kunj cuddles her tightly. Kunj rubbed his face against Twinkle cheeks while doing this kunj stubble prick on twinkle cheeks.
Kunj: tit-for-tat. 😎.Twinkle eyes went on maya and Sheetal who just coming in kitchen.She smirked and locked her hands around kunj neck.While Kunj get confused and surprised to see her sudden action.
Twinkle give pecked on kunj cheeks.Maya and Sheetal about to entered in kitchen but they saw twinj and stop at door. Kunj tickling on twinkle stomach.She laughed. They both see this and get angry. Just than Sheetal cough. In anger tone. Kunj and twinkle stop and Kunj turned his face and see them he immediately leaves twinkle.While twinkle act like awkwardness.She adjusted her hairs. Kunj finding words what to say and what excuse he say. While twinkle can see maya and Sheetal face and their reaction which making her laugh, but she controlled.
Twinkle: Kunj you go I’ll bring your coffee.
Kunj: hmm and ran from there. Maya and Sheetal making faces on twinkle.Twinkle make kunj coffee take and went in hall.
Maya: Chii people is so shameless in this house.
Sheetal: true they can’t see place and started anywhere. Huhu.While twinkle heard this and still didn’t say and went near kunj.And give him his coffee.
Kunj: its so awkward na.
Twinkle: looks who’s talking. And wait I’ll servant you breakfast don’t go without having okay. Later everyone come for breakfast. All sits.
Manohar: Kunj I want to talk to you about Riya marriage.
Kunj: yes Papa say..
Manohar: you and Anant see all arrangements personally okay. And you both know what is the plan.Maya showing eyes to Anant while he ignores her.
Manohar: riya beta you go with usha and maya or twinkle for shopping to your shopping best okay.
Riya: thanks maamu..after breakfast.
Maya and Anant went in their room.
Maya: Anant you will not any money in Riya wedding get it..
Anant: why I’ll not give haa.
Maya: when I wanted money that time toh you don’t have. Now for others from where you have money haa..
Anant: whatever.
Maya: learn something from kunj. You know Anant on twinkle bday Kunj throw party for her surprise and give her so many gifts and every gift is so expensive and look at you. you can’t me a single thing learn something from kunj haa.
Anant: Listen maya this I told you many times that I’m not like kunj. And neither I can’t life you like twinkle.Kunj is business man I’m normal lawyer get it. While twinkle Listen this all from window she pass from their room she stops due to noise.
Maya:you are brainless man. Let kunj give money you’ll waste your money haa. I’ll not let you do it.
Twinkle: she is so smart what does she mean that my husband money is tissue paper haa.He did hard work to earn it. Nobody gives him beggary.So mean she is.
Twinkle went back in her room. Kunj was just keeping his files in his office bag. Twinkle entered in room. While Aayat and Ansh still sleeping peacefully today they have some kind of holiday so.. twinkle went near kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj.
Kunj: good Twinkle you come. Take my card and give to riya and some money is in our wardrobe you take and give to MAA.
Twinkle: why??.
Kunj: what do you mean why?? Don’t you know.
Twinkle: I know each and everything kunj.
Kunj: you go with riya.
Twinkle:Listen kunj I’ll not go anywhere this you listen carefully. And you’ll not give any money. Kunj see her with big eyeballs.
Kunj: why? Any valid reason.
Twinkle: reasons i have many reasons Kunj. Did you forget it’s only riya and niki who wanted us to separated and making things. Haa.
Kunj: I know each and everything twinkle but. Papa.
Twinkle:I don’t know anything.Twinkle snatch card from him. You’ll not give one rupee to them get it. Kunj don’t want to say.
Kunj:Twinkle yaar try to understand me.
Twinkle:this time you have to understand me kunj I’ll not get it.
Kunj: you wanted that Anant Bhaiya will do everything haa.
Twinkle:I don’t know this it’s their headache not mine. If you go against me than Kunj.
Kunj: than what?
Twinkle: Than I’ll leave you and this house too take my ansh. Went away from you.
Kunj was shocked now.
Kunj: are you out of your mind haa.
Twinkle: I’m not. Now choice is yours. Bache biwi chahiye yeha family. Kunj Listen and give her drastically look.
Kunj:Twinkle yaar. Kunj patting his hand on his forehead.(in fuming tone) twinkle now this is enough. I don’t understand you.
Twinkle: you will not try to understand me kunj how could you understand me kunj.
Kunj turned his face to other side.Twinkle is very much angry on kunj.Twinkle keep her hand on kunj shoulder and make him face to her forcefully.
Twinkle: why you turned your face haa?
Kunj:what to do.Twinkle see kunj face just.
Twinkle:Kunj tell me one thing today when I said anything about your family you become so sad immediately and on my time you are like apathetic towards me why?
Kunj:what do you wanted in (anger tone).
Twinkle: you’ll not do anything and from now I wanted to know about your single rupees. Kunj giving her unexpected look.
Kunj: did you have something in your breakfast bhaang haa.
Twinkle:now don’t try to change the topic kunj.You’ll not do everything for others. Everyone should give their part of money.
I’m your wife even we to wanted look out our kids further you will waste your money on your family.
Kunj: I have much more you don’t worry.
Twinkle:so you earn for us not for others kunj. Tum mere aur mere bacho ka kya karte ho..
Kunj:acha than whom did their haa. Kunj went towards wardrobe and take out money put in twinkle hands. Le bas Kush. Do whatever you wanted to do. He took out his all cards.
Twinkle: tum yeh jo kar rahe ho na woh woh acha nahi hai.
Kunj: you know what twinkle your just confused in your life what you should do actually. Bache bache bas. Still both sleeping peacefully.
Twinkle: tumhara jo hai woh mere bacho ka hai logo ka nahi hai. Joh you shower money on them like water haa.
Itna pyaar biwi aur bacho phar dekhaya karo na acha hai. Life me we will come not they.
Kunj: bas taunt always.Whisper saali in very slow voice but twinkle heard.
Twinkle:don’t dare to abuse me kunj.
Kunj:huhu. I’ll do everything what my parents what get it. And moreover twinkle if you did itself I’ll be happy but you were always stood you’ll not do anything, so I’ll do because it’s my duty. And me inn ka eshaan nahi bula shakta hu. So
Twinkle:good do now forget that you have one wife and kids.Because you love them most.Not us.Kunj grab her from elbow.
Kunj:now you don’t cross your limits.Biwi ho na so biwi raho don’t become my mother.Kunj Leave her hands with jerk. And took his office bag and went for office directly.Twinkle rubbed her elbow. All Maya words echoed in twinkle ears. She forgets everything.Took the money and keep it in wardrobe back. Twinkle went towards went and see Ansh And Aayat still sleeping.Twinkle wake up them with love and care.They both opened their eyes and give smile to twinkle.They both get up sit there only both resting their head on twinkle hands. Taking yawing.
Twinkle:come fast have bath. Twinkle took them in her arms together and went in washroom.They both stand under in shower twinkle give them bath.Wrapped them in towel.They both went back to room.They both sit on the bed while Twinkle went towards take out their clothes. Just than maya come there. Twinkle see her but didn’t say anything she took their clothes and went towards them.Twinkle make wear clothes to Ansh.
Maya: so finally Aayat you wake up.
Aayat: hmm.
Ansh: MAA good morning.While maya didn’t reply him back.Aayat see maya expression on Ansh.Twinkle make wear clothes to Aayat too. Make her pony. Maya went downstairs while twinkle tell Ansh and Aayat that don’t go anywhere just sit in room she will bring their breakfast in room only. Twinkle went downstairs goes in kitchen make potato pancake for them after. She went back to in room. Both brother and sister sitting nicely.Twinkle went towards them and feed them they both having potato pancakes enjoyed it.Later Twinkle busy in her work while Bebe and Usha both get busy in work and wedding preparations.

At [email protected]
Everyone sitting only ladies discussing about things.
Anjali: MAA you all go for shopping I can’t due to my pain.
Usha: okay. Riya you go and get ready we all go for shopping.
Niki: yeah Riya go.
Just than twinkle come down and went towards all.
Usha: Twinkle beta you didn’t get ready till now.
Twinkle: mummy ji I will not go anywhere you people go please.
Bebe: why?
Twinkle:aeshe hi.. Usha understand everything why twinkle don’t wanted to go.Soon whose wanted to go they get ready and went for shopping. Twinkle did all work she didn’t call kunj whole day.
At office.
Kunj and yuvi sitting having coffee making presentations together.While Kunj mind upset.
Yuvi:What happened bro today at morning you were so fresh. Now looking like picka hua tomato.😝. Kunj give him his anger look.
Kunj: shut up now you don’t started ghar me ek hai.
Yuvi: Kya Hua bata bhai jaan.
Kunj: jo hota hai woh hi. Kunj tell each and everything to Yuvi about Aayat what happened in her school now twinkle Riya wedding.
Yuvi: teri life roller coasters se kam nahi hai bhai😝😝. But I’m with twinkle she is right at her place.
Kunj: tu sab jaan ta hai Yuvi still. How can I disobey my parents why did so much for me.
Yuvi: hmm right still.Kunj forget about everything think about Aayat you take this matter very much lightly. I think she knows everything. Kunj did his eyes balls big.
Kunj: are you out of your mind Yuvi from where she come to know she doesn’t know anything bro. Don’t say this in front of twinkle she kills me immediately already she behind me.
Yuvi: now what you decided for Riya wedding.
Kunj: I just give money it’s Their look out not mine neither I interested so.
Yuvi: great.
Everyone done with shopping they all come back home at night. While twinkle make dinner already.
Bebe: I’m so hungry.
Manohar:in one day you people did all shopping great. Twinkle tell meena arrange the dinner soon all get freshen and come for dinner. All settle down. Meena along with twinkle they both serving while other telling what they buy today in shopping. Just than Kunj entered there he directly went towards dinning table he joint to all for dinner. Twinkle see him but didn’t show him that she saw him.
Maya: riya that dress is very good.
Riya: yeah Maya Bhabhi.
Bebe: Cherry you see tomorrow haldi junction preparations Okay.
Cherry: okay. Kunj look at twinkle with corner of his eyes.Twinkle face is gloomy.
Kunj scared to see her face.
Usha:kunj I used your card.
Kunj: hmm MAA.Twinkle drop the spoon purposely. Kunj cough.
Om: Anjali we both went MAA house tomorrow.
Kunj: why?? O.
Om:Arey Kunj MAA call us so.All done with Their dinner.Kunj and Anant sit together in lobby.They both brother talking about wedding.While twinkle went in her room back. Ansh and Aayat sitting doing their home work.Twinkle went towards them and sit beside them. Twinkle check their note books and find so many remarks in Aayat note book. Just than Kunj entered in room and see them.He went near them silently sit beside twinkle. Her back facing to kunj. It’s seemed like kunj hugging her from back.Twinkle didn’t say anything. Twinkle read note from teacher Kunj too.
They both read and shocked.Shocked because teacher give remark but Aayat didn’t show them neither her parents
didn’t bother to check out once.

Ansh: mamma I did my all work.
Twinkle: hmm and you Aayat what is this show her all remarks. Aayat looking here and there.
Kunj: and why you don’t take signature haa.
Aayat: woh I forgot Chachu.They both know she lies with them. Both didn’t say anything. Later they both done with their work.Twinkle keep all books in their bag.

Twinkle get up kunj hold her hand.Twinkle turned her face and look at Kunj.
Kunj: so you didn’t go for shopping with everyone haa.
Twinkle: why?? You go what need of me.
Kunj get up and went near her.
Kunj: seriously twinkle.
Twinkle: you do what you wanted and I’ll do what I wanted kunj. I’ll not stop you and you too. Give your money whomever you wanted. From next time I’ll not say anything.
Kunj: Twinkle I’m helpless try to understand me.
Twinkle: leave it. Mere life me already bhut problems hai you can see your family.
Kunj: Twinkle yaar. Right now we should think about Aayat why you fight with me haa.
Twinkle:I leave it Aayat on god. And why you worried about her hai na tumhari Bhabhi haa.Twinkle in washroom Change her night dress even kids too.Maya come take Aayat with her. Twinkle come and take Ansh lay down beside him. While Kunj busy in his office work.

Next [email protected]
In Sarna Mansion everywhere hustle bustle going on. Kunj and Anant checking all things for haldi function. Hopefully everything done perfectly within in one day. Niki and Riya went parlour. Kunj and twinkle didn’t talk too much just in yes and no bas.Maya talk with Varsha about property.Now new thing going on in her mind.kunj called designer for twinkle haldi dress.Anjali and om visit hospital gynaecologist take her advice for pregnancy.Later in evening. All set for haldi function.Everyone gets ready and come In garden.Twinkle went in her room to get ready. In kids she didn’t get chance to get ready. So.Twinkle about to going In washroom her eyes went on bed and see yellow colour haldi dress.She went and see. She understood its kunj who did.
Twinkle place back and went in washroom. Twinkle come take another dress get ready. Twinkle wear yellow long skirt with straight kurti. She get ready in a simple make up looking extremely beautiful make fishtail.Twinkle look at herself in mirror give fly kiss. Just than Aayat come in room.Aayat and twinkle dress all most same. She ran towards twinkle stand beside her.
Aayat: hoo looking hot. 😝. Twinkle bend down match her height with her.
Twinkle: even you too my princess.Aayat give kiss on her cheeks.
Aayat: apply this on me too. Forwarding her hand on lipstick which twinkle applied.
Twinkle laugh. She took the lipstick and Aayat all set for lipstick make pouty lips.
Twinkle: don’t I’ll do it okay. She stand like a nice girl.While twinkle apply lipstick on her lips.Lipstick colour is very dark good.
Aayat look at herself in mirror and praise herself too.Twinkle just admire her life.
Twinkle: now let’s go everyone must be waiting for you.
Aayat: yeah.. twinkle hold her hand both went downstairs.
At garden.Whole garden decorated with multi colour lights. Riya wearing yellow colour lehanga with flower jewellery looking good Others too. Riya and shaan
Sitting on the table. Kunj and yuvi standing they both wearing same to same yellow kurta with white salwaar looking extremely hot. Mahi sitting with Anita she take care of her. Just than twinkle come there she meet with her parents and bro and Bhabhi as well. Ansh is in Manohar arms.Kunj eyes went on twinkle he just freezes to see her beauty. Kunj just shocked to see her it’s like her haldi
today.Twinkle didn’t see him once just stand beside Asha.
Yuvi: bhaiya Bhabhi looking hot. Kunj give him side look.
Kunj: hmm kam bol.
Yuvi: still your war is going on.
Kunj:I try to solve, but she didn’t want it.
Yuvi:I can’t say anything kunj even you are to right on your place and twinkle too.
I’ll suggest you that go and make her mood good. It would be good for you too.
Bebe call everyone they all should started haldi. All stand first Bebe take haldi and applied on both groom and bride face hands give them blessing. Twinkle greeting with other family guest. All applied haldi on their face just than Usha asker where is twinkle.
Usha: maya go and call twinkle. Kunj eyes searching her but she didn’t see anywhere. Maya went and see twinkle but didn’t called twinkle just come back. And tell usha that she didn’t want to come. Kunj closed his fist.
Kunj: MAA let it be I’ll apply. Kunj and yuvi apply haldi on them with fun. After haldi session come sit together in garden enjoying cool breeze.
Asha: aaj Kya Hua Twinkle ji.
Twinkle: Kuch nahi bas.
Asha: pati se khafa 😝.
Twinkle: not.
Asha:I’m not idiot today you look amazing and Kunj is not around you that’s impossible without any reason. He didn’t let you sit with us if everything is fine. 😝. Twinkle: acha what about bhai😝😝.
Bhai ka haal suna rahi ho. Kunj and yuvi having cold drink just than Aayat come went towards them. Yuvi and Kunj eyes went on Aayat lips and shocked cam comedy. They both started laughing.
Aayat: why you both laughing haa.
Yuvi: abey oyye pidhi which paint you apply on your lips.
Aayat: it’s not paint first and it’s lipstick.
Kunj: good come. Kunj make her sit on his lap. Who apply this ?
Aayat:twinkle chachi we both used same to same.Aayat make pouty lips. Kunj kiss on her cheeks while she too left her lips mark on his cheeks.
Yuvi: abey oyye Twinkle see this she will kill you 😍😝😝. Differently.
Kunj: whatever 😏😏.Twinkle come there she come for Aayat.
Twinkle: aayat where is ansh.
Aayat:woh Ansh dadu ke pass hai.Kunj didn’t see her.Twinkle make face on him which Yuvi see and laugh out.
Twinkle: okay Aayat. Later all come sit together whole family for dinner while Twinkle didn’t see anywhere. Bua dadi giving taunt to Kunj.Due to this kunj anger increasing very much. Twinkle was stuck with ansh in washroom because he just doing vomiting continuously.
Episode freezes on twinkle sad and Kunj anger other side..
How was the episode?
Hope you all like it episode.
I don’t know what I write actually so plz read and leave it.
I know I’m late..
10-4-2018 I lost my father suddenly I really don’t know that I lost my pa forever it’s like a nightmare. In a very small age my pa leave us alone. Me and my brother is bin aap ke bache 😭😭😭.
When I see others they don’t have father I don’t know that one day even I too like same them.. we all so happy that day even Papa too. Don’t know what happened to him suddenly. He didn’t give us chance to do anything for him. My pa is best he give me and Bhai everything we both live like Prince and princess humare bolne se phale he bring all things place in front of us. Pata nahi ta he will leave us like this. Now whom I’m complaint who fulfilled my all demands after Papa now I can’t think about any wish and demand unko pure karne wala hi chala Gaya. Never think about this day it will come in our life so soon. We all shocked for my father sudden death he is fine absolutely nobody think this.The last think my pa had from my hand only. 😭😭I don’t know after this he will not have anything. He always busy in work and running here and there did very much hard work to give us best life even he give us luxury life. At 3:00 he take his last breath in my mother hands we don’t know that pa going hospital he will not come back. My world just breaks down nobody tell us about pa my uncles lie with us that pa is in icu but he already die at home only. When they open our main gate that time I was just freeze because I never ever think about it.
That night come in our life make our like hell. If I know that I’ll never leave my pa.
My mother is very good. After having so much think my father always like down to earth.He always correct us now who will correct us on our wrong thinks. Still I think it’s just a dream that didn’t break it. Still one hope alive in my heart that my Papa
Will come.My mother is now all alone. Papa just leave money for us anything else. This all empire me and my bro have to see don’t know how we will do it.
Today I’m telling you all plz plz take care of your parents if they say anything us don’t get angry woh hai tab hi humhe bol shakte hai kal ka Pata nahi hai. World me parents jeshe koi nahi. Me toh never.
For a daughter uske pa kya hote hai.
Allah mere Papa ko jannat nashib kare.
I miss you Papa where are you… 😭😭😭 now I’m not same kiya anymore you know I proud on my father love but today everything is finished. Now my MAA is in iddat. 4 month and 10 days she can’t come out of the room and never see anyone expect that his son brother. Brother sons sisters sons. Not any other man’s even not a small boy till her iddat not complete. Can’t see her face in mirror.
My pa always say that in my mother family nobody is not happy as much like my mother aaj Papa ne sab se jada dukh MAA ko de diya. My mother to lost her father in a very small age but don’t that we too. I’ll try to post ff as much as I can. You all have to wait plz plz understand my pain I know you all will. And plz don’t sad for comments always count one comment from my side sorry past one week I didn’t do comment on anyone ff.. my whole life just break down I can’t digest that fact now I don’t have Papa. When I lost my eyes my pa last face come in front of me.
He did very much for us now it’s our turn to do something for him.
Pls have to request to you all first read this 👇🏻
bismillah hir rahman nir raheem
Than 👇🏻
Laaa Ilaaha Illa-llaahu Muhammadur-Rasoolu-llaah 3 time for my pa take his name at last (Habib).. pls plz plz its good for him his soul.
Now bye love you all …
don’t worry stories I’ll post just give me sometime to deal with my pain.
I just come for you all to informed.
We are already four now become three.just in a one night my life turn down. Allah Kareem bas.. plz read and pray for my Papa.. till my mother iddat I can’t post like before now she need us.
This 4 month is like a hell for her so..
bye love you all..ignore any grammatical errors please

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