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Let me love you raglak – Part 2

I believed in love marriage, no marriage can survive without love.Love holds relationship from falling apart.I dreamt of my prince charming who would love me with all his heart.

That’s when everything camf crashing down n I was married to my future brother in law.

Nothing is going to change.Maybe I could love him n make him fall in love for me right??

This is not any story book where hero marries heroine under her sisters betrayal n then hero magically falls in love with her.She too falls for him then they lived happily ever after.

No ,she decides to do first step that should or is right.she decided to remove her thought on him as her brother in law.

Laksh POV

Swara cheated me,she could have told fact she was the one who proposed me n now she ran away.I looked at my own room where I thought I would be spending my time with her.I drew curtains closed to stop any light from falling in my face.I sat down against wall n let my tears subside,then I felt light falling on my face.Ragini opened it.

She smiles at me but it feels like hollow.I slowly reached the curtains n pulled it back.I whispered darkness is what love gives us .She opened it n said light,love is light in darkness live gives.

Laksh then went to his bed n tried sleeping.But he couldn’t.then he glanced at ragini who was sleeping on the couch.maybe he should move on.maybe he could find it possible for him to find love again??



Laksh laughed he said that he got the answer to his questions on marriage night.Yes he fell in love with her.He saw ragini who was playing in waves.She dragged him too.She pushed him in.Laksh pulled himself with her.

Un vizhiyinil vizhuntha natkalil naal karainthathu athuve pothume ver ethuvum vendame pennae….

She slowly lifted herself from sand n laksh too came out.She said I …

Laksh turned  his back on her,tears slipped from my eyes.

Ragini stood shocked,sometimes he behaves as if he loves her n the next moment he does this.He breaks my heart.

Waves rose.ragini looked at him walking away.

Screen splits

Laksh says I love you ragini but I can’t tell you…

Ragini says laksh I know you love me but what happened??


Let me love you will meet you all again.

Precap:aftermath of marriage, disaster in ….. Present raglak moments….

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