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I was never for you

Hi guys kow are you kaise ho sab ok so here iam with a brand new os and these os is special because i am posting these on my birthday today so lets start

Before starting some changes i done uttara Marriage fix with nikhil no chirag drama here and nikhil and his family are good

#i was never for you

One Shot


“You forgot me so early swara. you are now eagar to marry with that nikhil” Said Sanskar who was standing Infront of swara expression less…

Swara was just standing there heraring sanskar’s allegations against her and nikhil’s Relationship…

How can he think that his swara will do something like these while he even don’t know the truth

“You left me six months back for your sister.. you never cared for me swara you always cares for others.. you love to being mahaan and for  that you love to sacrifice me you always left me and choose others you know why?” Sanskar was almost yelling at her taking out his all pain..

Swara was still standing there shocked and numb.. she never knew her life will take such a drastic turn where the person who is her life will hate her these much

Today his words break her completely

“Because i was not for you that’s why you always left me and now you are happy.. Happy with that nikhil.. Even I am so happy for you swara so happy” Said Sanskar looking at her while his eyes was reflecting pain and anger..

Not able to take more swara drag sanskar out of bose house and close the door..She collapsed  on floor crying virgously

She was crying her heart out for hours.. Suddenly her eyes become heavy and darkness surrounded her and she collapse on floor….

Next morning shomi comes to see swara and get shocked seeing the scene infront of her

“Shonaaaaa” she screamed top of her voice seeing her one and only daughter laying on the floor lifeless….

On the other side in maheshwary manshion everyone is buzy as uttara’s in laws are coming ( everyone except sanskar has seen the boy because he was out of town for searching laksh)

“Are suresh just go and check whether all the preparation are done or not. I dont want any mistakes in it” Said Sujata looking at him

“Sujata everything will be fine don’t worry” Said Anapurna placing her hand on sujats shoulder

“Jiji i don’t want any mistakes this time.. Already i had done mistake by accepting swara but now i don’t want stop seeing sanskar” Said Sujata looking at Anapurna

Sanskar come there.. Anapurna saw him and left from there while sanskar felt bad but didn’t show while sujata was uneffected…

“Sanskar go and get ready Uttara’s in laws are coming and i don’t want any mistakes” Said Sujata sternly

Sanskar just nods and left from there..

After swara left him there is no one who cares for him as all are buzy in their own life..

After some times Uttara’s in laws came and all were sitting in drawing room

“Maya ji nikhil hasn’t come you were saying ki he will aslo come” Said Sujata looking at Uttara’s would be mother in law..

“He is coming sujata ji. just got a call” Said Maya with a smile

Nikhil was coming towards drawing room while sanskar also was coming from his room..

Both looks eachother and get shocked.. There were silence between tow but soon it was broken by maya..

“look sujata ji there he is” Said Maya looking at nikhil..

“Nikhil come all are waiting for you, sanskar meet him he is Uttara’s fiance nikhil” Said Sujata with a smile while Sanskar stood shocked..

Sanskar got shocked listening his mother’s statement… Many questions were running in his mind but sensing the situation he decide to talk later…

Both went drawing room and sits on the sofa

“Sujata ji everyone is here but we never saw laksh’s and his wife and even sanskar’s wife also” Said Maya ji being little confused

Listening these all get sad and depressed..

Sujata told everthing to them making maya shocked to know that but nikhil was having a different expressions which haven’t went unnoticed by Sanskar..

“I am sorry sujata ji. I don’t know about it but why Sanskar’s wife left him in these situations she has to support him” Said Maya with an understanding voice

“Mom let it be.. It’s their personal matter” Said nikhil

“Why.. why are you stoping your mom nikhil.. she is right my wife left me for her sister.. she left me accusing me for laksh disappear and why are you so much concern about my wife or should i say about your best friend” Said Sanskar mocking

“Nikhil what is he saying your best friend who” Said Maya being uttar confusion

“Mom he is saying about swara” Said nikhil

Maya is shocked to know that Sanskar is Swara’s husband but soon her expression change from confuse  to angry towards sanskar

“What are you saying sanskar swara is nikhil’s friend” Said Sujata not knowing what’s going

“Yes swara is his friend or should i say more than friends” He was cut by a voice

“Bhai how dare you talk like this about nikhi.. How can you think like that” Said Uttara feeling disgusted on her own brother

“Its true uttara i have seen from my eyes” Said Sanskar who was sitting emotionless

“What you saw bhai.. you saw nikhil dressing Babhi’s wound or he trying to lite up her mood tell na bhai what you saw” Uttara said being angry

Hearing it sanskar become shocked as uttara know about it…

“Uttara you know all these than how can you support them after knowing what swara did” Said Sanskar looking at Uttara unbelievably

“Sanskar there is no such relation between  me and swara which you think we were just friends and that’s it please don’t hate her this much.. she loves you very much” Said nikhil making him understand

“Good joke nikhil..  she loves me ya right.. That’s why she left blaming me.. That’s why she is happy without me no she don’t love she just love being mahaan” Said Sanskar with a painful laugh

“Enough is enough bhai.. when you don’t knw anything you have no right to point at her love.. you know what you are rubbishing .. No you don’t .. even you don’t even know the reason behind why bhabhi left you.. So listen carefully” Said Uttara being angry while everyone was numb not knowing what’s going on

“No uttara you wont.. Swara has given you swear please don’t” Said nikhi shaking his head

“No nikhil not today.. they want to know why she left the house.. they were cursing bhabhi for the sin which she never wanted to do” Said Uttara looking at everyone

“Please say it clearly uttara.. what you wanna say why swara did these why she left me why” Said Sanskar being Impatience

“Because she is dying she was dying from last six months.. she is fighting for her life from last six months without any one’s notice and you guys are just cursing her” Said Uttara while everyone stood shocked

Hearing these everyone present there was shocked. swara is dying the girl who taught to live everyone is dying..

Most shocked person among them is sanskar.. “Swara is dying” is the last thing which he can’t even think in his wildest dreams

“what are you saying uttara swara is dying how what happened to her” Said Sanskar being scared

“Sanskar” Nikhil was about to say but was intrupted  by his phone ringing

He pick the call and get shocked

“what happened nikhil kiska phone tha what happen” Said Uttara worriedly Seeing his shocked face

“Shomi aunty.. we have to go city hospital fast” Said nikhil running out without caring about to answer their questions…..

City Hospital

All reach hospital alnog with maheshwari family and nikhil’s family.. They saw shomi and shekhar standing infront of icu

“Aunty how is shona. Did doctor said something” Said nikhil coming forward

“No i don’t know nikhil what happened to shona.. i just went to call shona and saw her who was lying  on the  floor unconscious so we took har here” Said shomi in a broken voice

All this while sanskar was just standing there shock.. Uttara’s words are ringing in his mind that “she is dying” his swara is dying.. his chain of thoughts broken by dr calling

“Excuse me who is with patient.. i wanna talk with them” Said the doctor coming out from icu

Sanskar without thinking anything run to dr

“Dr what happen to swara.. why she faints.. tell me dr i am her husband” Said Sanskar looking at the doctor with a hope

“See Mr. Maheshwari your wife’s condition is very critical.. i wanna meet her dr who is examine her” Said doctor making everyone confused except nikhil and uttara..

“I am her dr.. please tell me is she ohkey(guys nikhil is dr by profession)  I am treating her from past six months” Said nikhil looking at doctor

“Nikhil you are her dr.. Your treating her from past 6months.. what happen to swara please tell me please nikhil” Said Sanskar with a pleading voice

“Unke dil main chedh hai(she is having a hole in her heart)” said uttara giving shock to everyone present there while Sanskar’s whole world collapsed in front of him thinking his swara has hole in her heart how can it possible

“wha.. tt what are you saying uttara swara ke dil main chedh how and why” Said Sanskar chocking

“what will you do bhai after knowing it.. nothing is gonna change it’s  the truth.. swara bhabhi was dying from last six months without any one’s notice.. she was suffering more then anyone bhai all alone” Said Uttara with teary eyes

“yes sanskar I am treating her from last  six months.. i told her many times to tell truth to you but she always say “my sanskar can’t able to take these pain he will breakdown” thats why she decides to leave you she never blamed you sanskar she just act to do that so that you can hate her and see now she is successful in her plan you all hate her” Said nikhil looking at everyone

Hearing all the truth sanskar just went numb.. He was not able to understand anything.. Nothing is coming in his mind.. he is just feeling suffocate.. his swara his life is in so much of pain and he was so blind in anger that he couldn’t see it

“Bhai bhabhi never leave you.. she always call me and tell me about your needs your vitamins your breakfast dinner everthing she always care for you… she daily come in night to see you and left before anyone notice” Said Uttara looking at Sanskar

“Sanskar swara gave this letter to me and told to give it to you” Said nikhil giving an envelope

Sanskar just staring the envelope in his hand he will trembling hand open the letter


Sanskar i know if you are reading this letter that means you come to know about my illnes.. see sanskar god is also punishing me for hurting you but trust me sanskar i never want to do these but when i come to know about my illness i decide to leave you Because i cant see you in pain… sanskar you can’t able to see me in that pain thats why i leave you sanskar please forgive me.. forgive your swara sanskar.. you always say na ki you are not for me but its wrong sanskar the truth is i was never for you.

Yours swara.

Sanskar is just staring the letter with teary eyes.. he cant even think in his wildest dreams that his swara was bearing something like these.. Right now he just wana talk to swara just want to hug her and cry his heart  out….

His thoughts were broken by door opening sound of Swara’s ward from where nikhil and dr came out from icu after checking swara.. sanskar just run towards them

“Nikhil how is swara now please tell me she is fine” Said Sanskar who was dying inside

“No sanskar swara is not fine.. Infact she has veryless time” Said nikhil looking down

“what rubbish are you speaking nikhil.. you are a dr how can you say guys can go for a surgery but please save her” Sanskar shout in anger plus pain

“Mr. Maheshwari we understand your situation but we cant do the surgery because Mrs. Maheshwari’s body is really weak.. i guess in past she has met with some accident and due that her body is weak and if we go for a surgery then also we are having no chance for Mrs. Maheshwari’s survival

Hearing doctor’s words sanskar just get shocked.. his swara is dying how much helpless he is feeling right now he can’t do anything to save his life his princess.. tears are just fllowing from his eyes non stop

“sanskar go and meet swara.. she has very less time go and meet her for last time” Sai nikhil placing his hand on Sanskar’s shoulder

“Meet her for the Last time” only these words are enough for breaking sanskar’s heart into million pieces.. with shaking legs he started moving towards swara ward

Tere Ishq ne Saathiya
Mera Haal Kya Kara Diya

Sanskar open the door of Swara’s ward and his heart again break to see swara on that stage.. so much wire attached to her body while her eyes were closed

Gulsan bhi ab to Beerana Lagata hai
Har Apna Hamko Begaana Lagata Hai
Hum Teri Yaadon mein khoye rehte hai
Log Hamein pagal deewana kehte hai

He sit near Swara’s bad and take her hands in his hands he just stairs his Princess after long six months.. he is seeing her completely while tears are just flowing from his eyes

Tere bina.. Teri Bina…

“Swara princess plesse open your eyes.. see your sanskar has come.. please open your eyes I am sorry swara.. i doubted you and your love.. please forgive me but don’t give me such a big punishment don’t leave me swara please” Sanskar cried holding her hand like a kid

Tere Bina, naa mumkin hai
Zindgi ka guzara sanam
Zindgi ka guzara sanam

Swara slowly open her eyes and saw a teary eyed sanskar infront of her

Pyar bhot karte hai tumse
Ishq hai tu hamara sanam
Ishq hai tu hamara sanam

“Sanskar” Swara Wishpers

“Swara your awake.. wait i will call dr. you just take rest i will” Saying this Sanskar was about to go but stop as swara hold his hand

Lagi Chote Na Lagi
Chote Na Lagi Chote Na
Ishq Ka Dhaga Tote Na
Ishq Ka Dhaga Tote Na

“Sanskar i know you come to know about everything thats why  you are here.. please don’t go sanskar i want to talk with you please be with me” Said swara looking at him and Sanskar sit near swara

Naino Se Behte Ashqo Ke Dharo Mein
Humne Tujhko Dekha Chand Sitaro Mein
Virhaki Agni Mein Pal Pal Tapti Hai
Ab To Sasein Teri Mala Japti Hai
Tere Liye.. Tere Liye..

“Sanskar i know you are hurt and angry on me that i didn’t tell you about my illness but sanskar i don’t want to hurt you i know you will breakdown after knowing this truth that’s why i decided to leave you but trust me sanskar i never doubt you i know my sanskar can never do like that.. please sanskar forgive your princess” Said swara holding his hand while tears were falling from her eyea

Tere Liye Is Duniya Ka
Har Sitam Hai Gawara Sanam
Ho Har Sitam Hai Gawara Sanam

“shh princess i know everything swara and iam sorry i doubted you even i said many things in these six months. sorry swara but please don’t leave me don’t go swara.. ill die without you. Your sanskar can’t survive without his swara please swara” Said Sanskar pleading

Tere Naam Hamne Kiya
Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam
Jeevan Apna Sara Sanam

Saying these he just hug swara and cry his heart out.. Both cry’s in eachother’s embrace.. they know this is the last time they are together   swara part away from the hug and looks at him

“Sanskar i have to go.. your princess is tired sanskar.. she wants to sleep for ever but before going i wanna give you some responsibility will you take( sanskar nods) sanskar i know you still didn’t forgive anyone in family and you want to leave them but you wil not leave the house sanskar mom has wait for you for 5 years when you left the house so for her sake don’t leave the house yet again.. As far as I know you will never be able to forgive them even i also can’t able to forgive them it’s very difficult sanskar and promise me sanskar after my dea(sanskar place finger on her lips) ok but promise you will take care of yourself you have to fullfill all the wishes that we have seen together you have to open a music school for children you have to find laksh and you have to take care of my life my husband my sanskar.. you will make sure he eat his medicine on time and sanskar i have something for you nikhil will give you afterwards and” Swara said while Sanskar was just listening her with teary eyes

“please don’t go swara mar jaunga main tumhare bina(I will die without you) please don’t leave me please swara” Sanskar said hugging her tight..

“Ii have to go sanskar.. i promise i will always be with you here” Said swara pointing towards his heart

“when ever you want to talk with me just closed your eyes and i will come in front of you.. whenever the wind blow and touch your skin just feel that I’m hugging you.. tumhi ne kaha tha na sanskar ki main dua se tumhari kismat ayi hun to ab se har dua main tumhara naam hoga(Sanskar you said na I came in your life by prayers now your name will be in my every prayer) i love you sanskar” Said swara with teary eyes

“I love you swara i promise i will fulfill all your wishes.. our wishes.. promise” He Couldn’t complete as sudennly swara started breathing heavily..

Sanskar started to go to call  dr but swara stop him

“Sanskar don.. Don’t go sanskar fullfill my one last wish.. kiss me sanskar” Said swara breathing heavily

Sanskar just follow her and kiss her.. they know it was there last kiss.. after that they will never get these moments…

Sanskar break the kiss and cups her face with his palm..

“I love you sanskar………” Said swara and with that she take her last breath while her hand slip from sanskar hand

Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge
Na shaam ki karaari chai, labbon se yun pilaoge
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na din dhale sataoge
Na raat ki nashili bye se neendh mein jagaoge

“Swaraaaaaa princess get up you can’t go like this please wake up jaan” Shouted Sanskar seeing her lifeless

Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, ye raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun

Hearning Sanskar’s voice everone enter in the ward and get shocked to see swara lifeless..

All of they are having tears in their eyes while Shomi had landed on the floor unconscious not able to bear the pain…

Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na dooriyaan dhikhaoge
Na thaam ke woh josh mein yun hosh se udaoge
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na jhooth se sunaoge
Na rooth ke sirhaane mein, remote ko chupaoge

Sanskar was just crying hugging swara’s body.. he just prayed that it to be a nightmare and his swara is alright but its true his swara is gone forever

Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, ye raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun

Doctor come and check swara and declare her dead and told them to take her body after completing the formality

Aankh bhi tham gayi, na thaki
Raat bhi na baati, na kati
Raat bhi chedti marrti
Neendh bhi lutt gayi, chiin gayi
Raat bhi na sahi, na rahi
Raat bhi laazmi, zaalmi
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, ye raat baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye ho kyun, saath baaki hai
Gaye tum gaye hum tham gaye har baat baaki hai
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
Gaye kyun toh jiyein kyun
Na aaye ho, na aaoge, na phone pe bulaoge
Na shaam ki karaari chai, labbon se yun churaoge

4 hours later

In mm

Whole mm is surrounded by a deathly silence.. All are sitting these wearing white clothes in hall

All are crying for the loss of a beautiful soul while sanskar is sitting near Swara’s body who was dressed up like bride.. sujata tell sanskar to fill swara maang

Tadap Yeh Ishk Kee Dil Se Kabhee Nahee Jatee
Kee Jan De Dekar Bhee Devangi Nahee Jatee
Naa Janey Woh Kaun See Dunia Hai Woh Mere Rabba
Jaha Se Lautke Koyee Sada Nahee Aati

He fill swara maang and remember their sindoor marriage where he  filled Swara’s maang for the first time.. he take Swara’s manglasutra and make her wear it imagine swara happy face

O Ho O O O…
Ishk Me Toh Har Chij Mit Jatee Hai, Bekari Bankar Hame Tadpati Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Ishk Me Toh Har Chij Mit Jatee Hai, Bekari Bankar Hame Tadpati Ha

Everyone present there was crying..

Shomi was crying as she lost her daughter who always fight for her mothers happiness.. who always support her mother..

Shekhar was crying because he always mis treat swara but swara always supported him

Bekari Bankar Hame Tadpati Ha
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Woh Teree Yad
Woh Teree Yad

Sujata was crying hugging uttara she Remember how swara always take care of everyone she remembers their kitchen masti their happy times

All the maheshwari family is shocked and numb

Karke Tanha Yeh Jindagani, Kyu Gayi Chhod Ke Kahanee
Abb Yeh Asu Piya Naa Jaye, Bin Tere Abb Jiya Naa Jaye

Sanskar remember how he enter in swara’s life for revenge but end up falling for her.. how swara show him right path.. how they become friends and then how they became soul mates

Dard Se Tute Meree Sanse, Jhakm Dil Kaa Siya Naa Jaye
Aja Aja Meree Wafa Tujhe Bulati Hai, Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai

They take swara’s body to last rituals

Sanskar is walking holding a pot in his hand the priest ask sanskar to take round of swara body

Woh Teree Yad, Yad Me Dekho Bana Hai Yeh Hasin Tajmahal
Yad Me Koyee Likhe Shamo Sehar Shokh Ghajhal
Yad Me Koyee Likhe Shamo Sehar Shokh Ghajhal
Dil Ke Dariya Me Khilta Hai Khwabo Kaa Kawal
Yad Aate Hai Hamesha Woh Gujre Huye Pal

After that with shevring hand sanskar give fire to swara body and remember all their moments together.. all their nok jhok all their happy moments when they are together

Too Nahee Hai Teree Yade Mujhe Satati Hai
Too Nahee Hai Teree Yade Mujhe Satati Hai
Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai
Yad Yad Bus Yad Yad Reh Jatee Hai

And finally a beautiful soul leave the world. A girl who always makes orhers smile today she made so many people cry for her all are praying for her

Woh Teree Yad……

After that all reach in maheshwary manshion..

Everyone is sad but one person who was numb as he just loss his life his love his swara..

Sanskar without saying anything went  his room and closed the door making all  tensed seeing him

“Nikhil bhai is not right I am scared lets go and check him” Said Uttara being scared

“No uttara he won’t do anything like that because i have kept something for him in his room which swara gave me to give sanskar.. I i dont know what is it but i know sanskar wont do anything wrong

Sanskar after closing the room sit near the door and cry his heart out

today he lost his swara his life his jaan.. he don’t know what he do without swara. he just want to hug his swara and keep her in his embarace forever. he just was crying while thinking it..

“sanskar” swara’s voice encholed in the room making sanskar looks towards the voice and saw a tape recorder..


Sanskar i know you will be broken after my death but sanskar you can’t break like this.. you have promised me ki you will fullfill all my wishes and i knw my sanskar will never break his promise.. so now stop crying you don’t look good while crying sanskar.. remember I am always with you in your heart i know now you must be broken but you can’t break like this my sanskar is very strong and he will not cry or nor let others cry..

sanskar now you have to handle both of ours responsibility and for that you have to be strong so don’t cry sanskar and i love you sanskar promise me you will not cry and whenever you remember me just smile sanskar just smile..

And (with a pause) sanskar please move on in your life.. i know its not easy for you but i can’t see you alone sanskar.. just find someone better than me because i was never for you but still i love you sanskar and i will wait for you till next birth

I love you

yours swara

Sanskar get up wipping his tears when the recording end..

“I promise Swara i will not cry i will fullfill all our dreams which we have saw i promise your sanskar promise you” Said Sanskar kissing the tape recorder

5 years later

We can see maheshwari manshion where they were preparing for some function

“Uttara go and call sanskar we are getting late” Said Sujata looking at Uttara

In sanskar’s room we can see a big large photo of swara which was hanging in the wall with garland and sanskar is standing infront of the frame

Sanskar pov

5years swara.. 5 years I had completed without you jaan.. there was not a single day in these years when i haven’t miss you but always your smiling face and memories come and give me energy..

Many things changed after you left.. I got buzy in Finding laksh and after two months i found that he is kidnapped by the same drug dealer for whom he was working.. After free him from i bring him home all get happy .. you know after that uttara get married with nikhil and now leading a happy life and our music school sargam no. 1 we provide all facilities to children and we take care of everything and now today is very important day to me

Sanskar pov end

“Bhai mom is calling you” Said Uttara with a smile

“coming” Said Sanskar with a Smile

They all left together and after some time they reached a bulding which is called “Jeevan jyoti hospital”

Sanskar had opened a hospital for heart patients so that they have not to loose their loved ones llike he loosed..

After inauguration Ceremony all leave to  mm and it was almost night.. after diner all left to their room

Sanskar room

Sanskar is standing near window

“I am fulfilling all our wishes swara but still today i miss you.. you said me to move on and find a better girl then you but princess there is no one like you aslo so how can I get a better  one” Said Sanskar with a painful laugh

“I will never be able to give your place to anyone so it’s better not ti destroy someone’s life and moreover sanskar ka dil sirf uski swara ke liye dhadkta hai aur hamesha usi ke liye dhadhke ga(Sanskar’s heart just beat for his swara and will always beat for her)you said you was never for me but the truth is you were the only for me princess and i love you till my last breath” Said Sanskar looking at the stars

Suddenly winds blow and touch sanskar skin and he closed his eyes feeling swara near.. she come near his ear and whisper

I love you two sanskar

Sanskar open his eyes and realize it was his dream and looks  towards sky with a smile

“I love you swara and will love you forever” Said Sanskar with a smile

Hamesha and forever jab tak saanson ka saath hai hamesha and forever jab tak taroon ki raat hai tab tak teri hi baat hai hamesha and forever dil main tu.

The End….

With lots of Love😍😍


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