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Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rahul gets Gauri’s message

Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Namrata fainting on the road. Some people stop the car and check her. They take her along. Shambu looks on. Preeti asks Minty not to leave her hand, there is much crowd. They look for Gauri. Rahul says I will do this for Gauri, I m sure she will visit temples and leave clue for us, maybe they didn’t go Kashi this way. Yashpal gets a call from Thakur. He asks did you reach, we didn’t get Gauri, Rahul is saying we will get her in any Shiv temple, fine. Minty hides phone.

The people get Namrata home. The lady says we got her on road. The lady greets the man and asks is Badi Nani alive or gone. The man says she is taking last breaths, doctor said she is going to die. The lady says I think we shall wait more. She feeds some water to the old lady. Everyone gets glad

that she died. The old lady coughs. They say she is alive. Namrata wakes up and asks where is my Rahul, where did you get me. The lady calls her mad. Namrata says I have to go to Rahul. The lady says have food first, then we will take you to Rahul. Namrata eats food. Rahul reads Gauri’s message on the temple wall. He says Soumya also wrote a message on wall this way. Yashpal says Rahul you said right, Gauri will leave clues for us, we will visit all temples, if we reach before them, we can free Gauri. Indra calls Yashpal and threatens. He says I know everything, stop else you won’t like my way. He ends call. Rahul asks what happened. Yashpal says it was Indra’s call, he knows about my moves, someone is informing him. Namrata says I will kill you, I have to go to Rahul. The lady asks her to freshen up and get ready, so that Rahul gets happy. Namrata agrees. The man says she looks mad, maybe she isn’t rich and stolen good clothes.

Indra says we should have got Shivlings. Gauri says stop the car, I have to go Shiv temple. Indra says will you pray in one day. Gauri says I m praying to get Shivlings. Rahul is also in the same temple. Preeti doesn’t see Indra. Rahul asks did you get anything. Preeti says no. Gauri writes the message. Indra asks Gauri to come. He takes her with him. Yashpal gets shocked seeing the message and shouts Rahul come fast. He asks was this message here some time back. Preeti says no. Rahul says it means Gauri wrote this, she is nearby. He runs to find her. Preeti reads message. Indra and Gauri leave. Rahul says we lost them. Preeti scolds Minty and slaps. Rahul asks what are you doing, what did she go. Preeti says see what Gauri wrote. They read that Minty is informing everything to Indra. Preeti says Indra gave the phone to Minty, look at her. Minty says Papa said he will make everything fine and come to us. Rahul says he is not your Papa, he snatched your Papa forever, Gauri is with him, if you inform him, he can hurt Gauri. Minty says I won’t let anything happen to Gauri, I will talk to Papa. Preeti scolds again. Yashpal says we shouldn’t delay, Gauri said she will stop Indra in temple, we should reach there fast.

Gauri and Indra go inside a temple. Yashpal says Indra is inside, seal the temple. Police gets inside the temple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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