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Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Prithvi cuts Tapsi’s hand to prove himself right

Kundali Bhagya 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rakhi stops Preeta in the corridor and asks why Karan was fighting with her. Preeta says she was pointing mistakes in Sophia so. Rakhi agrees that Sophia is a spoilt child of this generation. Preeta leaves. Mahesh now stops Preeta and asks her to be frank and ask about any help if needed; he offered Sarla as well. Karan takes Mahesh away. Preeta was determined to fight Karan well now. Karan leaves Mahesh and goes towards Preeta.
In the room, Tapsi stops Prithvi saying she loves him, she would allow him to marry or even keep a girlfriend. She only wish to have a little love from him. Prithvi was happy about such desperate girl and sits on the bed to kiss her.
Preeta tries to enter the room but it was locked. She thinks Karan must have locked the room to tease her, she would show him what

Preeta is. Prithvi was shocked to see her there. Karan was happy. Inside, Preeta was taken aback and says she never thought he has this face. She never bothered what others said about him, but he has broken her trust. He must remember he is in a committed relation and they are getting engaged. She wasn’t ready to hear any clarifications and cries saying she never believed Karan. She always overlooked what he said about Prithvi, but it seems everything he thinks about him is right. She cries that even her mother would be hurt, she was thinking she got an angel and never knew he was a devil.
Prithvi takes a chance to mark a cut on Tapsi’s arm. She screams out of pain. Prithvi says he wanted to tell Preeta earlier that she was hurt. Karan comes in, they ask him to bring a first aid box. Tapsi wasn’t ready to be on Karan’s side. Preeta wasn’t ready to listen to Karan and shouts at him to stop the topic. Prithvi forbids Karan to disturb patient and doctor. He takes Karan outside in the party. Outside, Karan was furious. Prithvi mocks him and advices Karan to stay away from his life. Karan says he is rightful as its about his friend’s life. Both challenge each other, Karan says he would go to any extent to save his friend’s life. He says whatever Preeta had seen inside was all true, but she could have broken the relation with him otherwise. He had to save himself so he cut Tapsi’s hand. Karan repeats his question. Preeta and Tapsi had walked outside, they were cautious. Preeta apologizes Prithvi to be suspicious of him. Karan was helpless, as Prithvi forgives her like she did a few days ago. When Prithvi and Preeta have left, Tapsi also walks away.

PRECAP: Janki attempts to write P R I… Dadi asks if its Prithvi? Shrishti confirms her suspicion over Prithvi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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