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Ikyawann 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Satya supports Susheel

Ikyawann 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Fighter Didi saying Susheel is getting afraid. Kali asks what happened to you. Mehul says sometimes being scared is right. Susheel hugs him. He says I m fine, person’s fear is like respect. Susheel says I won in selection round. He says I know, Fighter Didi is faster than any news channel. Susheel thanks her. Fighter Didi says you have to stay strong to understand your opponent, the game won’t be easy, you have to learn all her moves. Kali says yes, its not just to get gold medal but to inspire all women, you have to win. Mehul says give your best. He sings to encourage Susheel.

Susheel says I promise you all, I will try my best in ring, I will think well and fight, whatever be the result, I will give my best. Soumya gets ready and says I will show my dress to Satya.

Sejal tries to stop her. Soumya goes to Satya and says I got dressed up for you. His parcel falls. Soumya asks what’s this. He says its a surprise. Sejal says he is getting serious about Soumya. Satya goes.

Sejal says Satya should understand Soumya isn’t right for her. Satya sees the parcel. Susheel sees a cutout of her. Fighter Didi says you got many fans. Susheel says I hope I perform well. Satya smiles seeing her. Fighter Didi sees Satya. Satya acts to be on call. She stops him. She gives his wallet and says it fell down when you kept protein shake. He thanks her. She says when person is with you, you don’t value, when person goes away, person becomes special.

Susheel gets trained. Satya smiles seeing her. Chale Chalo….plays…. Jessica punches a coconut and breaks it to have water. Leela looks on. Satya keeps protein shake for Susheel. She drinks it and says its tasty, who made this. Fighter Didi says forget it, go and finish the exercise. She sees Satya in his balcony. He goes. Susheel asks what to do next. Fighter Didi smiles and wipes her milk moustache. Leela says I will convince the killer machine by cheat.

Satya comes home. Vishu says Susheel and Jessica’s final round is in two hours. Satya says yes, but I have an imp work, where is Soumya. Sejal says she is seeing marriage preparations. Satya asks why, what’s the need, I won’t do this marriage. They get shocked. Satya says I decided this two days back. They smile. Satya says I forgot due to Susheel’s registration. Sejal asks did you pay money, I knew it. Satya asks how. Sejal says I read it in your eyes, you aren’t happy and regretting. He says sorry. Vishu says its okay. Satya asks what shall I do now, Soumya is self obsessed, she can’t become Susheel, I will tell Soumya that I won’t marry her. Sejal says you can’t do this. Satya says but I have to tell her. Sejal says Soumya thinks extreme, she will try to harm Susheel, you agree that Susheel should focus on wrestling. Vishu says yes, we can’t distract Susheel. Soumya comes and asks who.

Sejal says you, who else, you are excited for marriage, Satya wanted to take you in friend’s party. Soumya says yes, Satya you won’t go, see decoration pics. Satya says fine. Soumya goes. Vishu asks won’t you come to see match. Satya says its okay, Susheel isn’t waiting for me. Vishu jokes. Sejal says you have to come, its final, I will see Soumya. She says now Satya doesn’t want to marry Soumya, I will make Soumya admit that she is already married, if I tell Satya, don’t know what will he do.

Lady asks Susheel to get ready. Susheel says I will manage. Susheel’s album falls. She sees her family pics and gets emotional. Fighter Didi takes the album and says no, I don’t want anything to weaken you, are you ready for this fight. Susheel agrees. Soumya asks who will prepare for marriage. Kali says we have a big event. Soumya asks is Satya and my marriage not imp. She shows the flowers delivered. She asks will I manage decorations alone. She sees a note. Kali says Satya doesn’t want to marry her. Sejal and Vishu say we know. Soumya checks note. Sejal says Soumya will forget everything now. Soumya sees bus ticket and thinks he is here. Sejal says we shall leave. Vishu asks what did you go. Sejal signs Satya to go. Soumya says I m tensed, don’t leave me. She hugs Satya. Satya signs them to go, he will come later. Fighter Didi recalls her win. Susheel comes. Fighter Didi says this is your Karmbhoomi, you have to play well.

Susheel and Jessica come for the match.

Update Credit to: Amena

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