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I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 49- Anika in Vahni clutches

Here i’m back with the next episode hope you guys gonna love it.

Ignore all spelling , typo and grammatical mistakes and enjoying reading


Shivaay turns and gazes Anika with wet eyes pov” ek baar dekh lo Anika mere safar aasaan ho jaye ga. Shivaay turns and walk out with disappointment”


Ishq mai adhura sa, rooh mai hai poora sa…


“Anika turns and gazes door ” humare humsafar to sirf ap thy Shivaay per ap nay shaayad dekh liya hota to aaj humari Manzilein judaa na hoti.


Dard hai saari umr bhar ka…


O jaaanaa…


Scene shifts Gauri’s room

“Aarohi hugging Gauri tightly brushing her cheek” Why you didn’t let anyone to infrom me that my princess got fever. I’m sorry princess but……


Gauri crying” Maa you are not making me away from you and di. I’ve got you back after years. Maa please give me punishment slap me more but not this. I beg you.


Aarohi” sorry i’m sorry i slapped you and i won’t make you away from us.


“Gauri sobbing” i love Anika di alot Maa. I know i hurt di alot but maa you tell i’ve losted her once and Anika di was again going far from me from herself maa di made herself stone . Maa if Shivaay bhaiya was not there then…….. Gauri burst out i’ve lost my Anika di forever maa.


“Aarohi wiping her tears” kya huwa tha tell me everything….. after you came to know that Anu was ill?


“Gauri resting in Aarohi embrace” telling everything to Aarohi from begining.
Maa you have seen everything in footage. After that di came to RM she step in her memories room……..( rest on mute mode)


Aarohi” then what happened?


“Gauri hug Aarohi tightly” Maa di was declear dead


“Aarohi breaks the hug” what are you saying princess?


Gauri” haan maa di maar chukhi thi. Di nay khud ko saza dey de thi itna dard diya khud ko maa k us ka dard bhi nahe huwa.


Maa if di is alive today is just because of Shivaay bhaiya tears i know SB have hurt di alot but Anika di loves bhaiya so much that she fought with death too for him ( rest on mute mode)


Maa please don’t separate Shivaay bhaiya from Anika di. Anika di will say that she hates bhaiya and don’t want him back but if you are her heartbeat then bhaiya has became her breath.


“Aarohi peck her head and tracing some thoughts” come let me pull you di’s leg.


Gauri” smiles maa di hum say baat nahe karti”


Aarohi” today she will do”


Scene shifts Shivaay’s room

Om” Just hour ago what you were saying that you will die without bhabi and know you are going away from her.


Shivaay think again please you are again repeating the history.


“Shivaay put hands om shoulders” which history? History of again hurting her, pulling her in the same hell? You tell om have you ever seen her before like this?

She changed our Oberoi’s perspective but she ( shivaay stress on it) completely changed herself and who’s responsible for this I, Me and the great SSO”


Om” Shivaay try to understand what ever Anika bhabi is doing you know she is helpless. She herself is not awear of her acts and you know that”.


“Shivaay picking his belonging” but i’m awear of my acts and i know what i did with her that Aaj Anika ka wajood he gumnaam ho gaya hai”


But now when her maa is with her Anu is coming back and i don’t want just because of me Anika murder that existence too.


Om” and what about you Shivaay?


“Shivaay eyes getting moist” not Shivaay but Smile Singh Oberoi who will never lose his Tadi because my Anika loves that.


Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Anika wearing spectacles hitting laptop keys” shivaay words beating her head……. you are gold digger…… characterless……… i won’t hold you…
.but always loving you…


“Gauri in frighten tone calling Anika” Anika di your dinner


“Anika still fixing her head in laptop screen in angry tone” can’t you see that i’m buzy and don’t call me di now leave from here with your dinner.


“Gauri voice shaking” Maa said that if Anu didn’t finished her dinner then……


“Anika gazes Gauri more angrily pushes chair aside ” then what ha? Stop doing this drama with me. Did you get that Gauri leave from my room right nowwwwwww……( Anika showing door to Gauri)


Gauri” di please don’t shout and Maa will scold me if you didn’t finished your dinner”


“Anika take on her spectacles and throws it away” ek baar may samjh nahe ata k humain nahe khana jao yeha say.


Gauri” Di ! Maa


Anika” what ma… ( Anika zip her mouth) she shouts more loudly, grap tray from Gauri and throws in the air


“Gauri cup her mouth” Di


“Anika scream” what you all need from meeeee. Call everyone here and for the last time tell me what you all what damn it? Go and call them….. Anika kneel down start shivering”


“Gauri holding Anika ” shouting Maa, dad, Shivaay bhiaya. Please come….


“Anika lips getting pale , eyes all red” sniffs


Gauri crying ” Anika di what’s happening to you”


“Vahni monitorning them” Anika di please tell what’s happening to you.
Your brain is again clotting, in few minutes if you are not treated you will get heart attack boommmmmmm.


Aarohi and Shivaay runs in gets hell shock to see Anika’s condition


Shivaay” runs and hug her tightly give injection to her”


“Anika mummering” why you both leave me alone?


“Shivaay pecking Anika’s head” gazes Aarohi with tears


“Aarohi in trembling voice” Anuuuu kyun gusa kam nahe ho raha ?


Scene shifts to tulip club

Vahni” have just one glass”


Anika” No! Still i won’t…… un ko acha nahe lagta aur hum un ko upset nahe dekh sakhtaye. You brought me here otherwise i was going to fram house”


Vahni pov” un ko acha nahe lagta per mujhe to sakoon milta hai na………


Vahni” sign the waiter”


Waiter” nods”


Anika” no i won’t take it i just came because i was unable to breath there”


Vahni” you will feel relax after having it see i’ll also having it and it’s just a drink not alcoholic”


“Anika i’m going from here Anni”


Vahni” my jiji and Shivaay are really lucky that they you Otherwise what ever jiji and Shivaay did with you after that if someone else would have been at your place would have commited sucide or would have taken revenage from them”


I swear if my mother would have left me alone and after that my family never look behind for me then i……..


( Vahni smirks looking Anika fisical expressions)


“Anika shouts stop it”


“Waiter to Vahni” ma’am your drink


“Anika snatch glass from Vahni” in one sip take off the throat”


Waiter” did thumbs up to Vahni”


After half an hour

“Anika totally gets out of control her brain roaming and again blood ozing from her mouth”.

“Vahni drags Anika out of the club and sign her goons”

Scene shifts to RM

“Dev ranting on security” why you did told me that Anu step out of RM.


Karishna” sorry sir but you know Anika’s ma’am anger. And i’m nothing infront of you sorry sir.


“Dev walk inside ”


Aarohi” is that your security? Mr Rajput” you can’t hold her for few minutes?


Dev” bends his head down”


Aarohi” Dev if she again did something with herself na you don’t know what i’m gonna do this time with you.

Just fix it in your chasing mind. I want her back at any cost”


Dev” call someone”


After an hour

Shivaay” Maa! I walked to club manager was saying Anika was there but after that they don’t know where she step”


Aarohi” after much difficulity Anu was coming back on track and again….. Aarohi pat her forehead….. Anu where are you ?


Scene shifts to unknown place

“Anika laying on bed unconsciously”


“Vahni sits beside her brushing her cheeks” Anu tell me what’s in my jiji that my poision too didn’t work infront of my jiji touch.


The day i found you were getting normal i changed the whole game. They brought Shallu for you and i brought this from you…….


Vahni showing toxic to Anika……


After that whenever they try to calm you i in different ways was giving you but then Aarohi spoiled my whole game.


Vahni pulls Anika’s hairs


“Anika mutters” Maa, Shivaay


Scenes are shifting simultaneously

Shivaay” gets restless hearing Anika voice”


O jaanaaa plays


Aarohi” gets shooting pain in backbone”


Vahni hearing Maa from Anika gets furious she opens Anika’s left hand bandages and pull her hand up in the air with the full force throws it down her hand gets hit wooden table.


Shivaay” car gets hit with tree”


Aarohi” hand strike with door it start bleeding”


“Anika hand is shown” hand gets whole red


“Gauri runs to Aarohi” Maa


Aarohi” crying princess see this blood my Anu is in danger” please call your dad and ask him.


“Vahni cup her mouth” blood Anu blood what should i do now. She laughs loudly but then laughters gets change into tears


Dev Singh Rajput years back i was also in blood when you snatched him from me. His body and my soul were in blood too but i was weak at that time but know your weakness is in my hand……..


But it’s enough now i’ll take my revenage from you Rajput’s.


Just five days more Rajput’s and after that i’ll play the holi of blood with you.


Vahni takes toxic and injection in hand.


Shouts come Rajput’s and Oberoi’s come and snatch your life from your life’s death.


Like you did let me live with my love same Anika Singh Rajput won’t get her love Shivaay Singh Oberoi.


Anika ko Shivaay k pass jana tha na dekho Anni kaha ley ai.


Screen splits freezes on Shivaay, Anika and Aarohi faces


Precape Anika’s heartbeat and breath on death bed but where’s Anika. What Vahni did with their life?


Thanks for your likes and comments dears they mean alot to me. Keep sending me more and more.


Holding my both ears i’m saying sorry big one sorry to Sharmin that i can’t fulfill your wish but dear i was hell buzy with my family………..🙉


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