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Laado 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun clears Anu’s doubt with emotional blackmail

Laado 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anushka coming to Dadi. Shaurya is already in her room. Anu asks Dadi why she is happy? Dadi says I was waiting for you. Dadi reminds her about Tai’s birthday. Anu says I remember everything. Dadi says you used to do same thing. She says tomorrow is Tai’s birthday and she brought you up for many years as her daughter. You used get many gifts for her and asks her to go tomorrow and give her gifts. Anushka agrees. Dadi says Shaurya and you have to leave in the morning itself. She says if you go early then will reach early.

Juhi calls Tai and says how can I forget that you have brought me up. She says I got to know about their truth because of you and I could run at right time. Tai says how can I let anything happen to you. Juhi says I can’t come to meet you this year and

tells that she came to Veerpur with Pita ji. Tai ji blesses her and says your family will not know where you are? She asks if you are fine? Juhi says yes. Tai ji blesses her and ends the call. She looks at Juhi’s pic and kisses on it.

Later juhi is having food. Rajjo asks if she eats simple food. Inder says spicy food makes ladies ugly. Malhari says she is simple and got TV out of room. Inder and Juhi tell that TV is bad. Rantej comes there and says you got married. Rajjo asks him to have food. Malhari introduces Juhi as Inder’s daughter. Juhi comes ear Inder and touches his feet. He touches her shoulder. Rantej realizes Juhi is uncomfortable and thinks to find out about Inder.

Anu comes to Shagun. Shagun hides something. Anu if you want to hide from me then its ok. Shagun shows the earring and says she is designing it for her. Anu says me. Shagun says you are like my daughter Juhi and used to design her jewellery, clothes etc. She says I never want her to think that I am her step mum. She says while fulfilling her needs, I used to forget about Kuldeep. She tells that Kuldeep used to complaint that I love juhi more. Anu gets emotional. Shagun says we got attached with you. Anu hugs her and says she didn’t feel this love before. Shagun kisses on her forehead. Anu goes. Shagun smirks and thinks it seems Anu is trapped.

Malhari and Inder are sleeping in the room. Inder thinks it seems she is in deep sleep, gets up and goes. Anu smiles. Dadi comes to her and asks her to give chadawa and money to Tai from her side. Anu takes it and thinks she has to go and find out where Juhi is?

Inder goes to Juhi’s room and opens her room. Juhi is sitting scared in her room. Inder locks the door and switches off lights. Juhi cries.

Inder switches on lights. Juhi is seen crying on bed. Anu gets dream about Janvi and Amma ji. She thinks something wrong happening in Veerpur.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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