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Jiji Maa 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Falguni confronts Uttara

Jiji Maa 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Falguni praying and wishing she could get justice for Gayatri. Vidhaan and Niyati decide to decorate baby’s room. Falguni thinks of constable’s words. Maharaj asks what are you thinking. Falguni says no one gets justice in the world. Maharaj says no, evil always loses, good always wins. Constable calls her. He says I checked the file again, I got a hair which was stuck in the person’s watch, its the murderer’s hair. She asks how can we find the truth. He says if you get the hair of person you doubt, we can find proof. She says I will bring the sample today itself.

She comes to Jayant and gives him juice. She sees Uttara’s comb. He asks what happened. She says Uttara doesn’t have hairloss. He says yes, she likes to take care of her hair, she likes head massage.

She goes. Uttara asks Suyash to send legal notice. Falguni says I will do Niyati’s hair champi. Niyati thanks her. Falguni asks Uttara to get champi today. Uttara says I went to hair spa today, no need. Vidhaan says I will get a champi. Falguni agrees and does champi to him. Niyati shows the article on baby moon. Vidhaan explains it to Shom. He praises Falguni’s magic. Falguni asks Uttara to get a massage. Uttara refuses. Vidhaan asks Suyash to get champi. Suyash sits. Falguni does champi. Jayant says we should decide about baby moon destination. Vidhaan says we can go anywhere. Uttara says ask them do they have passport. Niyati says we don’t have. Suyash says we will go anywhere in India. Jayant also sits for champi. Vidhaan says we will go Goa.

Jayant asks Uttara to get champi. Falguni says forget it, my hands are aching, I have work. Jayant asks Uttara to think again. Uttara stops Falguni and asks her to do the champi. Falguni does champi and gets a hair. Falguni goes and gives hair sample to constable. Constable says you came on time, I will try to get reports till night. Constable comes to meet Falguni. He says its my last day at work, I m glad I did some good thing, this person is the murderer, I will pray that Lord helps you. She thanks him. He says this was my duty.

Falguni comes to Uttara and taunts her. She says you killed that man and accused Gayatri, I have read the case file, truth has come out, I know the truth. Uttara asks what will happen if you know, do you have proof. Falguni says I have such proof that will prove your a murderer, your DNA report, your hair was found at the murder site, other evidence is already there, your sin pot is full, tell Jayant that Gayatri was innocent, Suyash regards you more than a mum, will you say this to police first or family. Uttara gets shocked. She cries and says I will tell police and family too, I was jealous of my sister and sent her to jail, I snatched everything from her, her house, husband and even her son.

She thanks Falguni for telling this to her first. She says I want a chance to admit my crime in front of my family, do me another favor, give me a week’s time to surrender to police, I want to spend time with my family, my children. Falguni agrees. She asks her not to break her trust again. Uttara says I just loved Niyati since she came here, trust me for her sake, I will surrender to police after coming back from Goa. Falguni says fine. She goes. Uttara thinks you won’t come back from Goa. She smiles.

Everyone enjoys in Goa. Uttara says six people will go Goa, but just five will come back, foolish girl…

Update Credit to: Amena

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