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Kunj moved to open the door, while Alisha quickly threw the drape of her saree back over her torso to cover her. Kunj tried to rebutton his shirt and make himself look more presentable. His heartbeat quickened as thoughts of finding Twinkle on the other side of the door flooded his mind. He opened the door. Standing there was a hotel staff with a coat in his hand, looking wide-eyes at the scene before him. A sly grin spread across his face. 

Today’s generation- The old waiter said before handing the coat to Kunj. A continuous grin was on his face. 

Kunj let out a sigh of relief. He was about to leave when he saw UV. He immediately turned to go in the closet, so that UV cannot see him but it was too late. 

UV- Kunj! He called and quickly walked up to the closet- What are you…… He paused when his eyes landed on Alisha inside the closet. A disgusted expression was on his face. He turned and started to walk away. Kunj followed him, trying to keep up his pace. 

Kunj- UV, stop! Please wait for a second and let me explain. Kunj called UV. 

UV stopped abruptly but did not turn to face Kunj. Kunj- It’s not what it looks like. 

UV- Twinkle sent me to find you. He simply said what he wanted to say ignoring to Kunj’s explanation. – I don’t know why but she is freaking out about something. Chinki is with her. UV finally turned to Kunj and said- She needs you and you are here in closet with some other woman. His face and voice showed how disgusted he was feeling at that moment. 

Kunj quietly entered the hall with UV where everyone was still gathered. He saw Twinkle and Chinki in a corner together and Chinki was telling something to Twinkle whereas Twinkle was so much in tension. 

Kunj- Twinkle are you ok? 

Twinkle looked up at him and was looking worried- You left me. 

Kunj remembered that he had promised to stay with her all the time so that Shaurya would not harm her by any means. 

Kunj- I am so sorry, I needed some fresh air. I won’t leave you again. He apologized and asked Chinki to join UV. He took a seat beside her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder to calm her down. He saw Alisha entering the hall quietly and took a place beside her husband who has not noticed her disappearance.  She looked at Kunj and tried to hold his gaze but he quickly looked away and focused on Twinkle who was a way calmer in his embrace. 

The dinner was about to commence. Kunj took a seat between Twinkle and UV, silently hoping that Alisha and her husband won’t be seated on the same table. Shaurya sauntered over the table. He took one look at Kunj and Twinkle and turned around and walked away. Shaurya didn’t feel like dealing with kunj right at that moment He looked around for someone he could switch seats with that would also make Kunj uncomfortable, and he knew just the person, or people rather. 

The dinner portion of the evening finally came. Most of the people were looking forward to the five-course meal that awaited them. Kunj could not think anything about food right now. All he could think was how Alisha and her husband landed on the same table and to make matter worse she was seated right in front of him. UV handled most of the conversation as Kunj was not able to focus anything but on Twinkle. He just hoped that Twinkle and Alisha would not talk to each other. 

Kunj- UV whispered to Kunj when the second course of the meal was served. 

Kunj looked over UV, who seemed to have forgotten about the whole coat closet incident. UV nodded his head slightly over at Alisha. 

UV- Isn’t that…? 

Kunj nodded his head sadly. UV sighed and looked at Twinkle and then at Alisha. He was about t dig into the second course. 

Veal Parmigiana- The waiter said. 

UV’s hand whacked at the bowl of pasta that went flying across the table. It was his first instinct. He was about to eat a baby cow. The parmigiana pasta landed on the other side of the table which landed some on Alisha’s husband, which did not go very well with him as the pasta spilled some on his trousers. Everyone started at UV in amazement wondering what had gotten into him. Kunj tried to suppress his laugh. UV always use to react in the extreme way in every situation. Chinki couldn’t hold back her laugh. Twinkle was confused to what had just happened but could only focus on the food in front of her. She was starving and was about to eat the veal when Kunj’s hand enveloped hers, causing her to drop the fork on the table.  

Hiten started making a scene on the table, scolding UV for spoiling his expensive suit. Alisha haven’t even noticed that some of the food was on her saree too but she was busy watching Twinkle and Kunj’s intertwined hands and her focus was on Kunj. 

Veal is baby cow Twinkle- Kunj whispered to Twinkle. 

Twinkle looked down at the parmigiana uneasily. He instructed the waiter to take their plates away.  Alisha looked on in jealousy. Her traditional husband who always avoid eating beef as well, for cows considered are sacred in Hindus. However, he had told her to eat it up so they wouldn’t create any scene, yet here he himself created a huge scene. It irked her how much Kunj care for his wife and claims that he doesn’t love her. 

Hiten stomped of to the bathroom to try to salvage was he could of his suit. UV sat back constantly apologizing, he was just subjected to. 

UV- Damn, so difficult to make him understand. I even offered him to buy a new suit, and he is still angry. 

Kunj- Well, you did throw the pasta at him. 

UV- Veal Kunj, Veal. Who the hell eats veal? UV said- UV then inquired about the rest of the menu. There would be a choice of steak or fish for the main course, but UV would obviously choose fish so there would nu further problems. Chinki couldn’t stop from laughing. UV was so entertaining. 

Kunj- Ok, UV, veal s gone now, don’t worry. Kunj said laughing. He looked over Twinkle who was also amused with UV’s actions. Kunj eyes then wandered over Alisha who was continuously looking at Kunj. Kunj became uncomfortable under his gaze. The next course was served, and she kept glancing up at him. It was too much to take Twinkle didn’t notice Alisha’s behavior, and Kunj was a little more relived. UV noticed that but couldn’t point it out because Twinkle would hear. 

Finally, the dinner came to an end. The main course was served. UV double checked to make sure fish was in front of him and not steak. After dessert, the men and women separated. Men went to smoke and mingle more while women were planning for some gossip. 

Kunj- Let’s leave, I don’t want any more mingling and talking. 

UV- Yes, let’s leave. UV quickly agreed understanding why Kunj was in hurry to leave. 

The girls too agreed and they left. UV and Chinki left in their car while Kunj and Twinkle left in their limo. Twinkle was exhausted even though all she had done was stand beside Kunj for couple of hours and ate dinner. Kunj was being normal around her again, but she noticed he wasn’t being as sweet as he was when Mahi was there. She thought about the date he had taken her on and wished she could go back to that moment. 

They arrived back to home and twinkle went upstairs right away to take a hot shower and then go to bed. She stepped into her bedroom and turned the lights on. An involuntary gasp escape from her mouth as she saw the candles and flowers all over her room. She also noticed an imported box of chocolate and a champagne bottle kept on the middle of her bed. 



It was a beautiful surprise! Just when she thought that Kunj was becoming distant, he gives her a beautiful surprise. 

Kunj- She called him when she him passing by the hall way on his way to the bedroom. He walked to her. 

Twinkle- Thank you for this. She said pointing to her room. 

Kunj looked inside and was surprised himself. He had forgotten that he had made all these arrangements soon after cheating on her. UV told him that he needed to treat Twinkle like a princess. 

Kunj- You deserve it. He walked in to inspect the work his staff had done and was quite impressed with the work done. 

Twinkle’s face was glowing with happiness. She was continuously smiling and she wished that Kunj could stay with her in this beautifully decorated room, but she knew that it would lead to a difficult situation for both of them. 

Kunj- Good night Twinkle. He said and walked towards the door but stopped and turned and placed a gentle kiss on Twinkle’s cheek. Twinkle held his arm and hesitantly wrapped her hand around his neck and hugged him. Kunj was surprised by her action but he hugged her back warmly, fighting with the urge to kiss her. He placed another kiss on her forehead and walked out of her rom. 

Next day Kunj woke up early and instructed the chef to prepare Indian food for breakfast. As much as he hates it, he knew that Twinkle loves Indian food. Twinkle dressed in a simple sky-blue saree came downstairs after the breakfast table was ready. 

Surprise- Kunj exclaimed spotting her. 

Twinkle- Indian breakfast? But you don’t like it? 

Kunj- I know but you like it. He said and took Twinkle’s hand and made her sit dragging the chair for her. 

The maids started serving them. The chef had prepared all favorite food of Twinkle. She was very happy and thought that Kunj was being really sweet, after they had the argument. 

Twinkle- Thank you. She said after finishing the food. 

Kunj- Twinkle, you don’t have to say thank you for everything. Stop saying that for every little thing. 

Twinkle- But that was really sweet of you. I know you don’t like Indian food for breakfast yet you got that made it for me. 

Kunj- It was nothing Twinkle. There is a hell lot more I’d do for you. He smiled while saying this- Anyways I am getting late for work so need to go. I will see you in the evening. He thought of giving Twinkle a good-bye kiss, but then decided not to as all the maids and servants were there. He quickly pecked her cheek and left. 

Twinkle was happy by Kunj’s attention. He was being so nice and she enjoyed it a lot. She received a call from Roshni informing her that she was near her house and want to meet her. Twinkle was happy to have her. 

Roshni- Hey Twinkle! How are you. Roshni asked as she entered the mansion. She sat down on the large sofa in the living room. 

Twinkle- I am fine and you? 

Roshni- I am doing great. I rocked Sid’s world a few nights ago, and the presents have been nonstop. 

Twinkle- Kunj has been really nice too. Maybe something’s there in the air that is making husbands want to pamper their wives. 

Roshni- Twinkle, let be real. We all know that we keep them happy, so they will keep us happy. 

Twinkle blushed at that statement, knowing that Kunj and she never shared that kind of relationship. 

Twinkle- Well, I don’t think so Kunj is being sweet to me for that reason. We never actually…. 

Roshni’s eyes widen in shock- Don’t tell me you never satisfied your man yet and you are married? And he is being really nice to you? Hmm, something is fishy. 

Twinkle- What do you mean? 

Roshni- He had done something wrong, that’s why he is being nice to you. Twinkle, men are never nice for no reason. Either they are trying to get something or making for some mistake. 

Twinkle- We had an argument. May be that’s why. 

Roshni- Maybe. What you need to do is keep him on his toes otherwise he will start looking elsewhere. 

Twinkle looked at her with uncertainty. Roshni explained her- Twinkle, I understand you had an arrange marriage and you don’t want to take it further right now. That’s ok, but a little foreplay and some lingerie won’t hurt, you know. 

Twinkle looked at Roshni surprised. She was actually surprised by her bluntness. She looked at her not willing to continue this kind of conversation. 

Roshni- Twinkle, show me your lingerie collection and we can plan a romantic night for Kunj as a payment for acting so nice to you. 

Twinkle- I… I don’t have any… 

Roshni- What? Roshni asked again her eyes wide in shock. 

Roshni- And Kunj is Ok with that? Not the Kunj I know will be Ok with it. Every married women should have one Twinkle. It is a crime not to have any. Come get ready, we are going shopping right now! 


Finally you get to know who knocked the door. Kunj is feeling so guilty. He is being so sweet to Twinkle. Alisha was so jealous of Twinkle. Come one girl they are married get out of his life. Anyways I just hope you all like this episode as well.

And now Twinkle going on shopping with Roshni, so excited to read next episode and what you all think that whether she will wear it for Kunj or not?

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